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10 Ways to Invoke some Magic Dust into Your Day.

Does life ever get mundane?  Does the routine ever get boring?  

When we live on auto-pilot we get stagnant. Stagnant in
excitement, stagnant in emotion and in health. 489 more words

Honoring the Ancient Mother (Doll Making Circle 1)

We gathered in sacred circle to honor the Great Mother. To the sound of the drum we were transported to another time,  – just under the skin of our own reality. 76 more words

Enter: The Holiest Week of all

This is the holiest week of all weeks. The sacraments and liturgies are rich in symbolism and steeped in sacred signs of holiness. The doors are open for all to enter into a new life in Christ, leaving the old self behind, beginning anew! 97 more words

Sacred Art

Behold the Feast of The Annunciation of Our Lord Jesus

March 25 is the feast of The Annunciation of Our Lord Jesus when the angel Gabriel appears to Mary exactly nine months before the birth of Jesus.  93 more words

Sacred Art

Happy Feast of Saint Joseph

Scripture does not record one word from Saint Joseph. Silence is poignant and powerful. Maybe you have a special devotion to the patron of the universal church and the man closest to Christ.

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Sacred Art

ArtClash 2015 - 8 students selected for ArtClash exhibition opening March 18 in Florence

8 students of Sacred Art School – Firenze have been invited to participate in this year’s ArtClash group exhibition involving a collaboration between several US and Italian programs in Florence, the Region of Tuscany, and the Contemporary Art Museum of Florina in Greece. 271 more words

Sacred Art School

ArtClash 2015 - 8 studenti della Sacred Art School selezionati per la mostra a Firenze dal 18 al 27 marzo

8 studenti della Sacred Art School sono stati invitati a partecipare alla mostra ArtClash che coinvolge numerose realtà italiane e statunitensi a Firenze, la Regione Toscana, e il Museo di Arte Contemporanea di Florina in Grecia. 273 more words

Sacred Art School