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Recognizing The Dance You Dance

All of the pieces fall into place,
They sway and move with each other.
The sacred flame sits in the middle
Movement creates the dance. 259 more words


How To Open The Door To Your Happiness

Often times, we perceive our happiness as dependent on another’s acceptance, opinions and behaviors toward us.

Release that notion.

Look within yourself, all you need is there hidden deep within the recesses of your being. 376 more words


You Are Beautiful !

Help from our friends:

“You have purpose and reason for being. Look within and discover the things that you love most passionately and bring them out into the light, do not be afraid of others laughter.” 298 more words


Living On Purpose & Standing In Your Power

Stand within your power, nurture it until it becomes a sacred flame felt by all, seen … and unseen. Work toward self-mastery, self-acceptance & self-love. Teachers are everywhere. 118 more words


Sacred Prostitution, Prostitutes of the Temple and revisionist criticism

Some observations on the previous interpretations on sacred prostitution in antiquity:

(…) In a similar vein, in scenes that depict sexual intercourse women are generally… 1,526 more words

Ancient Religion

Creating Union With Beautiful Distortion

As Divine energy is poured into the atmosphere, it meets a barrier that distorts the flow. It comes in straight and sure, and hitting this barrier, it causes a rippling that is felt throughout all who are here. 344 more words


3 Steps To Safely Achieving Sacred Dance Trance

dancing is a unique and personal communication between our inner community and external sound waves. when we allow our dance to express this communication without fear and from our inner core, it breaks through the prisons we tend to re-create for ourselves through daily living, expectations, and other soul diversions. 1,010 more words