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My senior year was getting ready to start back up so I wanted to do it big. I saw that T was going to raves, and shows and big events all the time and yeah, I missed the shit out of her, but I didn’t want to be the weirdo begging ex-boyfriend. 492 more words

Scarlet Leaf Review!

Hey guys!

The Scarlet Leaf Review posted FOUR of my poems! Go check those out here: Scarlet Leaf Review

You can also see all my previous publications here: Publication History

Perception vs. Perspective

When I made my first blog, everyday I would rush home from work and write down all my thoughts, experiences of the day, etc. I became obsessed and it became overbearing. 767 more words


A Hangover I DO Deserve

Alright. I’m sitting at my desk right now on the brink of actual death and I can’t help but think back on my actions and regret the hell out of them. 572 more words

Being such a burden.

I’ve always been ashamed of my emotions.

I was actually taught to be…

I remember one time,

when I was in elementary school,

and I first told my dad… 212 more words

Teddys and thare emoshuns

Just yike humens teddys have wots of emoshuns. We also show them diffwentwy.

When the Teddy is happy, I bounce awound. The more I bounce the happier I am. 68 more words

Teddy Bear