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Speaking on Hugos and Sad Puppies

You know, I must admit I’ve been tempted to talk more on here about the Hugos, since every post I’ve made about the Hugos has gathered far more attention than any other post I’ve made. 1,566 more words


Joey Zasa: Michael Corleone's Sad Puppy (A Morality Tale)

Come, Sad Puppies, and sit around the fire.

Perhaps this is the very fire by which Mary Shelley created Frankenstein. Or not. It’s just a fire, and I don’t write Science Fiction/Fantasy. 702 more words

Random Thoughts

Sneaking Politics Into Your Science Fiction, Hugo Gernsback Edition

Blah, blah, puppies and science fiction and Hugos and sociopolitical commentary in stories and gee whiz science fiction was ‘pure’ in the olden days and… 1,094 more words

Science Fiction

Theodore Beale, Fascism, and Epic Poems

By now you may be familiar with how the Hugo Awards (a prestigious set of annual awards for science fiction) had their nominations manipulated by a slimy individual named Theodore Beale.   716 more words


Be Careful How You Frame Those You're Villainizing

The weirdest thing about how the anti-Puppies narrative-shaping is playing out is how they’ve gone from trying to convince everyone that Vox Day is some kind of raving lunatic to positioning him as some kind of brilliant chessmaster who has played everyone because he’s such a grand marshal. 105 more words

Belated But Obligatory Reaction Post: Hugomaggedon

Well… maybe not so obligatory. I’m going to skip over the summary and the bits that are probably obvious (e.g., that No Award will likely overwhelm my ballot) to address a few points along with my personal response. 964 more words