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Expectancy With Joy & Celebration With The Nature Spirits!

Our regional forecast for the ECLIPSE was sunny/cloudy.  I drove to my Eclipse gathering and saw many, many, many little clans squatted out in the dog park, on the community college campus grounds, in their private yards, and I sang out with thrill! 117 more words

morph & grow with us - contemporary sacred art platforms

The Art Evangelist, formerly a liturgical art advisory, has been growing and changing in ways that are just phenomenal, including a recent relocation from Southwest Florida to Central Connecticut.  214 more words


They argue about his name.  He is not Jacques, they insist, it’s Joseph.  He is worthy of the attention:  he left his mark on the city of his birth, more than a mark.  432 more words


Tarkovsky Monument

A monument to Andrei Tarkovsky was opened on the 29th July 2017 in Suzdal, where his own monumental contribution to Russia cinema, Andrei Rublev, was shot in 1965 … well over half a century ago. 323 more words

Coventry Cathedral – contemporary sacred art

Coventry Cathedral, a 14th-century gothic church, was bombed during the Blitz in the Second World War.  For me, it was an unusual experience to stand in those ruins which they have preserved.  407 more words


An Impromptu Evening with Matisse

After a busy June, we suddenly realized the Matisse exhibit at the MFA Boston was closing in a matter of days! Now, we are not terribly spontaneous people, so it should give you a good indication of our true and undying love for Matisse that we dropped everything, packed up the kids and some sandwiches, and drove into town on a weeknight. 888 more words


Conference: III International Seminar on Sacred Heritage, São Paulo, Brasil, 26-29 July 2017

III International Seminar on Sacred Heritage, Monastery of São Bento de São Paulo, Brasil, 26-29 July 2017

This Seminar, the third organised by the Grupo de Pesquisas Barroco… 790 more words