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The Creation of God, was a massacre and abuse. He is crippled for the 400. time. A puppet. A victim :-(

I knew, when I met him in Oradea, Romania, that he is a victim, and that it was not right what happened to him.

Even though, I could feel, that he is evil, and tried to hurt me. 460 more words

Crimes Agains Nature

Handicapped, crippled, incomplete People, got what they wanted, for others!

I don’t think there is an exception to it!

If you break your neck or spine, the nervous system is no longer able to control the organs of a human. 164 more words

Crimes Agains Nature

Letter Following Oklahoma Sacrilege

This is what the Catholic Church looks like when she actually works as our Lord had intended, what she could look like every day.  And this is a magnificent example of a group of laymen  simply fulfilling their Confirmation duties by fighting evil with Good and sacrilege with reparation.  718 more words

Please Sign These Petitions

As described in a previous post, Satanist Adam Daniels, a convicted sex offender, intends to perform a deliberate act of sacrilege in front of St. Joseph Old Cathedral in Oklahoma City on Christmas Eve by pouring costume blood over a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  214 more words

This Is What Real Catholic Men Look Like

What do real Catholic men look like?

For fifty years now, we have heard preached from our Catholic pulpits a so-called “gospel” that is nauseatingly full of effeminacy.  1,247 more words

Profanity under the guise of "Creation"

All through time, sacred places have been profaned by those against the Christian faith. Our churches have been burned, broken into, vandalized, the list goes on. 518 more words