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Pythagoras Saw Homer and Hesiod Punished in Hell! (plus an etymology for his name)

Diogenes Laertius, 8.21 (Lives of the Sophists)

“Hieronymos says that when Pythagoras went down into Hades he saw the ghost of Hesiod bound to a bronze pillar, squeaking, and that Homer’s ghost was hanging from a tree surrounded by snakes. 159 more words


The Wonder that is Being Born: How to Live Out Loud? Sacrilegious or Evolution? by Karen Moon

Yesterday, I went to a Women’s Circle, the description follows:

Our next circle will honor this journey of Venus or Innana as she was known by the ancient Sumerians. 946 more words


Sacrilege - Behind the March of Madness (1985)

Released on 19 July 1985. The vocal reminds me of an Indonesian band somehow but I cannot figured who they are. (Straightforward maybe?)

Based on my amateur ear, they guitar riffs is something I can enjoyed. 20 more words


Why I refuse to wear a thali/mangalsutra..

(Photo Credit : Avinash Surendran)

The rants of a newly married woman..!!

I got married just a few days back.. It was a love cum arranged marriage. 861 more words

A message to LGBT pride!

I’m very happy right now… but i saw something disturbing…. and I wanted to send out a message. Though, I am not Taylor Swift, and my word just won’t hit many ears, I still don’t care. 1,300 more words

Anti-Christian Obama

Abomination, or should I say Obamanation? By their fruits you will know them. Think about it! Obama lights up the outside of the White House with night lights in the colors of the rainbow in celebration of legalizing marriage between sodomites. 283 more words


'Pope' says Holy Eucharist is a school of love and solidarity

According to ‘the pope’, the Holy Eucharist is to be considered a school of love and solidarity.

“When we take and eat this Bread, we become associated with the Life of Jesus, we enter into communion with Him. 1,008 more words

The Pope