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Journal of the far side: 7 – Tjukurpa - Steve Tanham

Reblogged from The Silent Eye – more of Steve’s visit to Uluru…

It is, in the end, all about creation time. The meaning of this is not obvious to the Western psyche steeped in its causal logic, locked into this-to-that and the inevitable need, therefore to create… 134 more words


A golden gift - "That's not a light..."

We had to go back in. Quite why, we weren’t sure. But, apart from anything else, there was a profound sense of gratitude. And for what? 537 more words


A golden gift - Light show

This is the part where it gets awkward. Tell the facts straight, or tell how it felt? Either way, our conclusions will take some time to process. 564 more words


A golden gift - Seeing the details

We hadn’t paid much attention to the Pattern Stone on our first visit. The concrete replica stands where the original carved stone was once erected, close to the back ‘window’ of Bryn Celli Ddu. 863 more words


A golden gift - Being there

“I dream of light-flowers erupting from hilltops…”
‘Don’ from The Initiate (France & Vincent)

There are some things you know you have to share, but do not know how or even where to begin. 563 more words


Of Ash and Seed - Pawns to castle...

As we hurried through the castle grounds in Beaumaris, a lone seagull was dancing. He seems to be marching on the spot, marking a rhythmic time with his feet. 192 more words


Of Ash and Seed - The mound in the dark grove...

“We might have to go back to the hotel…”  I didn’t look around as I was busy following the car in front and anyway, the snowy mountains of the mainland filled the horizon. 670 more words