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Shifting Tide Lines

It has been a day of developments all over the place. From the supposed (and perhaps momentary) halt on the Dakota Access Pipeline, to the shock resignation of NZ’s Prime Minister, many of my left-wing friends have been memeing for joy all day. 503 more words


The Last Yellow Hibiscus

It’s a day late for Thanksgiving, but I want to just take a moment to appreciate how beautiful this flower is.

Yes, after buying another hibiscus (labelled as yellow) which bloomed a vivid, fiery orange, I went to another store and bought the yellow one I’d always intended to get. 276 more words



And then Leonard Cohen died…

I’ve been having very vivid dreams lately. You know, the kind where you wake up in a sweat in the middle of the night and for a minute everything you just experienced was absolutely real, but then that moment passes and you suddenly can’t remember any of it and you realize you’re just in bed and none of it really happened at all… I’m waiting for 2016 to be one of those dreams. 28 more words


Conversations with white men

Whenever I was home over the past week, I’ve been watching South Park DVDs. It has been keeping me sane.

I also spent a while on Facebook yesterday, trying rather impotently to console a friend of mine in Colorado. 430 more words

Current Events

Same Ol Sighs

Sigh. What can I say to ease the burdens of my heart? What can I tell myself to let go of the pain? “It won’t be like this forever. 190 more words


It Hurts...

It hurts to be happy.

It hurts to smile.

It hurts to tell you I’m okay.

It hurts because I’m lying.

That happiness you see? 127 more words



How can I win the game 
When I have already been defeated 
How can I be saved 
When I don’t wanna be delivered

How can I be sure  58 more words