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Stories of Spirit...Why I Choose Love [lessons I have learned from the dead]

I use to be afraid of the dark.  Not the dark of a bedroom with no lights on; but the dark outside the ring of the campfire & street lights.   1,167 more words

Stories of Spirit...Stone Circles, Lavender Fields, & Crystal Mine, oh my! [O'Canada]

Yesterday I went adventuring in my backyard…Canada that is!  It was such a great day, with such lovely surprises, I can honestly say I will be going back & soon.   1,266 more words

Tierra Sagrada

Tierra Sagrada

Is what my calendar calls it,

Which sent the beacon

To my e-mail now

Maybe I signed on through

A Latino site

It’s a planet observance and… 61 more words

Stories of Spirit...Meteors, Energetic Download, and Psychic Evolution...Oh, my!

So everyone is chatting about he Meteor that flew over New England,  Monday night.  It made headline news, and a ton on Facebook status updates; after it exploded into fireball action, lighting up the sky & carrying a sonic boom.   1,080 more words

Psychic Evolution

Stories of Spirit...Sinkholes and Thunder Storms [Warm Mineral Spring, North Port, FL]

I love the strange, slightly bizarre & energetically enhanced.  So, when my friend Genevieve suggested we visit the Warm Mineral Springs of North Port, Florida, I was all in. 824 more words