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Dog Depression- Spot The Symptom And Take The Step

You won’t like it that your dog is sitting alone in the corner of your room and not showing any interest. The energy level of your dog is falling. 683 more words

Pet Care

Fishing in my Head

He sent me a text message yesterday afternoon.

“Hi. May I come by after work and see Maya?” (My American Bulldog, who is struggling with his absence. 498 more words


Floyd's book!

Lovely Floyd’s book has finally arrived.
This charming 12 page book written by E. K. Lea and illustrated by Maggie Lea tells the heartwarming tale of Floyd, a sad dog who is rescued from a bad home and settles in with his new family. 126 more words

Daisy Cat

Daisy had to leave her first home because she was not the primary consideration of her owners when they wanted another cute pet.
She lived on the streets for years, under cars, in the snow. 381 more words

Teaching a dog to expect better

Floyd is a ½ labrador ¼ retriever ¼ greyhound furbaby and professional bum wriggler.

So as a lot of you know, Floyd – the apple of my eye, the love of my life and my reason for getting up in the morning – is a rescue dog. 870 more words

Exciting News From the Attic!

This is going to be a very quick one as I’m on my way out to get more tea bags.

Well there’s a few bits of news over here in the Attic Studio. 88 more words

Pawndered Thought: April 28, 2017

This must be what I look like when I leave Disneyland…