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The First Night I totally Cried

Part 2

In the four corners of the wall, I was still in denial.  I still couldn’t believe that our last  “Goodbye” happened last night. 195 more words

Break Up

वीरा माझी प्रेमकहाणी


देवा असा क्षण कुणाच्याही नशिबी येऊ देऊ नकोस हृदयातील व्यक्तीला दूर जाताना थोडं सुद्धा सहन होत नाही…..

आज तिने आई -वडीला साठी , भावासाठी, बहिणी साठी आणि समाजासाठी खूप मोठे compromise केलं.

48 more words

Someone with a two heart: Remember your first love?

We are born with a soul and one heart…

Why can we gave so much love to so many people? With limitless amount, we convey our feelings toward others. 298 more words

First Love

That Night

That moment I saw you and our eyes first met, it seemed like the clock stopped ticking for a second. I found my mouth ajar. You had me in awe of you. 388 more words


An Old CD

It was a cold wintry night, the clock had struck 2 and she was waiting at the door to surrender herself in his arms. It took him long but as he knocked the door, she quickly got up from her snugly bed and ran towards the door. 418 more words


[Music] Five Heartbreaking Kdrama Songs (2000-2005)

Don’t we like these poignant songs that keep playing during the most tragic scenes of our dramas? Just for fun, I made my own top five from Korean dramas until 2005. 363 more words


I Wish...

Jami’s Diary 

8th Grade Year
I wish I wish I could tell her how I feel. Today I saw the most beautiful girl in the whole 8th grade class ,and the world. 259 more words
Love Broken