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I Keep Giving Up.

Dear readers, I’m not quite sure what’s wrong with me as a person, my life seems to be filled with people who don’t want to know me, who don’t care for me or like me…every time I really like someone, they never like me back, I know it’s a scenario as old as time itself but it’s every man, they like me for awhile and then they leave, maybe I’m going for normal guys when I should be going for alt/rock guys? 104 more words

Destination: Auschwitz concentration camp, Poland

While in Krakow during this past April vacation (more on it later), I made several day trips out of the city to nearby places, one of them including the Auschwitz concentration camp. 1,360 more words


love letter from a ghost

my body feels


because your eyes, they

look right through me.

nighttime shivers

you’re the only one that

lingers in my memory like

the ragged outlines of everything I

didn’t want to believe in and

at night I can feel my hands… 16 more words

When One Door Closes...

I’ve been having a very tough 2017 so far, and here I thought 2016 was a total dumpster fire. That being said, it isn’t all bad. 267 more words



Memory can be both a blessing and a curse. It can be wonderful when it allows us to relive celebrations with loved ones, or recall rights of passage and successful moments in our lives. 866 more words

wild tears

Tonight you held my head

when it was wet

with wild tears.

and you bathed the scars

and the wounds


with the blood of the night. 34 more words