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I made a puppy sad (and I loved it!)

I truly love it when a marketing email grabs my attention – and this is the case of the email I received from Who Gives A Crap. 164 more words

Email Marketing.

My absolute LAST ever post on Sad Puppies ever; or, how I met Larry Correia.

Anyone who reads my blog regularly (so nobody) knows that I’m pretty politically opposed to the Sad Puppies- and, at this point, that I really don’t care about it anymore. 584 more words

Great Hugo Readthrough

Daily WTF: The 2015 Hugo Awards

Because sci-fi (science fiction) and fantasy aren’t generally my go-tos for reading (which, given my love of comics and fantasy, may actually be a lie), I don’t pay much attention to the Hugo Awards. 571 more words

Daily WTF

Hugo Awards and such.

Alright, copy/pasted winners list, with a little commentary from me. Long story short: The Sad and Rabid Puppy movements got their asses kicked hard in the voting (they got zero awards), but are now insisting that it’s a victory for them. 1,548 more words

Great Hugo Readthrough

Story is Everything and it is Nothing

I first encountered “The Jewel Net of Indra” in a class on Chinese Religions. My understanding is that it came from the Mahayana sect, and it’s attributed to a Buddhist named Tu-Shun (557-640bce). 541 more words


Worldcon 2015/Sasquan Schedule!

Yeeeeaaaahhhh going up to Washington to be opinionated in public!

Here’s where I’ll be and when. Come say hi, won’t you?

If you won’t be there, but have questions for my fellow panelists, leave a comment and I’ll ask them in your stead. 287 more words

This Really Happened