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A Personal Note

A common gag in comedy – and, sometimes, in drama – goes like this: Person A asks Person B to explain a particular thing, then cuts them off or ignores them when they do. 2,642 more words

Critical Hit

Two Announcements & A Clarification

As January gallops on at the speed of light, as Januaries are wont to do, I’m pleased to announce two awesome pieces of news: firstly, that I’m part of this year’s… 364 more words


The Virtues of Boredom

Growing up, I was always reading. Not just books snuck under my desk when we were supposed to be doing useless things like math, but umbrella warning labels on the sidewalk, or the active ingredients list on toothpaste tubes. 879 more words


A Call to Arms

In my last post, I brought up the culture war, and some of the reasons why people on the Right essentially ceded the creative fields to the left, and hasn’t supported ideological allies who come under attack by the leftist mobs. 551 more words

Sad and Rabid Cachorros, Spanish Commentariat Edition.

Yesterday, the Spanish online newspaper Crónica Global published an opinion piece about, of all the things, the Sad-Rabid Puppies Saga. It is an – interesting article, to say the least. 1,002 more words


Zen, Bradbury, and the Hugo Awards - more of why I love sf/f

Recently someone posted these images of a couple of paragraphs out of Ray Bradbury’s book Zen and the Art of Writing which is only one of the times he told this story. 1,379 more words


2017 ASA Panel Proposal

The following proposal was accepted to the 2018 ASA Annual Meeting in Chicago, IL. Panelists were selected by invitation and from an open CFP. I’m posting it here as an example of a successful ASA proposal. 2,108 more words