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Location of Sacred Grove a Mystery

Sacred Grove; “Joseph Smith’s family moved away from this farm in 1830. …The exact location of Joseph Smith’s First Vision is unknown, but it occurred somewhere within a 10-acre forest on the western boundaries of the farm. 464 more words

Joseph Smith

Lessons from the Sacred Groves of India

All across India, communities preserve groves of trees as sites of worship. Terracotta figurines are lined up at the base of rosewood trees to warn visitors to tread lightly. 1,501 more words


Be still

in your sacred grove

bursting with colors

The Oracular Oak of Dodona – Sacred groves in sacred lands

δήομεν ἀγλαὸν ἄλσος Ἀθήνης ἄγχι κελεύτου 

αἰγείρων, ἐν δὲ κρήνη νάει, ἀμφὶ δὲ λειμών·

ἔνθα δὲ πατρὸς ἐμοῦ τέμενος τεθαλυῖά τ’ἀλωή,

τόσσον ἀπὸ πτόλιος, ὅσσον τε γέγωνε βοήσας.


Trip to Palmyra, New York

In June when Jim and Noah flew to Ambridge, he stayed with us for a week. Before he flew back to Houston, we drove Northeast a few hours to a small town Palmyra in upstate New York. 136 more words


Interactions with an unknown tree

The exercise was simple. Walk in the park and choose to spend time with a tree that speaks to you. Listen. Does it say anything? Watch it closely. 752 more words


Dear Mormons, it's time for a change.

Sometimes I admit when I think about where I was a few years ago…I can’t help but laugh at the fact that my life has done a complete 180. 2,366 more words