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'the bleak December'

Ah, distinctly, I rememeber

I’ve a friend who describes this time of year as liminal.

We’re both the superstitious sort, but there’s truth to the matter. 170 more words


before i forget - fishies

Recently, we had a tragedy in our home, akin to the one last year, death. Thank god its not my grandmother, but also I do not thank god that its 2 of my fishes. 801 more words

Rubbish Writing From My Head

Dear Kronos, I am not fooled 

Dear Kronos, I’m not fooled.

You see I’ve been here so many times that I know your M. O. Trust me. But this time, you overdid yourself. 271 more words


Empty (Part 3) - Heavy Dirty Soul 

I feel empty but my soul’s heavy
Imprisoned with no one to pay my soul’s levy
I tried to push my problems up a vertical slope… 227 more words


For the Love of Country

For the love of country music, for the wounded, the grieving, and the taken…

I awoke from an unsettling dream in the middle of the night and rolled over in my bed, shoving my feet underneath Mabel for warmth and, admittedly, security. 846 more words


For the Bitches

I had a conversation with my cousin who’s a few years younger than me earlier today. We were discussing my lifestyle and life choices when he made a comment that, at first, infuriated me so much that I almost hung up on him. 751 more words

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