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An interview with Dr. Dean, Poet Laureate. He was interviewed by the ghost of Mother Teresa.

Reprinted here is an interview with Dr. Dean, Poet Laureate. He was interviewed by the ghost of Mother Teresa.
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Mother Teresa; Namaste, Mr. 1,004 more words


Small is Bountiful

In the year 2000, Shaykh Zaki Yamani, the erstwhile Saudi oil minister, gave a one-off lecture in London which I had the good fortune to attend. 955 more words



Sacrilege by S.J. Parris

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I think this is my favourite of the Giordano Bruno series so far; the supporting characters are even more well drawn this time, from the gossipy apothecary, to the flirtatious landlady and the old ex monk, they all bought the story even more to life. 58 more words



“There she stood at the precipice of love.
“Lesbianism is heresy!” The sanctimonies hollered.
Nevertheless, she took the plunge.”

Sacrifice of Sacrilege #Blogbattle 71

#BlogBattle 71: Sacrilege

genre: fantasy

Pious and pure, her life had been lived within the sanctity of the walls of the Goodness of Holuvenius. Only women, some young but most old, were allowed within this sanctuary, but unbenounced to their Most High Matron of Holuvenius, Clarity had stepped outside the bounds and brought upon them a terrible sacrilege by rescuing someone very much not female and bringing him in to the confines of the fortification. 1,560 more words


Blog Battle 71 "Sacrilege" Entries & Voting

Heavens to Betsy! I’m such a absentminded goof. I totally forgot to add the poll for “Derelict” last week, so make sure to vote right here for last weeks’ stories then down below you’ll soon find this week’s “Sacrilege” stories and then the poll will be available for that set on Wednesday. 313 more words

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The Hall of Meating

This week’s #BlogBattle entry, incorporating “sacrilege” with last week’s “derelict” since I skipped that one.

From the Adventures of Grant McSwain, Explorer of Exotic Vistas, Defeater of Deadly Villains, and Charmer of Care-Free Vixens, 1,533 more words