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The first cast, Johnny Depp included, reunites to bring peace and stability back to Wonderland and to help the Hatter find his lost family despite the tricks and ploys of the wicked Queen of Hearts. 149 more words


Ali G Indahouse (2002): Watered down and average, compared to Cohen's later work

What is it about?

Ali G is a poor schmuck who somehow ends up in the Great Britain’s Parliament. The insidious Chancellor wants to use him to overthrow the Prime Minister, but Ali G is way too cool for that and instead, becomes a voice to for millions of young men and women who just want to keep it real. 376 more words


‘Grimsby’ Review

Sacha Baron Cohen initially had a bit of a shaky start transferring his brand of character based TV comedy to the silver screen, but after hitting it big with… 804 more words



Not really a post, but watched Grimsby last night, and have to recommend it. If you want a good belly laugh this could be the movie for you. 45 more words


Question of the Week - 7 July 2016

Before we get to this week’s question, here’s the answer to Question of the Week – 3 July 2016. The question was:

All three of the movies pictured below were released at the same time in March 2016 – but which is the odd one out? 132 more words


Alice Through the Looking Glass (movie)

I have discovered a joy for going to the cinema alone.  I have friends who will go with me but sometimes they don’t want to see the same movies as me and I end up missing out.   478 more words


Dir: Louis Leterrier, 2016


Known as “The Brothers Grimsby” in the U.S.A.  (which, to be fair, is a much better title) Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest offering is a gross, vile, offensive, childish and downright hilarious comedy aimed squarely at people who have a genuine sense of humour and not the arty farty snobby types who laugh at Krzysztof Kieślowski and think Andy Warhol films are comic masterpieces. 555 more words