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Worldcon2016: The Dave Truesdale Affair

Before I write the AAR (After Action Report) for Worldcon 2016 / MidAmericon II, I want to address the controversy over Dave Truesdale’s expulsion from the con for offensive behavior. 715 more words


Hugo Report 2016

It is a comment upon current circumstances when I say that my limited participation in Hugo voting this year honestly does not proscribe my ability to air my feelings on the proceedings. 359 more words


Worldcon Report 2016

Well, that was interesting. First let me say that my first time in Kansas City will likely be my last, but not through any fault of KC’s. 466 more words

Sad Puppies

Highly illogical canines and the 2016 Hugo awards

I wrote a lot less about the Hugos this year than last. I participated in the nominating process. I was greatly disappointed that having so many new nominators didn’t prevent the Rabid Puppies from bloc-filling several categories again. 1,684 more words


On The 2016 Hugo Awards

I think every previous post I’ve made on the Sad Puppies has had some vaguely punny, quasi-funny, at least marginally puppy-related title to it, but I didn’t really feel like putting forth the effort this time. 435 more words


Best Short Fiction (Only Part of the Hugos I'm Gonna Get Mad About)

For the most part, the outcome of the Hugo Awards on Saturday did not surprise me. While I’m bummed that Ku Kuru Yo and Castalia House didn’t win, it was still expected, and for the most part, I wasn’t particularly invested in a lot of the categories. 635 more words