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Zombie Hugo

I have been following the spats and fits and all out wars in the sci-fi and fantasy community for a very long time.  Not as much as I used to, however.   669 more words


Rolled-up Newspapers For All

The Rabid Puppies have announced their 2017 agenda, and the Sads probably will soon if they haven’t already (I’m not paying that much attention), both dissing any modern, progressive SF, and the “Blue” side is pontificating about how the “Red” side is stuck in the 50s, and it’s pretty much the usual for what passes as society these days. 479 more words

Science Fiction

Women's Magazines and Dystopian SF

I enjoy jokes about how surprising it is that hard-hitting Trump-era “defense of truth” journalism is coming out of women’s magazines. My favorite so far is… 331 more words


My posts about C. L. Moore (Shambleau)

These are the posts I wrote at the Puppy of the Month Book Club about Catherine L. Moore’s Shambleau and her other stories:

Gender Bending with the Dark Gods… 13 more words


Perfectly Appoproriate; Perfectly Counterproductive

I wrote last Saturday about the Hamilton/Pence  brouhaha. Since then I have had a chance to listen to and read other opinions on the issue. It hasn’t changed my basic opinion, but it has expanded my perspective. 511 more words

Social Issues

How Conservatives Fundamentally Misunderstand Art/Entertainment

I’ll preface this by saying I’m referring to a specific vein of American religious/economic conservatism and am speaking generally rather than universally.  When it comes to people there are always exceptions to the rules. 1,042 more words