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Someplace Else

More progress on my assignment. Not as much as I’d hoped but…

It’s just so nice coming home from work when it’s still daylight. I can sit out on the deck, or at least with the windows open. 316 more words


The Hedgehog

So. Let’s get on with the topic I didn’t have time to explain yesterday.

My brain had been sparked when I’d read this article in The Guardian, which I will forewarn you is an excerpt from a book called… 2,341 more words

Might Be About Politics


It’s starting to feel like a really long time ago.

It was the middle of the night in New Zealand. I was rather rudely awoken by my boyfriend’s clock radio at a weird hour of the morning. 1,532 more words

Current Events

Mad World

My boss got mad at me today.

It was a small thing – just a discussion of a proposed room layout for an event. He wasn’t listening to me and thought I wasn’t listening to him. 945 more words


Where is He?

I had no idea it were to be this way. I thought One’s 30’s were a magical time when your shit comes together and you make the most of life every morning. 177 more words



Earthquake in Italy. Can’t really say much about it though, since I’m so tired that I feel sick and sore and can barely see straight. 218 more words


I remember the way

I remember the way we met 

I remember the way we fought

I remember the way we had fun fighting

I remember the way we used to shout out loud… 363 more words

Sad Stuff