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The Unmaking of Heroes

I grew up with heroes. Sun Wu Kong, Perseus, Thor (the god not the comic book character), Bellerophon, the Eight Immortals, Justice Bao, Heracles, David. The list goes on and on. 1,221 more words

Science Fiction

The Hugo Awards Controversy for the Uninitiated

So… it’s that time of year again… same as last year when the Sad Puppies came out a-crying.

Who are the Sad Puppies you ask? If you’re like me and tend not to pay attention to… 1,013 more words


A Brief Summary of the Tingling


The Puppies Are at It Again

I have very little to say about the Sad Puppies and Rabid Puppies other than this: They are immature, sad people who have nothing better to do than sabotage a prestigious science fiction and fantasy award. 130 more words


The Social Justice Dark Age

As always history repeats and we find ourselves living in a new dark age. Discarding the principles of the age of enlightenment social justice has regressed society back into an age of inquisitions, witch hunts and puritanism. 612 more words

Regressive Left

Oh... Hugo

So, as some of you have heard, the announcement of the Hugo Award Finalists (as opposed to nominees) has come out.  And we’ve got an interesting variety there.   297 more words