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Introduction of SDXIII

I always have this strange feeling that someday I will lose all my memories, and never be able to tell my story. Nobody will ever truly know what I’ve been through, and I love to write but I don’t know if anyone will read it. 90 more words



there’s a deep hole inside me.

i travel down it sometimes

when i’m feeling dark.

this hole takes me away

from the realities of up there. 51 more words

i just feel like writing something

i moved to north carolina a couple of months ago. it feels like forever ago that i made the decision to leave nevada for sunny los angeles to pursue my dreams like every other bright-eyed, wander-lusting individual. 1,112 more words

We lay in bed wide awake, hoping for a sign that we had a chance. Or at least that’s what your eyes said, at a glance. 178 more words



The only time I feel satisfied with my writing is when I’m in a state of apathy. When I have nothing to say or express. To find words suiting my insides at this moment would be like trying to imagine a color I’ve never seen. 171 more words


I can draw your room by memory. My hands can still follow your body. Each beauty spot, tan line and curve was worshiped by my own hand. 138 more words


Last night I laid in bed listening to the rain fall. The verbatim of the drops on my window sounded like a knocking, asking me to come outside to enjoy the view of the fire being let up by the storm. 77 more words