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Things that broke today:

– the underwire in my last remaining bra
– my car
– my streak of not crying in front of my family
– my willpower to not drink on weeknights

Sad stuff in entertainment (obviously spoilers WARNING)

This will come off as a rant, but I felt that this was a good place to put it. Maybe I am a glutton for sad scenes in movies, video games, comics, or books. 1,562 more words


A Little Rain

Today’s post isn’t nerdy or fun, or cupcake-y.  This post is just sad.  My grandpa passed away on Sunday and I’m still trying to wrap my head around it. 215 more words

Sad Stuff

Grey and Gloomy

He ate paint chips for dinner that night. The dirt beneath his fingernails added an extra bit of taste but his stomach still rumbled around the lead. 115 more words



it’s funny how we say something, and we don’t think it matters, but for the people we say it to, sometimes it becomes all they can think about, yet we still don’t choose our words half as carefully as we should.

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Bleeding Melancholy

Dynamics of an Earthquake

Finally I have enough Internet to access the blog and do some updates. I’ve been unsure how to really talk about the earthquake here. I’ve already fielded countless questions on the destruction of the situation, but there if you just want to hear about decimation and death you can just turn on the TV. 533 more words