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Manson in Many Forms

I have harped on a little too much recently about politics and the psychology of fear. I’m sure that someone noticed, after I spent two days saying that there really isn’t much to be scared about, the next loony in line went and shot up a McDonalds in Germany. 388 more words

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The storm has continued in every way.

After 6 days off to feel the (somewhat surprising) relief of hard manual labour, I returned to work today and realised my mood had not lifted at all. 772 more words



I keep my face expression-less these days

’cause even a fake smile cannot mask this pain

My train of thoughts moves faster than speed trains… 238 more words

My Rhymes


A few years back, gathered on the sunny deck outside our venue for a (slightly tiddly) workplace lunch, my boss started giggling and couldn’t stop. She eventually excused herself and went into the kitchen, with tears of laughter rolling down her cheeks. 804 more words

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Been to Hell and back. I can show you vouchers.

It’s still stupidly cold.

I’m still (stupidly) arguing on the internet. And it’s really bummed me out now. Being called names by a family member will do that to you. 927 more words

Sad Stuff

Equal and Opposite Reaction

It’s been a difficult day for more than one reason.

However, it’s enormously heartwarming to open up the laptop with a sense of resignation and see my newsfeed full of nothing but love and empowerment. 76 more words

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Read the Sign

Sigh. Well that got Stanford off the headlines.

The thing about attention-seeking criminals is that I’m rather disinclined to give them attention. I know that he’s no longer alive to see it, but still. 466 more words

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