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New Galactic Spin Year recording

Hereby the link to the recording of the Group Skype One in Deepest Gratitude and Blessings to All.


The Divine Eraser

How many times do we think we are “over it” only to discover we are still “holding onto it”? When I am sure that I am “over it”, my ego (conscious mind) is the one who feels certain about his decision. 1,369 more words


Body: Polynesian Tattoo Traditions

┬áTatau in Samoa and Tatu in Tahiti, Captain Cook’s 17th century voyage through the Polynesian islands is what introduced the word tattoo into the English language. 81 more words


Coyote's Shadow

Two hundred years ago the people of various indigenous tribes sought to maintain and preserve their sacred traditions in the face of increasing incursions by the Western Europeans who had invaded Turtle Island. 2,107 more words


Viva Santo Daime!

Within most indigenous traditions is the teaching that a medicine has a “spirit”. In the the early 20th century, it was common to see signs on liquor shops saying “Spirits sold here”. 897 more words


The Mother's Unconditional Love

Although I am cautious about attending ayahuasca ceremonies conducted by people I do not know, I am open to recommendations by people whom I trust. My younger brother is one of those and he offered me a Solstice gift, two days and nights of ceremony with his Teachers. 1,312 more words


Choosing an Ayahuasca Ceremonial Leader

Ayahuasca can evoke unconscious material from our body memory and give it visual form, making it possible to acknowledge and interact with memory patterns. This process is like an interactive spiritual video game. 1,183 more words