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Every Step

But Death, he makes his presence known

With every step I take alone

He haunts me in shadows of the night

He haunts me in fluorescent lights… 93 more words


That One Time a Homophobe Came to Our GSA

I’ve only ever missed a GSA meeting once. This afternoon was not that once.

I’m a straight ally and I have been ever since my best friend came out in seventh grade. 1,929 more words


I'm Just a Girl to Him

Do you feel as deeply

as I do?

Do you know the heartbreak

you put me through?

I know I’m just a

girl to you… 27 more words

Darn it #2

When you’re excited for something then you realise you can’t because somehow shits going to go wrong for you as it always does.


I am a walking disaster, the worst of its kind.
The saddest happiest girl you will ever meet.
Let me show you a perspective on the world you struggle to look at it. 102 more words

Ruined but standing

I normally don’t talk about  problems on my blogs but this problem needs to be stated by me with my opinion. I am a 16 year old boy with good grades lots a friends and a bright future in front of me. 406 more words


And The Zombie Said

I am shattered
And I am tired
Of putting the pieces of me together
I don’t give a fuck anymore
I spit on what remains of the old me… 201 more words