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Midsummer's Day

June 20, 2015.  Lots of friends have been asking me about what it’s like to experience Midsummer (Midtsommer) in the Land of the Midnight Sun.   1,837 more words


Rocks in the Grove

This is another scene from the Sacred Grove that I just painted.  Once more, I am still drawing from my mission.  It’s true what they say that missions change and affect lives forever. 293 more words

Painting from a Photo vs. Painting from Life

Oops! I realized I haven’t posted in a while, so I’ll start being better. I try to post at least once every month. Anyway, here’s an oil painting (roughly 15×19) of a scene in a grove of trees  in upstate New York. 160 more words

ಗುಡ್ಡ, ನದಿ, ಹೊಳೆ: Voices from the hills, rivers and the coast of Uttara Kannada

In the opening series of posts, I want to share some of my experiences during the short time of about  3 weeks that I spent early this summer in Uttara Kannada district visiting three tribal settlements- the Gamokkalu settlement in the island Haigunda in the Sharavati river valley, the Kare Vokkaliga settlement in Halli Gadde near Ragihosahalli, and the Halakki Vokkaliga settlement in Badageri near Ankola. 1,789 more words

Where the journey begins

Long ago, the area of London known today as Seven Sisters was called Page Greene. The current name derives from seven elm trees, which once grew in a circle on Page Greene common ground, at the junction of Tottenham High Road and the turnpike road now called Seven Sisters Road. 385 more words


Nemetona: Sacred Groves and War-Goddesses

Nemetona, Goddess of the Sacred Grove, had her cult in those dense Germanic forests that the Romans feared so much. Especially after the disaster in 9 CE, when three Roman legions and their auxillaries were ambushed and cut down in the… 1,004 more words


Let Him Lead

Dear Family and Friends,

Well it certainly was a great week. It was a temple week and we had a baptism. Which also made the week a very busy, and spirit filled week. 387 more words