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Another work filled day (whilst sick) ...

All I want to do is sleep. That is all I’ve thought all day. I’ve been unwell for the pass few day and to be honest, I’m feeling worst today. 245 more words


A Monster Calls By Patrick Ness | An Unconventional (No Spoiler) Review...

Heyo Bookaholics!

Everyone can relate to this book in one way or another.

It has taken me years to get my hands on this book and I am so happy to have finally bought it and read it. 581 more words



Sometimes you try so hard not to sink, but it doesn’t matter, how much you try you keep sinking, like you can’t put your finger on what went wrong and everything’s just a mess. 131 more words

[168] We're Alone Together

our love is lost in the cold looks
and the silences
with rain unifying our sanity but
this day our vision lost its clarity… 151 more words



Can we just be together?
Like forever?
Because I’m so tired
So tired of trying out things
that eventually will end up nothing…

How simply it is for us, 28 more words


Peeling Back, The Poem

I wrote of a life
Color painted with smiles,
A great story
Sugar coated with laughter,
Satisfied with a life I never lived
Hungry for the man I wanted to be. 77 more words


Topic Tuesday! 4 Books that made you cry

We’ve all been there right. Holding back the tears as our favourite characters go through an emotional ordeal, or wailing like a baby when one of them dies! 626 more words