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Salt of the Earth 2015 - 2016 A Christian Seasons Calendar

University Hill Congregation’s 2015-16 liturgical calendar.

Presenting Lux Mundi, by RemnantWorks in the Season After Pentecost.

To view additional calendar pages and information on placing an order please visit:  Salt of the Earth: A Christian Seasons Calendar.  

Fabric Art

A vision for conceptual art

These two trials of the embossed copper lettering got me thinking… about the beauty of truth and meaning and all that I explored in those years studying philosophy. 903 more words

Sacred Art


Remembering to seek that still small voice of God in our daily meditation practice may be the hardest challenge facing modern spiritual seekers. Perhaps our reliance on electronic devices has become so en grained that it over shadows our need for a relationship with God. 269 more words

Vedanta Society

Sacred Art

This week the Gomang Monks have been visiting Allan Hancock College in Santa Maria, CA. They are busy working on a world peace sand mandala which they will sweep away just hours after completion. 220 more words

Real Art for Real People

When I was younger, I got the idea that it wasn’t real art unless it was created by a famous (preferably dead) artist and it was hanging in a museum. 680 more words

Feeling Safe Is a Matter of Neuroplasticity through Art

Feeling safe implies that we think we will not be harmed in any way. We tell ourselves that somehow, we will overcome a natural disaster, or that someone or something will keep us from being negatively affected by the actions of others. 552 more words

Lidia Kenig Scher

Why More Catholics Should Learn Greek

If you are familiar with Catholic schools and the curriculum they offer, you probably know that many students have the opportunity to take several semesters of Latin. 684 more words