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It Hurts...

It hurts to be happy.

It hurts to smile.

It hurts to tell you I’m okay.

It hurts because I’m lying.

That happiness you see? 127 more words



How can I win the game 
When I have already been defeated 
How can I be saved 
When I don’t wanna be delivered

How can I be sure  58 more words



From my last entry…

“I think I may do this throughout the postseason for the Giants and their potential opponents. Hope this continues for a long while!” (after posting a gif of RuPaul telling the Mets last week to sashay away from the playoffs) 222 more words

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Autism in the Age of Social Media

I removed a friend on Facebook tonight.

This is a wholly insignificant event in the greater scheme of life, but I’ve only done it once before (and… 1,313 more words

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Someplace Else

More progress on my assignment. Not as much as I’d hoped but…

It’s just so nice coming home from work when it’s still daylight. I can sit out on the deck, or at least with the windows open. 316 more words


The Hedgehog

So. Let’s get on with the topic I didn’t have time to explain yesterday.

My brain had been sparked when I’d read this article in The Guardian, which I will forewarn you is an excerpt from a book called… 2,341 more words

Might Be About Politics


It’s starting to feel like a really long time ago.

It was the middle of the night in New Zealand. I was rather rudely awoken by my boyfriend’s clock radio at a weird hour of the morning. 1,532 more words

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