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I fail at being positive

So, my last few post haven’t been too happy. That’s because I am not in the best place right now, and I’m feeling depressed. I’ve seriously thought about commiting suicide. 527 more words



Some plans that fall through were to have been the meaning of a life.

For these, there is no back-up plan, no consolation. Re-invented, re-configured, restored time and again to maintain the meaning that hinges on it, such a plan dies a wretched death, protracted and searing, until finally it is simply, shockingly gone. 199 more words


school, life, & death.

“but you always have your life to get back to.”

College, and less similarly work, are convenient ways to slip back into everyday life and routine after almost any event. 158 more words



He was a civil engineer; his house overlooked the entire city. Bears would come down and ruin his hedge.

“we had everything.”

“now my life is nothing. 242 more words


been a while...

it’s been a while, hasn’t it? well, everything has been pretty okay. intense bullying intensified and their ¬†actions grow stronger. it’s weird. they said they wanted to punch me in the face, while faking punches at me. 103 more words


actions at 1 in the morning 

I think I’m going crazy. Just about 15 mins ago, I found myself standing up and away from my organic chemistry, and i went crazy thinking about how quiet the house was and still is. 587 more words

Sad Stuff


How often do single 30 something’s question the value of their worth? It must go hand in hand; how long you’ve been alone and the conviction of your sole soul. 273 more words