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New Beginnings - For A Ducktrinor Mom

In 2016, I want to focus on Children’s Literature. I’m eager to review and promote children’s books by Muslim Authors.

My main motivation? It’s my 16 month old son masha’Allah. 34 more words

Children's Book Reviews

Buy a Book and Donate to a Library


  • MECA (Masjid Al-Islam Educational Children’s Academy) Dallas, Texas (Age 7 to 17). Contact Sister Ke’Lona Hamilton on Facebook for address…
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By The Roman

Spending to Success

by Hadhrat Mawlānā Muhammad Saleem Dhorat hafizahullāh

Rasūlullāh sallallāhu ‘alayhi wasallam said:

Sadaqah does not decrease wealth. (Muslim)

We learn from this hadīth that no one will ever suffer financial loss due to spending in the path of Allāh ta’ālā.

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Shaykh Saleem Dhorat

The beautiful act called Sadaqah

A child learns his or her life’s first lessons at home and school.

At home, the child has his mom and dad and grandparents and other relatives. 291 more words


Charity and Sickness

In 1408, the newspaper Al-Muslimun (issue number 181, dated Dhul-Hijjah 8, 1408) related the following story: it is a real-life story whose hero is a Syrian doctor who was afflicted with cancer and who remedied it with charity. 363 more words

Virtues of supplying water as Sadaqah

Sa’ad Radiyallahu Anhu enquired from Rasoolullah SallalahuAlayhiWaSallam that as His mother was deceased, what type of Sadaqah would be best (for inviting Divine blessings for her soul?) Rasoolullah SallalahuAlayhiWaSallam replied that water was the best of all. 354 more words

Rhyme - Baa Baa Black Sheep

Baa baa black sheep,
Have u any wool?
Yes sir, yes sir,
Three bags full!
One for khums
And one for zakat
And one big bag just for sadaqah.