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Creating the Hierarchy of Needs for Transfer Students [In Progress]

My position is currently involved with a specific population of students: Transfer, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) students. I also work to help all transfer students at UMBC transition successfully in their academics. 472 more words

Why I've Never Worked in Res Life

It’s true. I have never worked in Residence Life. There are four main reasons I can think of (although there may be more yet to be found). 382 more words


From the Trenches: Please Don't

This is a 2-part series of general office do’s and don’ts that I’ve collected in my mind over the years. I’m keeping it fairly vague but I think it will resonate with many people. 451 more words


Being Rad: Another Post on Dressing Professionally

Dressing professionally, followed by being authentic, being yourself, not giving in, yadda yadda yadda. Like dominoes, these topics fall on top of each other before they get lost in a sea of tweets which are, in essence, really missing the point.   1,530 more words


What Do You Do All Day?

I recently transitioned from the role of Resident Director to Assistant Director and moved across the country. While I was home for the holidays, my mother naturally asked, “What do you do all day at work?” It was a fair question. 1,086 more words

Twitter for Professional Development... Make it Part of Your PD Plan. #SAchallenge

In the field of learning and performance, there are a number of ways to train and develop employees. A number of professional organizations and educational institutions are interested in supporting online learning communities to enhance learning and development for… 1,007 more words

Professional Development

New mistakes

As we head back to our work and careers in this first full week of the new year, let’s remember that it is the extra efforts, the little risks that move us forward. 57 more words
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