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Honor the sanctity of marriage

Hebrews 13:1-6

What makes marriage so sacred? First of all, God established and honors it. Secondly, out of the billions of people on the planet, you’ll be making a decision to spend the rest of your life with one special person, above everyone else. 349 more words

Efficiency: IT (A Wrinkle in Time, Chapter 9)

Our latest episode is live! Listen to our discussion about A Wrinkle in Time‘s 9th chapter, “IT,” by following clicking the link to Apple Podcasts above or by following… 84 more words

Ten Word Tuesday - 31

Peace through the open door

Photographed: Mission San Jose – San Antonio Texas 2012.06.04 

Infinity and the sacred

Ganges sunrise

The priest stands on the edge of a concrete ghat before the dirty Ganges at dawn. He is naked from the waist up except for the sacred cord that runs over his left shoulder, symbol of the twice-born priestly-caste. 2,366 more words


In a Sacred Manner I Come (Reprise)


Take the first steps on
Your chosen pathway midst the throng
Set your will upon
Your worthy goal that mill among

Plenty there will be… 121 more words


Sacred Minstrels | 16 Sept. 2018 | Odisha

I see them for two years, seemingly begging around the city, stopping at the gates. I had no courage to even take pics. Last year, while visiting Puri, one minstrel agreed to sing, for me to hear, but he did not want me to take a picture. 110 more words