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before I forget-7

I’m getting more and more afraid about losing memories with ahgong.

These days all I don’t want to forget is the distant past, especially when so many people are gone. 1,074 more words

Sad Stuff

And Finally This

I’m thinking that I might just delay New Years. Just for a couple days, until I can have a night off. So then I could have a drink or two without immediately falling asleep. 243 more words

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before i forget- 6 night version

it’s night, that’s why this post is titled night. but it’s also titled night because I feel that at night is when I feel that my heart beats the slowest, making me feel like I’m the least stressed. 226 more words


Really?... Really?

Well great.

Perhaps my recent lack of motivation for writing also has something to do with the growing body-count of 2016 and my inability to deal with it. 167 more words

Current Events

December 2016

December 2016, 7 months without ahgong. I just went to taiwan and bought my first puzzle with the same thoughts but a different reality now. The thought that me and my grandfather could piece it together. 471 more words

Sad Stuff

Yawning when writing about yawning, and other things I have no-one to tell. [day 10]

I wanted to make a post about writer things, because that thing in the title happened and I thought it was funny and wanted to share it with people. 375 more words

365 Days Of Blogging

Shifting Tide Lines

It has been a day of developments all over the place. From the supposed (and perhaps momentary) halt on the Dakota Access Pipeline, to the shock resignation of NZ’s Prime Minister, many of my left-wing friends have been memeing for joy all day. 503 more words