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The sacred body

Spring is struggling to arrive. Purple and yellow flowers poke through brown earth and then shiver in frigid winds or are covered with an unexpected snow. 715 more words

Catholic Atheists?

The Holy Father recently gave a homily stating that if we are deaf and don’t listen to the word of God and put them into practice, we could become Catholic atheists. 865 more words


Friday: Sacred, is the Room I find in Myself

There are but two sins … The Lesser, is to get in the way of our own spiritual path. The Greater, is to get in the way of someone else’s spiritual path. 503 more words

New Beginnings

shaman moon

The reason that people awaken is because they finally stop agreeing to things that insult their soul.

I have never been interested in politics or followed politics for a great many reasons, but present times, I feel, demand that I know what is transpiring in the government of the United States. 145 more words

Art Watercolor Gallery

Ayahuasca, Marijuana and Energies

“There are not good or bad plants in nature, every plant in nature has a purpose , the problem is when we use plants without having enough knowledge about the properties, energies and compatibility with us and with other plants.

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Great Mother Speaks Oracle Card: REBIRTH 

Happy Spring Equinox 🚼♈️📃🌈🌗🌸🌿Today, our first pull of the 49-card Great Mother Speaks Oracle Deck, is a waning balsamic moon. It offers a moment of rest, recreation, recuperation and reflection of the previous year before initiating the new. 148 more words

Inner Knowing

Spiritual and Sacred Sex 

Sex is sacred.

Wait a minute. Isn’t sex nasty, dirty, even forbidden? Isn’t sex best with the person you’re not supposed to have it with? I mean isn’t the naughtiness of sex one of the reasons it’s intoxicating in the first place? 998 more words

General Benefits