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The Transition From Happy to Sad to Happy Again

I think a big part of growing up and getting older is noticing various changes in your personality. I think that there came a point in my life when I decided that staying alive trumped my need to be happy. 566 more words


Don't Care

Sorry, I got late this time for a new post…

anyways, here we go…

All I want to say is stop caring. Everybody in the world has stopped doing so. 180 more words



A scene that very strongly resonates with me is the one from the movie, “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”. After he has gone on this long adventure, he reaches a place where even his guides say they cannot continue on further. 75 more words


No Exceptions: Depression Does Not Discriminate

I’ve been on Netflix for the last half an hour looking for something to entertain me. My mind feels a bit fuzzy and I’m genuinely bored with nothing to do tonight. 837 more words


Crying without any tears

I’m covering my face with my hair, I’m shutting my eyes and taking the picture, I want you to see me but what if you see what my face has to reveal? 149 more words


An Excerpt

part of march but this is all i have now

I was drunk and you laughed because you could tell. I wanted to scream and yell and hit you. 146 more words


Right way of living through 🌶 vegetarian diet 🌽

Ingredients :Wheat noodles, few properly washed and blanched spinach leaves, carrot 🥕 one whole,some green beans washed and finally little grated ginger and some water 💦 for spices,little salt, and if you like spicy 🌶 one chilli finely chopped and one spoon sesame oil .put water in a pan for boiling all the vegetables along with ginger and add all the spices too when the vegetables are tender enough to eat add blanched noodles inside the vegetables, simmer for few seconds, on top sprinkle sesame oil and serve hot and enjoy. 72 more words