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Why Me! 

It took four pinching years to confess,

The plight that he’d never once addressed.

Memories ushered his tears to a mess,

That slowly hugged his face and caressed. 115 more words

A strange you

You will choose me
Over and over
You will try getting far
But you will lose
You will come back to the same place.

You will try, 84 more words

My Mind

Too intense
These feelings
I tend to hide
All the regrets
Boiling inside
My mind
Needs healing
Hard to express
What I confined
I keep concealing… 28 more words


Shades Of Winter

“Sita!” He yelled at top of his voice. The voice resonated with doubled intensity from the mountain top upon which he stood. He screamed out her name again but the answer remained the same as before. 610 more words


Finding Love

You were too shallow
to bear the depth of my love
but someday I will find
the soul to hold
the enormous love
which my heart comprise… 53 more words


The TRIGGERED Thoughts of a Messed up Girl

I have to do FRICK-FRACKING psychological testing because I’m messed up and nobody knows what’s wrong. I never get angry at anybody. Maybe I just direct it at myself. 164 more words

Beautiful flower.

I sit in a chair in a deserted garden with the beautiful flowers everywhere.

It seems like only me who is there.

The weather is so cold. 104 more words