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I’ve been having crazy real dreams

Didn’t think much of them

Until I almost told someone my mom broke her wrist again

I had to take a second… 94 more words


If I Would Know Everything

I wish we could mend together,

Become one so I would never have,

To be without you.

So I could always know what you’re thinking, … 52 more words


shy away

Alfonso my friend, get out of the encrusted zone, …

..” its not just something you take its given.“..

..one day, she will make you happy.. 9 more words


What have I done

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Forget Me Not

Things that cure my anxiety and break my heart all at once:

It’s the sensation of brushing your hand with acrylic paint.

It’s the little fluffs of snow falling past your window in the dead of night. 182 more words

great & unique words.

Sidereal – of the distant stars.

Vertigo – a sensation of loss of balance.

Moonglade – the track of moonlight.

Anagapesis – no longer feeling affection for someone you loved. 309 more words


Monster Monday: The Cloverfield Paradox

The Cloverfield Paradox follows an international team who are sent into space with a powerful particle accelerator with hopes of ending a massive energy crisis on Earth. 377 more words