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Love of the Goddess: Sacred Dance in the Ancient World

Once asleep, unwinding I awaken~

Following the heartbeat drum~

Dancing ALL Realities~

One and None~

I become.

Sacred dance was also seen as an emotional release for the body.

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Sacred Dance for the Tibetan New Year

In the Yungdrung Bön tradition, during the 1st month of the New Year sometime between the 5th & 15th according to the lunar calendar, the one day event of cham dance is held.  174 more words

Butterflies With Friggin Stars in the them!!!!

Yesterday, we started working on a Tattoo I’ve been dreaming of for ages.

This is the very top of it. We’ll be working our way down, and I won’t unveil the rest until it’s completely finished, say 10 hours in the studio from now (who knows how many months that will be). 56 more words


Glimpses of Sacred Dance in California By Sister Martha Ann Kirk, Th.D.

While in California to interview Carla De Sola, a leader in sacred dance for almost half a century, Sister Martha Ann Kirk  enjoyed dance for the closing and opening ceremonies of churches, dance in a special Eucharist focused on hope in the face of cancer, and congregational dance enriching worship every Sunday. 667 more words


Meditation vs Ritual Meditation - What's the difference?

A ritual is a habit or a practice.  A habit or practice is not necessarily a ritual. The moment it becomes mundane, we lose the benefits of spirit “ritual” which are many.

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Max Dashu ~ Restoring Women to Cultural Memory

Restoring Women to Cultural Memory

From the YouTube description:

“Overview of women’s history, the omissions and distortions that skip the crucial female spheres of power and achievement. 115 more words