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Garands in Jordanian Parade

Although not recent (Summer 2016), M1 Garands were plentiful at a parade put on by the Royal Jordanian Armed Forces in honor of King Abdullah II. 98 more words


Egyptian Aak 2017 - Week 9 (Feb 27-March 5)

Top Headlines

  • In a final ruling, Egyptian court acquits Mubarak over killing of protesters
  • Egypt’s parliament has expelled an MP who was an outspoken critic of the government’s human rights record…
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Gongs, Globes and Glory

Emma Stone is up for an Oscar for Best Actress as an award for her lacklustre performance in La La Land. She may well win it. 303 more words


A Visit to Sadat City

Sadat City is named after the former President of Egypt, Anwar Sadat, who started to build it 40 years ago and hoped that it would become the capital city of Egypt. 373 more words

39-Guurada Socdaalkii Anwar Al-Sadaat Kaga Degay Caasimadda Yuhuuda Ee Tel-Aviv

Sagaal iyo soddon sanadood ayaa ka soo wareegay socdaalkii lama filaanka ahaa ee Madaxweynihii hore ee dalka Masar Maxamed Anwar Al-Sadat uu kaga degay, caasimadda Yuhuuda ee Tel-Aviv, 503 more words

Warar Iyo Dhacdooyin

How Kissinger Won the Middle East for America until now - by Uri Avnery

Exactly 43 years ago, at this exact moment, the sirens sounded.
We were sitting in the living room, looking out on one of Tel Aviv’s main streets. 1,704 more words

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