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Nothing New on the Internet

It’s often noted that “there is nothing new under the sun,” which does not stop anyone from trying. Example: Noted SF gadfly Vox Day has announced an new rival to Wikipedia, called… 316 more words


Hades is a lesbian now?

I woke up this morning to a text from a friend. He informed me that Samantha from ThoughtsOnTomes had posted a new video on YouTube where she is reading a book about Hades being a woman and having a lesbian affair with Persephone. 890 more words


Updated my journal: Amber, Planescape, and other stuff

I wrote a short piece about Nine Princes in Amber for the Puppy of the Month Club. I’ll admit I didn’t exactly know what to write,  the book is basically an introduction, so I ended up doing a small review while pointing out some obscure connections to D&D and the Planescape setting. 124 more words

The Hugo's and Puppy-Gate (part two)...

Here are the prevailing arguments of the Puppies:

  1. That more progressive author’s were using their clout to influence voting.
  2. That’s author’s who aligned right of center politically were being passed over in favor of writers who were more liberal in their politics.
  3. 1,361 more words

Reading the Hugos: Redshirts, by John Scalzi.

In my previous post, I said I wanted to know more about the Puppies’ origins and claims (sad, rabid, lunatic, or in any other mental state.) Although sometimes it seems more like a controversy about what silly people say on Twitter, it’s essentially a literary one, and the main issue is the belief that the quality of science fiction and fantasy has degraded and the genre has become dominated by a clique of ideologues. 1,718 more words


How Mad Genius Club Banned Me

Mad Genius Club, the joint blog of notable Sad Puppy activists such as Kate Paulk, Dave Freer, Amanda S. Green and others, banned me. There’s nothing special about that, of course. 1,387 more words

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