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Yes, It's F**king Political

As Skunk Anansie told us, years ago, Yes, It’s Fucking Political. Of course it is. Everything’s political, when you get right down to it. We’re readers, we’re writers; for all we might like to think that we’re above the mundanities of the dirty world, we can’t escape it. 790 more words

It's so nice when people out themselves

So, this guy decided to “attack” the Sad Puppies by admitting everything we’ve been saying is true.  I commented there, but figured I’d save it here, too: 408 more words

Sad Puppies

Caring is Meaningless

This is a thing I wrote in response to some SFF fandom bullshit going on. If you’re reading this and don’t know what the Sad/Rabid Puppies are, well, I envy you. 194 more words

Jeffro "GURPS-disadvantaged people ruin SFF" Johnson

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Reading Jeffro Johnson was an interesting and even SFFnal experience. 474 more words

Sad Puppies

Kitten/Puppy Dialogues (on America)

I got another angry response from another Puppy supporter — or I believe he is a Puppy supporter, because he writes about “your side” which is “losing”. 826 more words


Help, I live with an SJW!

I get called a bigot at least a couple of times a week by my son. I kid you not we often have a conversation along the following lines, and it always ends with him calling me a bigoted, privileged right-winger. 928 more words


The Shittiest Unrelated Drivel in the History of Hugo Awards -- Michael Z. Williamson: Wisdom from My Internet

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This. Was. Shit.

Moreover, Wisdom from My Internet is hard evidence of the fact that there were at least 200 sheer, hundred-percent, honest-go-god trolls sending in nominating ballots.  60 more words