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Sacred Dance: Chapter 7

The news spread through the palace in the flow of the water before it was carried in words.  The water’s light was dimmer, its current more troubled, and as he sat by his waterfall, Awab knew that something was approaching.  2,355 more words

Sacred Dance

Sacred Dance: Chapter 4

When he was aware of himself again, he was following the giants with tattoos and sharpened teeth back to the ledge, where he and Nylyvad were taken separate ways, he into an upward tunnel and she downward.  3,416 more words

Sacred Dance

Sacred Dance: Chapter 3

When Awab stirred from his torpor he was in a different place.  He was being carried along, wrapped in a canvas blanket, but he could tell from the air that they were in the Misre territory.  1,025 more words

Sacred Dance

Sacred Dance: Chapter 2

It was not long after this that the people of the Gorob heard from the Misre that the giants had entered the forest.  The people gathered together in the clearing in the shadow of the tree that was called Watcher of the Woods, where Awab sat on the ground near his father and mother with his eyes shut, letting his mind drift.  2,342 more words

Sacred Dance

Sacred Dance: Chapter 1

“Once there was a giant who lived in a cave and terrified all the land around him. He emerged from his home to steal their food for himself, and if anyone tried to fight him, he took off their head with one swing of his sword. 1,092 more words

Sacred Dance

Sacred Dance: Opening

Awab had lived in the forest of Gorob all the years of his youth and he had no particular desire to go anywhere else. His family was there, the other men of the brotherhood were there, all the friendly spirits were there, and he was beginning to consider looking for a wife. 88 more words

Sacred Dance

Anna at the Well


Prayer is the portal open to Heaven:
Offer your thanks for blessedness.
Practice forgiveness, seventy times seven;
fling purest love in every direction. 318 more words