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Moods of a Dog...

Charlie Bear here.

“I like dogs. You always know what a dog is thinking. It has four moods: happy, sad, cross, and concentrating.”      Mark Haddon… 64 more words


Forgot to Title... Meh.

I’m currently fighting for space in front of the fire with the two boys. I can’t get a picture as it is too dark, but Lokii is jammed between my thighs and Spot is making sure that I cannot stretch my legs. 347 more words


But I Like Halftime!

You know you want to let me in…

Pleeeeeze! I want to watch the football game…

But that’s not a pitbull. That’s a guy. I’m so confused right now …. 17 more words

Hai guyz

Hai, dis iss Oreo Buddons.  How you guyz?  

Sorry we haven’t had as much to share lately.  Until we do, expect only a post a week!   180 more words

Bichon Frisé


Hey guys, sorry for the sporadic posts, but Oreo hasn’t been feeling so peachy as of late.  He just sort of mopes about and doesn’t want to do as much adventuring.   31 more words

Bichon Frisé