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The relationship by the numbers

We’d been together for five years and three months.

He is (was) my first boyfriend, which I know is strange when you’re 21 – to not have had a boyfriend before. 689 more words


Failure by Design

Some people are destined for greatness.

Some people are destined for failure.

Failure is a subject that most will not discuss. We are taught to think positive. 65 more words


day 2

hello to whoever, hope you’re doing good.

today has been so shit. i decided self care was the key to my new ways, new found happiness, and decided logging out of social media and losing all of my snap streaks would do me good. 203 more words


The Kindest Thing

I’ve been thinking all this time that letting go was just further punishment to add to losing you. But maybe letting go is actually the kindest thing I can do for myself right now. 203 more words



Why do we hide behind the word ‘fine’ or ‘okay’. Shake your head and smile.

Why must we hide such selves for something others would prefer to view? 53 more words

Why You Should Let It Rain

*****disclaimer**** If you are struggling with depression or any other mental illness please seek professional help. *****

Last night I had a dream about my grandfather, who passed away in February of this year. 353 more words


Pull Me In, Hold Me Tight, Don't Let Go / I Want To Step Into Your Great Unknown With You And Me Setting The Tone

So today I teared up when I went for a pedicure. All because the guy doing my toes took off his gloves near the end and touched my feet with bare hands. 260 more words