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A message to LGBT pride!

I’m very happy right now… but i saw something disturbing…. and I wanted to send out a message. Though, I am not Taylor Swift, and my word just won’t hit many ears, I still don’t care. 1,300 more words

Anti-Christian Obama

Abomination, or should I say Obamanation? By their fruits you will know them. Think about it! Obama lights up the outside of the White House with night lights in the colors of the rainbow in celebration of legalizing marriage between sodomites. 283 more words


'Pope' says Holy Eucharist is a school of love and solidarity

According to ‘the pope’, the Holy Eucharist is to be considered a school of love and solidarity.

“When we take and eat this Bread, we become associated with the Life of Jesus, we enter into communion with Him. 1,008 more words

The Pope

Why the Eucharist Should be Received on the Tongue

Father Pellegrino Ernetti describes in his book “The Catechesis of Satan” that what pleases Lucifer, as we know from some exorcisms, is “the particle to the hand, so I can step on your God, the God that I killed, and I can celebrate my black mass, with the priests that I stole from him” 1,026 more words


The Seven Sins Against the Holy Eucharist

The infiltration of Protestantism into the Catholic world, favored by secularism and by Freemasonry, can lead people not to believe in the real presence of Our Lord Jesus in the Holy Eucharist.  224 more words


Infidelity... a sacrilege

Sacrilegious, most of us is nothing more but sacrilegious…
to start with let me explain what the word means – (thanks to Wikipedia)
Sacrilege is the violation or injurious treatment of a sacred object. 482 more words


The Unbelievable Power Of Pops

It’s hard to argue with genius, not just because of its power but often because it has been granted that status postmortem. It’s harder to even question a (by all accounts) kindhearted and often humble genius like Louis Armstrong. 373 more words