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Where is He?

I had no idea it were to be this way. I thought One’s 30’s were a magical time when your shit comes together and you make the most of life every morning. 177 more words



Earthquake in Italy. Can’t really say much about it though, since I’m so tired that I feel sick and sore and can barely see straight. 218 more words


I remember the way

I remember the way we met 

I remember the way we fought

I remember the way we had fun fighting

I remember the way we used to shout out loud… 363 more words

Sad Stuff


When your husband works in a different country, everyone’s first response is: “I don’t know how you do it.” Well, I don’t know either. It’s crap, I can tell you that much. 498 more words

Sad Stuff

No Rain

It’s been one of those days where you’ve barely exercised but still just feel knocked around by life.

We’ve been trying to sort out some way to get our mortgage moving forward again. 212 more words

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Law and (Narcissistic Personality Dis)Order

It started last night. There was a headache and my throat was a bit sore at dinner. By the time we got home after the movie, my sinuses were burning. 998 more words

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Manson in Many Forms

I have harped on a little too much recently about politics and the psychology of fear. I’m sure that someone noticed, after I spent two days saying that there really isn’t much to be scared about, the next loony in line went and shot up a McDonalds in Germany. 388 more words

Current Events