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Want to Start Your Day at 5 A.M.? Get Ready to Make These 4 Sacrifices

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Waking up early is a trait shared by many of the world’s top-performing CEOs. In the early morning, you’re free of distractions and able to put meaningful attention into… 438 more words

Money Matters

War: Dream and Reality.

You’ve fought well, my friend. You bled, you healed; did the poison still remain inside?
Things seem calm, but then, isn’t there this voice calling you back? 219 more words


The Last Ship To Saturn

The crew of the Golden Geode crossed their fingers as the ship struggled through a space storm.

There was no turning back to earth. They had to get to the closest planet, Saturn. 757 more words

Flash Fiction

The Sacrifices We Make As Parents

As parents we must constantly sacrifice — make the tough choices. Shall we watch our kids sleeping on the baby monitor, standing loving vigil above them like guardian angels? 32 more words


Ionic AD log #3: Working on a holiday

There is still so much pending to learn about ionic. Our company bought 2 courses from udemy so for angular and for ionic so that we are well prepared for developing the app. 109 more words


To All of Our Veterans....

To all of our veterans, thank you for the countless seconds, hours, days, and years you’ve spent away from your precious families to help this country everyday. 63 more words


The Headhunter's Story

1868 – Prescott, Arizona

Ex-Union cavalry officer, Captain Leander Lincoln kicked the saloon doors open and entered with both guns drawn!

“I’m looking for the Stuart boys… 554 more words

Flash Fiction