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Hey! I’m not dead! Just busy writing a novel/novella not really sure yet. I have been averaging a thousand words a day and I need to publish something. 207 more words



Adi, fellow canines, my mother, this is an old poem. Having a hard time at my first novel, currently. This is how I got over people back then. 182 more words



I see another side of me

Here he comes like a bird spooked from a tree

He is not reserved like me but curt

A culmination of my internal hurt… 100 more words



There’s an ashtray lined with lipstick stained cigarettes and empty whiskey bottles refilled with regrets. The orange Rx containers rattle like church bells but they are not enough to sustain her. 248 more words



I remember fragile hands leading kissed thread through the eye of a needle. She taught me how to sew. I remember her never eating at the kitchen table, she preferred a plastic plate to eat every single meal on, I remember her shuffling across the carpet apologizing for passing the TV. 243 more words


Lithium Battery

Before anyone freaks out, this is an old poem. Peace out, A.B.

Caution! Person contains lithium battery, do not tamper with or touch! Product is already damaged but not that much. 221 more words