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An Eye full of Reflections (1)

The idea is a simple one: to pick a location and invite a group of friends – some of them Companions of the Silent Eye School, some simply friends, some new to the whole thing – to experience it in a different way… 114 more words


A walk on the wild side...

We could see the back of our destination from the graveyard. To be fair, we’d had no intention of visiting a graveyard…not this time at least. 577 more words


Stones in the stones

It wasn’t the most promising sky… or at least, what it was promising didn’t look pleasant, but we really felt the need to get out and about. 489 more words


Keeping a promise

It was the first opportunity we had to re-visit the stone circle below Hordron’s Edge and we had a promise to keep, planting a crystal in the earth at a very specific spot. 515 more words


The tomb and the missing skull

In the tiny church of St Bartholomew at Blore Bay, there are secrets.  Some are easily discovered, if you read the signs. A tell-tale lumpiness beneath the carpeting of an aisle revealed  15th century brasses commemorating William Bassett II and his wife Joan. 861 more words


Raising the Maypole

It hardly seems possible that it is already a month ago that we were waiting in a place between the worlds for the rites of Beltane to reach their culmination. 851 more words


Beautiful people

I took far too many photographs in Glastonbury…and so far the tale of that weekend has not reached its culmination with the raising of the Maypole! 343 more words