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I made a puppy sad (and I loved it!)

I truly love it when a marketing email grabs my attention – and this is the case of the email I received from Who Gives A Crap. 164 more words

Email Marketing.

My absolute LAST ever post on Sad Puppies ever; or, how I met Larry Correia.

Anyone who reads my blog regularly (so nobody) knows that I’m pretty politically opposed to the Sad Puppies- and, at this point, that I really don’t care about it anymore. 584 more words

Great Hugo Readthrough

Daily WTF: The 2015 Hugo Awards

Because sci-fi (science fiction) and fantasy aren’t generally my go-tos for reading (which, given my love of comics and fantasy, may actually be a lie), I don’t pay much attention to the Hugo Awards. 571 more words

Daily WTF

Hugo Awards and such.

Alright, copy/pasted winners list, with a little commentary from me. Long story short: The Sad and Rabid Puppy movements got their asses kicked hard in the voting (they got zero awards), but are now insisting that it’s a victory for them. 1,548 more words

Great Hugo Readthrough