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I don't know how to feel...

…I’m a little shocked that anyone would list a property with these photos. I’m a little scared that I am looking at the scene of some weird “locked-in-the-basement” scenario. 51 more words

Home Staging

Flash fiction: Alone in bed

He sighed. It was beautiful while it lasted. They had fun – they laughed together, they ate together, they slept together. They celebrated the little things they were able to enjoy together for the time being, always knowing that soon it will be over again. 51 more words


[121] Pursuit of Stillness

So focused on where I’m going
I forget where I am
Loneliness masked as solitude
Caught in a corrupt mind’s reverence
The evil masked as aspiration… 80 more words



Looking out over the hill.

perched in a high branch

of the oak in the back field.

The eerie silence, its new.

I watch the birds fly over… 25 more words


What am I to you?

Human beings are not the greatest beings on earth. We might be clever, and more dominant than other living creatures out there. But we are the most selfish one. 752 more words

I Fell In Love With You...

So deeply I fell.

You were the one that I longed for good morning messages from. A simple “hey, what’s up?” would bring the brightest smile to my face. 612 more words