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I fall in and out of love faster than you can say commitment issues

I want all my relationships
to be like the beginnings of relationships.
Constant kissing and hugging,
smiling at each other whenever
we cross paths,
holding hands while walking to places… 180 more words


My verse is just sentences

I’m really worried that if I was presented the choice
of receiving a million hershey’s kisses
or a million real kisses,
I would choose the latter. 158 more words


To My Next Lover

I’m sorry that I’ll do that thing
where I move my mouth
and the wrong words come out.

I hope you have a nice face… 203 more words


The Tap on my Shoulder

My favorite inspirational author is Max Lucado.  I have a shelf full of “Max books” and I have read them each multiple times.  His writings somehow resonate with me at the intersection of who I am and who I should be.  200 more words


Two Souls

I wrote the post on Father David Richter early Sunday morning, almost immediately upon hearing of his sudden and unexpected death, a death which came only three days after the passing of his own mother. 728 more words


Father Dave

He was my first office-job boss. He confirmed me. He heard my first confession. He married me and Dom. He baptized our first child. He… 400 more words