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Are You Ready, Mother?

What if I was made of a different color?

Or if I did drugs, got drunk and wore a collar?

Only… I do wear one. 201 more words

Marshmallows and memories

A bonfire near the cabin by the shore
Under the twinkling canopy of faint stars
I warm my hands with the flames
and my heart with your memories. 96 more words


I know I'm a disaster but I swear I'm doing my best.

Not being able to please everyone after doing my best does not make me a bad person. Going out with my friends after a long stressful week does not make me a bad person. 234 more words


Uneasy Mind

So cool my breath,

calm and slow

a herald to my woe

that’s alreay there.

I can see it crystal clear

even if I smile. 65 more words


I can have the Rain.

You got happy rain. Now you get sad rain. This was sort of inspired by too much Wicked and Hamilton and Doctor Who.

You know happy endings are so neat and sweet; 344 more words

It is okay to be a scrooge. 

I am very wary about offering self help, there is no one way (despite what insta-inspo posts would have us believe) so while bits of this make sense to me, I am in no way a psychologist or a therapist and understand that for those of us who are being fucking champs while dealing with mental health problems, it is never as simple as going gym or taking a bath. 544 more words



Something is just not right.

I know this because I sat here yesterday after cleaning my house, listening to country songs about great loves and happy endings. 595 more words