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Whenever I drive north there are landmarks that signal a change. Nothing obvious, not important places or special sites…most of them are no more than a corner turned, a familiar vista, a particular tree or intriguing doorway… but each one signifies another stage of a journey accomplished, another change in the landscape that takes me nearer to where I want to be. 313 more words


Circles beyond time

An ancient landscape, shrouded in mystery… strewn with stones and the last of the summer heather…scattered with sites of ancient sanctity.

Stone circles… an enigmatic fortress rising from the bracken like a ship to carry mind and imagination back beyond the veiling mists. 292 more words


An informal weekend...

People wonder what happens at a weekend workshop… ‘it all seems a bit weird’ … or words to that effect. Four times a year, the… 346 more words


A Landscape of Images

Smoke from the torches stings his eyes, making it difficult to see. The dancing flames bring the animals to life, a magical hunt galloping across the walls of the cavern. 815 more words


Harvest of Being 2015: Ilkley Moor...

Skein of Time


We head into a green gloom of Heber’s very own making, for the late evening light is still bright in the sky… and almost immediately we start to climb. 552 more words


Harvest of Being 2015: Ilkley Moor...


“Tell me,” said Joshua, “why is that
person carrying a lamb to the city ?”

Judas Thomas said, “so that he may kill it and eat it.” 181 more words