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So this is what an empty heart feels like?
Desolate and scared?
I lay on my bed and the
shadows of the night want to… 341 more words


Lighter in Perception

I usually paint very sad pictures as I usually like to invent very sad stories. It is not that I am a sad and depressive person. 191 more words



a face of scrubbed driftwood,

gray and worn, with

two dark carved knotches that pierces

through any white lie easier than

a silver embroidery needle to a birthday balloon. 75 more words


Mask over tears

The moist in her eyes,
Told a different story,
The grin on her lips-
A perfect disguise.
The sass in her walk,
As she strode the hallways; 102 more words


Vacuous Love: Bubble

I’ve mentioned that his sadness strongly affects me in my previous posts. It’s very worrying and frustrating that he never seems to be free of problems to deal with. 334 more words



Hi hi. I’m going to start off by telling you that I am REALLY sorry that I have not posted in a while. The reason behind this is last week we lost a dear family friend/neighbour that we have known for years. 76 more words