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Jump Aboard - Sunshine Coast Events

Looks like a big month for Gypsy Green. Not only are we doing our regular Sunday gig in Pomona but Bhojanam the bus cafe is rolling out to some other green patches of the Sunshine Coast. 182 more words

Gypsy Green

Resting place

A white waning moon

And myriad stars

How old are those constellations?

The lake is still

The night silent

My small boat nestled amongst the reeds

Earth Based Spirituality


Rainfall wooes me

Like no lover could

Lying on spring flower grass

Soaked to the bone

Earth Based Spirituality

Walking by the Nene river, on a rainy day

Wandering the rivers edge

The weir is roaring

A heron flies from tree to tree

Grey as the dull sky

Wind and rain

My two companions on this journey

Earth Based Spirituality


My boat,

Battered by roaring wind

Rocks unsteadily on the lake.

Rain fall bitter and stinging

Soon the river will burst its banks

Gorging on land again… 22 more words

Earth Based Spirituality

SACRED TRAVEL...Down to the South I Go [Little Rock]

When you have lived in the North your entire life there are preconceived notions of what you will experience in the South, the biggest being racism and conservative values.  1,661 more words



Hail to you, bees!

Bringers of life

Sacred dancers

Make our crops fruitful!

Busy yourselves

In our orchards

And fields

May human hearts

Seek, always, 9 more words

Earth Based Spirituality