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Tom Puppy and the Visitor from Planet Clueless

A Sad Puppy/Rabid Puppy supporter posted an op-ed on the men’s rights site Return of the Kings (he links to and heavily paraphrases one of the Sad Puppy podcasts), “ 669 more words



Got my packet of nominations for the Hugo Awards and booooooooy howdy! do the short stories stink. I was beginning to wonder if I didn’t like sci-fi anymore so I showed a few to Mr. 113 more words


It's Not That Hard

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This week only: Bonus Tuesday and Thursday comics

Monthly “Reading Room” book review is up!


Sad Puppies

Hugo Blogging: "Best" Novelette

This is another category where the ballot is dominated by the overlapping slates that were block-voted in an attempt to promote reactionary (and in the case of at least one of the two slates, explicitly neo-fascist) political views, and as such I would be putting four of the five stories here below “No Award” anyway, as they did not make the ballot legitimately. 784 more words

Hugo Blogging: "Best" Short Story

All the stories in this year’s Hugo nominations for the Best Short Story award are there because they were on one or both of two overlapping slates. 827 more words

"A Single Samurai" by Steven Diamond

The Hugo voter packet was released a couple of days ago, which means that all the Hugo-nominated short stories are now available also for those readers who haven’t purchased  375 more words