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Stories of Spirit...The Betwixt & Between [guidance from the ancestors]

As a Medium, communication with the dead is a normal thing for me.  I spend many hours, every week in conversation with people who have crossed over.   1,363 more words

Spirit Communication

Kiln Firing and the Open Day at Sacred Earth

We’ve been so busy it’s been hard to keep up with news of what’s been happening with the project. It seems so long ago now and the seasons have changed around us, but on 11th September, we showed the project’s progress at a fabulous open day at the… 682 more words

SACRED TRAVELS...Merlin's Cave [part 2...tintagel]

I have spent a lot of time thinking about the difference between Vacation & Pilgrimage.  Vacation is warm and comfortable, it’s relaxing and filled with savory bits; yummy food & a bit of pampering.   1,176 more words

Stories Of Spirit

Sacred Travel Blog...Wales [part 1....slow time]

Wales is a land of wonky internet, and in reality…no internet for me, so I have not been able to keep you all updated, as I would like.   604 more words

Sacred Space

Stories of Spirit...Why I Choose Love [lessons I have learned from the dead]

I use to be afraid of the dark.  Not the dark of a bedroom with no lights on; but the dark outside the ring of the campfire & street lights.   1,167 more words

Stories of Spirit...Stone Circles, Lavender Fields, & Crystal Mine, oh my! [O'Canada]

Yesterday I went adventuring in my backyard…Canada that is!  It was such a great day, with such lovely surprises, I can honestly say I will be going back & soon.   1,266 more words