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My #CSAM17 Story.

October is Careers in Student Affairs Month which means its the time of the year to focus on and celebrate all of the weirdos (like me) in the world who chose to pursue a career in Higher Education (more specifically, Student Affairs). 668 more words

Making Waves.

My life mantra is “make waves” because I seek to live every day as the water does, ebbing and flowing, trying new things, being changed by the environment and giving back to the community around me. 476 more words

I think my woo is broken

I’ve lay in bed all day today.

And binged watched “This Is Us”

Ps, I’m on episode 15

I left work at 2am Friday night/Saturday morning, slept in until 1pm, watched four episodes, ran to the grocery store to get my chicken tender pub sub (which are on sale this week– PSA!), replaced my phone screen protector at Verizon since my replacement came in the mail, and finally unpacked my suitcases to throw my dirty clothes in the laundry. 1,992 more words


As I mentioned in my Goals for 2017 post, I am trying to minimize and focus on living a more simple, and meaningful life.

I am wildly intrigued by minimalism and the thought of doing more with less. 1,122 more words

Professional Learning Networks

Since the beginning of the World Wide Web and the internet, users try to find the most efficient and effective way to use the connectivity that is afforded to us. 499 more words

Development on a Dime

The spring semester is packed with all types of conferences, most notably ACPA and NASPA (see my thoughts on attending NASPA last year here). As you are no doubt aware, the conference registration fees for the national conferences is no small chunk of change. 591 more words

Student Affairs

and the job search begins...

I haven’t been super great about blogging recently. I know that. While I have a valid excuse, it is one of my new year’s resolutions to start blogging more consistently. 1,434 more words