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Dear You.

Dear you,
You taught me that nobody cares until you’re dying or are already dead. You made me realise that human affection has boiled down to caring only when someone’s days are numbered or when the life has been knocked out of someone. 448 more words

A faded star

Ventilation bursts my shout outside the hole

the frontal lobe of pain puts the pain on

the clamour  my dark pink lipstick

the soil declining to wake me up

Tug of war. 80 more words

Addict (June 2017)

The toxins run through your veins
As you cry out to the porcelain in your
You can’t get through the day
Without calling me. 82 more words


Toxins (June 2017)

The darkness comes out to play
And she says there’s no better way
Than to spend the day
With my head spinning this way.
Come to me, 55 more words


It's getting worse

What the hell happened to me yesterday, Iv been fine….until yesterday.
I came home in a complete state, like Iv never felt before I’m so lost it’s unbelievable still I can’t stop this feeling I have tried everything possible to man. 504 more words

Thoughts (June 2017)

This house is a prison.
I sit in the dark and wait for them to
Come to me through the shadows.
They whisper in my ear, 87 more words


Everyone is possible for being somebody’s Hero!

Setiap orang memiliki potensi menjadi pahlawan untuk orang lain. Entah ia seorang pejuang di bidang pendidikan atau militer, seorang ayah atau ibu maupun mereka yang karya-karyanya menginspirasi.

538 more words