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What makes me feel better on a bad day?

Everyone had a bad day once in a while. Me too. Honestly I’m rather pessimistic person, which I would like to change, but it’s so hard… It’s like when everything flows, without obstacles, I’m positive and optimistic. 711 more words

And so this is Thanksgiving

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving—a day of giving thanks and appreciation for all of the blessings in our lives.

But it is also the beginning of the holiday… 628 more words


[102] The Tragedy of a Muse

I am the shadow of your gloomy nights
A nobody, a reflection of the dark
Just to hear your silent contemplation
of where you are & where you wanted to be… 113 more words


Santa Barbara je ležeran grad stvoren za guštanje

Kada pomislite na Santa Barbaru, što vam prvo pada na pamet? Trakavica od sapunice bez kraja, naravno, zbog koje sam osobno ovaj grad doživljavala kao apstraktnu pojavu u prostoru napućenu desecima Cruzova, Edeni i ostalih bogataša koji žive na jednom velikom ranču. 326 more words

Skitnje Po Svijetu

Poor baby.

So baby puked up his dinner last night and he seemed to have a terrible tummy ache. He cried super hard before each time he threw up and had these moments in between where he went completely silent and just snuggled up to me. 134 more words


11:55 PM

There are nights I want to disappear from everyone I know. I want to be brand new. I want to be another person altogether. My skeleton feels like it’s collapsing inwards, as if I am wearing my bones in front of the world instead of my thick skin. 103 more words