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been a while...

it’s been a while, hasn’t it? well, everything has been pretty okay. intense bullying intensified and their  actions grow stronger. it’s weird. they said they wanted to punch me in the face, while faking punches at me. 103 more words


actions at 1 in the morning 

I think I’m going crazy. Just about 15 mins ago, I found myself standing up and away from my organic chemistry, and i went crazy thinking about how quiet the house was and still is. 587 more words

Sad Stuff


How often do single 30 something’s question the value of their worth? It must go hand in hand; how long you’ve been alone and the conviction of your sole soul. 273 more words



What is the hope for a writer that can’t write?

                                     a giant that can’t fight ?

                                    a lion that can’t bite?

How does he battle the demons on the page… 81 more words


before I forget 8-hue's house day + cart's house day + christian frustration day 

ok so basically this was a last minute outing (house visiting) planned by hue sa and cart when I was out at NUS!! and I’ve actually never really had time for myself with my friends before on a Saturday because I had to be with my Aunty or my Mother, and I feel happy but kind of guilty about not spending time with my family. 4,114 more words

Sad Stuff

before I forget-7

I’m getting more and more afraid about losing memories with ahgong.

These days all I don’t want to forget is the distant past, especially when so many people are gone. 1,074 more words

Sad Stuff

And Finally This

I’m thinking that I might just delay New Years. Just for a couple days, until I can have a night off. So then I could have a drink or two without immediately falling asleep. 243 more words

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