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Puppies in Stasis

Brad Torgersen writes most honest article about the Sad Puppies movement to come out of their camp

When I delivered my presentation at the Toronto SpecFic colloquium… 721 more words

A Few Words on the Hugo Awards

You’re probably familiar with the Hugo awards if you’re a science-fiction or fantasy writer/reader. Big award, said to celebrated the best that sci-fi and fantasy has to offer? 877 more words


Sad Puppies versus the Nebula Awards

If you are an SF “fan,” in the con-going sense, you are likely familiar with the Sad Puppies/Hugo Award controversy. If you are not, Google it. 570 more words

And My Hugo Nominees Are . . . .

In case you were wondering.  This list is based off of what I read that was published last year.  I had to do a lot of last-minute revision since apparently I’m a late reader — more than half the things I was intending to nominate were published prior to 2014, even though I yanked ‘em out of the New Arrivals section.  506 more words

How to Fix the Oscars

I already laid out why I think the Academy Awards aren’t culturally-relevant. Lots of others have as well. What I noticed was missing, though, was how that could change. 1,517 more words


Confessions of an Angry Beige Nerd

Recently, some folks have argued against “angry white males” being part of fandom and a whole bunch of other things, some of which weren’t very nice. 1,487 more words


A Sad Puppies Manifesto

We hold these truths to be self-evident: That people *like* to read, and hear and watch Stories.

That Story should come before Message, but message is okay if that floats your boat. 182 more words