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Monday Morning Morry

Everyone hates me. They laugh at me. As soon as I set foot on campus, the girls in the bus loop see me, cover their gloss-smudged lips with their hands, and giggle. 1,062 more words


'Minority' is a Dirty Word

I know it’s only midday, but I have to get this out there.

My uncle called me a minority the other day.  It made me feel like I was gross, like I was a ‘less than’.   1,756 more words

I Should Have Hugged You Tighter

Often times we think that people around us will stay. Yes, for some, but for others they won’t. The funny thing is that, those people that we want to be out of our lives are the ones staying, and the people that we want to stay are the ones leaving us, moving away, or simply the ones we can’t come near to. 274 more words

1:48 am

You were a force to be reckoned with- I will not argue with that.
Your walk did not own the world but it held the world captive under each step… 154 more words



Welcome to my journey into Essential Oils.

Just two weeks ago I attended a bracelet making event at my friend’s house.  It had to do with Essential Oils as well and, as an RN, I was curious about how oils worked and what they could be used for. 240 more words



There used to be a well,
Right here, With a story to tell.
It had some toads, some mosquitoes and a little E Coli smell. 147 more words



Hello guys and good friday to you all. Today is Friday the end of the work week and that makes me so happy. Although I just found out that i will be working Sunday ALL DAY LONG, but what can you do that’s life right. 253 more words