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Tired Superhero Shtick -- The Flash

Category: Dramatic Presentation / Short Form
Slates: Rabid Puppies & Sad Puppies

Judging by the pilot episode, there’s pretty much nothing noteworthy about The Flash… 78 more words


A Tale From Antiquity...

We rewind the clock to yestermonth for this story… April, 2015. Sarah the Mouse will have more details tomorrow in her blog, Sarah’s Sensibilities.


Ancillary Justice - "Being Literary" is Not a Free Pass for Being Poor

I fell asleep in the first forty pages of Ancillary Justice. It was not a good sign.

Now, to stave off the defenders who will undoubtedly make a case of “the best defense is a good offense,” I don’t fall asleep during books often. 4,141 more words


The Awful Truth Is Pervert Rants Get Zero Points -- Transhuman and Subhuman: Essays on Science Fiction and Awful Truth by John C. Wright

Category: Related Work
Slates: Rabid Puppies & Sad Puppies

There is a reason why Superman rescuing Lois Lane remains a charming and beloved center of their myth even after more than half a century, whereas no one remembers or cares to remember any scenes of Wonder Woman rescuing Steve Trevor.

98 more words

Superfun Masterpiece of a Toy Commercial -- Lego Movie

Category: Dramatic Presentation / Long Form
Slates: Rabid Puppies & Sad Puppies

The pure genius of the Lego Movie is the reason why I can’t support no awarding all Puppy nominees. 113 more words


Street-cred Enhanced Star Wars -- Guardians of the Galaxy

Category: Dramatic Presentation / Long
Slates: Rabid Puppies & Sad Puppies

Guardians of the Galaxy, directed by James Gunn, is what a good comics-to-film adaptation should be like. 313 more words


Just Call Me a Depressed Doggie

Fair warning: This is about that Hugo mess. I won’t be offended if you decide to read Scalzi instead.

I am a Depressed Doggie. I would call myself a sad puppy, but there are connotations I don’t want to invoke. 438 more words