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How do I don't!

How do i don’t love you,

When you are the one I look in crew.

Ready to bear all your anger,

And save you from every danger. 52 more words


What is it about opportunity that makes us jump with glee and tremble in fear? The juxtaposition of the contrasting feelings creating waves of adrenaline within us. 130 more words



I shake as emotion radiates through me like a car driving over train tracks,

I breathe and breathe, centering myself to find the source of these anxiety attacks. 80 more words

[133] Afraid Of Acting On My Dreams

Dreams of shooting stars
because I’m fearful of
acting on my own dreams
A trip to the mountains
A life out of time
created out of a vacuum… 206 more words


Grappling with Reality

I know that I said I’ve been in no place to write…and I don’t even feel much like doing so right now. I wouldn’t expect anything of real substance from me. 1,396 more words

Mental Health

Don't Depend

That word, that concept, that idea, love, is quite a trip wire.

It’s all well and good when you meet that one that gives you the cliched warm fuzzy feeling, sickeningly creating envy with your cute little ways everywhere you go, with your cute Instagram posts and your endearingly cute displays of affection. 841 more words

Tapestry – Ghost Of Me (2018)

Darwin based sadcore band Tapestry have the goods to not only make a name for themselves here in Australia but possibly even world wide. 458 more words