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Why is Sadaqah called Sadaqah?

Why is Sadaqah called Sadaqah?

Shaykh Uthaimin (May Allah have mercy on him) said:

‘Sadaqah is called sadaqah because it shows the sidq (sincerity) of one’s iman when he gives it. 78 more words


"The need of the servant in his supplications by which he seeks refuge [in Allaah], is more severe than his need for food, drink and clothes!"

Beautiful advice from Sheikh ‘Abdul ‘Azeez Ibn Baaz رحمه الله
It was said to the Sheikh, “O’ Sheikh, so and so has become misguided”.
Sheikh رحمه الله replied: 305 more words


Zakat al-Fitr: How significant and how much?


The significant role played by Zakah in the circulation of wealth within the Islamic society is also played by the Sadaqah al-Fitr. However, in the case of Sadaqah al-Fitr, each individual is required to calculate how much charity is due from himself and his dependents and go into the community in order to find those who deserve such charity. 557 more words


Zakat Al-Fitr: Its legality and purpose


Zakah al-Fitr is often referred to as Sadaqah al-Fitr. The word Fitr means the same as Iftar, breaking a fast and it comes from the same root word as… 385 more words


We are in the 10 Most Important Days of The Year


It’s 23 Ramadan. So, we are well into the final 10 days of this holy month. Hidden somewhere in these days is Lailatul Qadr, that magical night where your ibadahs on that night is worth ibadahs 1,000 months over. 181 more words

Tooting Sunday circle Ramadhan Fundraiser 2015: Rohingya Emergency Appeal

Tooting Sunday Circle has been doing an annual fundraiser for various charities since 2012.  The Prophet (saw) said “The best charity is that which is given in Ramadhan” (Tirmidhi) 763 more words

Tooting Sunday Circle

Daily Reflection: Once upon a time...

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Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, there lived a young couple. They were newly married and were trying to become better Muslims by studying more about Islām. 724 more words