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A Serious Man

He was born to the wrong man that barely taught him the correct way to stand. He was a Serious man. He left his position as person who watched over, never sober. 305 more words

Sad Dog


So Spam Saturday comes to a close, let’s end it on a thoughtful note. Give you something to think about for the evening. This A.B. let the views rain in. 90 more words



Welcome to Saturday Spam Day! Enjoy the first of several posts on this great day off. This is A.B. and let’s make this a thing. 300 more words



There once were two birds that sat in a tree

They lived in close yet platonic harmony

One was a male, older the world he had seen… 123 more words


Clinic Part Four

This is it tramps and ladies. This is where it all ends. My first story on this blog. It was a journey and so far it has been quite a journey. 2,027 more words

Sad Dog

Clinic Part Three

I think I am going to try and have happy days at least three times a week. This is not one of those days… But hey, Sunday was pretty good right? 1,516 more words

Sad Dog

A Lifetime Ago...

It was a lifetime ago the last time I told her I loved her. Now she hates me and I am apathetic about her. You see the muscles that loved her atrophied with that last catastrophe that crashed our relationship into the sand of some foreign forgotten fiefdom far from away anywhere I like to remember. 124 more words