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What if?

As I lie in bed listening to music, I wonder……what if?

What if I finished high school?

What if my father never died when I was 16? 34 more words



In the quiet of night
I think the most
Of days that passed
Of what didn’t last
Of regrets never spoken
In the morning
I wake up mourning… 33 more words



If good things never last, why is death forever?

Heartbeat – Part 8

Title                 : Heartbeat – Part 8
Rating             : 15
Cast                 : Cho Kyuhyun, Song Hye Mi
Support cast   : *other
Genre              : AU, Complicated, Sad… 5,928 more words

Super Junior


Have you ever eagerly awaited something’s arrival?  Something like a package, a letter, or maybe a text from a friend? So have I. It gets really boring after a while. 206 more words



I heard no roar.

I still wonder why I lived when so many others died am I not good enough to die but I guess it’s not my time…. 93 more words

Ride on to Death

“Here we are again…”

“Yeah…” Chuck turned around, his hand in the air. An exasperated sigh crawled from his throat, his eyes shifting left to right. 574 more words