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Sacrificial lamb when it comes to your kids sickness!!

“Mum I don’t feel too good,” those fantastic words that you hear in the middle of the night that get your head spinning…..

– is he/she really sick or is this another one of those things that can easily be fixed with a cuddle and a drink of water? 184 more words



Passover     |     Exodus 12:1-14     |     April 15, 2018

We had technical issues recording this sermon so there is no audio file. But I don’t want to just skip past it and go on to the next sermon either, so here is a written synopsis. 180 more words


Are You a living Sacrifice?

When I think of living sacrifice, the story of Abraham trying to sacrifice Isaac on the alter comes to mind (Genesis 22:1-13). However, I don’t think God expects us to literally lay our lives on the alter for Him. 119 more words



Everyday I enter passwords into security systems on my technology to access my work programs or even just an app on my phone. Some of my passwords are simple numeric codes, others are a combination of twelve characters with letters, numbers, and symbols. 494 more words

Walking By Faith And Not By Sight

His deeply rich nourishment actively thriving within us...

Moment by moment we have chosen to actively and consciously live in Jesus and our relationship has led us into a deeper relationship with Him. Through multiple issues and problems of the flesh, as well as countless valleys, hills, with exposure to both wet and dry lands, the Holy Spirit has faithfully and diligently taught us through each one of them. 130 more words

A Deeper Fellowship

The Sabbath Rest

According to God’s Word, the Sabbath was to be observed by the Jewish community wherever they lived. No matter the circumstances, there were rules they were commanded to keep on the Sabbath. 916 more words