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Being Fabulous....


So as you guys might have heard I am full of cold, I haven’t been able to sleep for the past 4 days due to coughing so I am very very tired. 54 more words

Cuộc đời cũng có những khi phải thế. (1)

Có những khi chẳng muốn làm gì, chỉ nhìn trân trối vào màn đêm đen mịt mùng ngoài cửa sổ, lòng tôi lại dội về một cảm xúc khó tả. 138 more words


Haiku 2016.02.09

Cold air stings my face,
Sad skies provide no relief
Winter in suspension


Stinking sushi

Have been feeling a little shit lately. And 1 of the 2 things I was counting down to will be over in 7 hours, the other in less than 2 weeks. 242 more words


What does depression feel like?

I don’t think there is a universal depression experience. Some people are constantly weighed down by depression, others have spells of depression and a significant few have only battled it once… And won. 903 more words

nuggets lose heartbreaker

This isn’t a normal article, Denver lost over 6 hours ago and I’m still heartbroken. Joe Johnson couldn’t do anything all game and hasn’t been able to all season, chucked up an absolute prayer and it went in. 96 more words


Kissing Scene 3

I couldn’t help but look around in awe. The trees looked so beautiful as the light shimmered through the gaps in the leaves. It was April, and the flowers were in full bloom throughout the undergrowth of the forest. 1,558 more words