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Not long...

An ancient landscape, shaped by glaciers and the hand of man. Mysterious symbols carved in stone amid the cairnfields. Quiet circles lost in the mists… and a small group of seekers taking time out of time, listening to the echoes of the past to find a deeper connection to the present… 118 more words


Dance of the Giants...

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Jade, Tectonics, and Sacred Sites

My first magatama was a jade bead purchased at Takachiho Jinja. Although magatama are made of various stones, I had a sense that jade is the most appropriate stone. 987 more words


Map-reading...or not...

It is believed that the human eye can distinguish more shades of green than any other colour. Walking across the moors after sunshine and heavy rain, it would be impossible to count the different hues. 664 more words


Spirits of the stones...the Avenue, Avebury

Once upon a time, twin avenues ran from the central circle of Avebury to the outer edges of the sacred landscape created in earth and stone by our forefathers. 615 more words


Silbury Hill, Avebury

Our next stop was right in front of us as we walked down from West Kennet long barrow. It isn’t the easiest thing in the world to overlook. 857 more words


Wayland's Smithy

Even from this distance some two hundred yards away I can feel the aura of the place. A deep calm has descended as we move to the edge of the grove and approach the information board. 1,271 more words