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Candlelit bath

Sometimes some alone time is really what you need.

I get stressed. I get anxious. Sometimes I even feel like I’m depressed. Typically I like to keep everything inside of me and not really share my feelings and emotions with the people I love. 319 more words


Why Me?

Kai Kim, Krystal Jung | Oneshot | Romance, Sad(?) |PG-15 | 5275words

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“Dont judge a book by its cover. Because someday the book will reveal its contents. 5,224 more words

FFAK Fanfiction

Ever get the feeling of not knowing how you feel? Well it’s even more complicated than it sounds. Sometimes we feel bored, unhappy, confused, without knowing the cause. 143 more words


My day was the usual, to say the least.

I went to the gym around 8:45AM to do some lifting. (110 vertical press!). I felt awesome while I was working out. 131 more words


That moment
When I force myself to realize
I only love the thought
Of you
And me


Where Do We Go From Here

After a full 12 hours of arguements, I have finally had enough. It all started because our horsebox isn’t going to be ready in time for Happy to move, petty I know but I am so close to the edge I cant cope with the slightest thing going wrong at the moment. 942 more words