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Recently I’ve been re-watching one of my favorite television shows of all time- The Office. My friends in Scranton, PA have seen me through so much transition, from my high school years through today. 1,060 more words

Dear #sachat, we can do better

My fellow student affairs colleagues,

We (myself included) can need to do better. The time has come, my friends, for us to lead the hard and important conversations about our work, our field, and higher education as a whole. 520 more words

Student Affairs

First Podcast Feature Ever!

I saw a tweet that made my heart leap for joy this morning:

The Student Affairs Spectacular Podcast Episode #54: @sceasar1020 on Successful Supervision http://t.co/z3fznSrkVV…

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As an #sagrad, I feel like I am constantly in limbo. I’m not a full time professional staff member, and I’m not an undergraduate student, so I fall somewhere in between. 396 more words


I think it’s over… *knocks on wood. It might still be chilly out, but gone are the dreaded days of snowstorm after snowstorm and sub zero temperatures. 789 more words

Some thoughts on Indiana's RFRA...

Here are some quick, varying thoughts I have surrounding Indiana’s RFRA.

My roomie and best friend, who’s also a lawyer in Indiana, posted this comment and article recently: “This is a good article to read no matter what your opinion of Indiana’s RFRA law. 619 more words


Supporting the Alleged Offender

Sometimes I feel like all we talk about these days as higher education/student affairs professionals is Title IX, VAWA (Violence Against Women Act), DCLs (Dear Colleague Letters), SASH (Sexual Assault/Sexual Harassment) related cases, and whatever new, related mandate is coming out of the White House. 1,007 more words