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Ever Wondered what kind of Pressure and Balance you have in the Saddle? Try the Pliance Saddle System!

I was fortunate enough to get a chance to ride Flash with a Pliance saddle mat at a test demonstration at Wilson College. The mat measures harmful pressure points that arise from poor saddle fit also gait symmetry of the horse and the pressure distribution under the saddle during dynamic movement.   312 more words


Take This Quick Self-Quiz About How You Dress to Ride Your Best

There is a common analogy that compares a horse wearing a tight noseband or girth, or a poorly fitting saddle, to a person wearing a pair of shoes that are too small—perhaps trying to walk all day or dance all night in them. 745 more words


The Silver Lining

Sometimes things happen and we don’t understand why.  We cry, we rage, we feel frustration and wonder, “Why did this happen to me? What did I do to deserve this?”  We try to come up with reasons, we justify.  462 more words

Everything is in Blossom

Crabapple blossoms in a spring rain above.

Below, lilacs in bloom, creating a crown over the old milk house.

May is morel mushroom time and my husband enjoys the “hunt.” 223 more words

Aggravated Easter Egg

Poke, don’t provoke, or it shall explode.

This was in the previous saddle, where she’d be a bit sensitive at the start of each session, no matter how gentle.  195 more words


finding the right balance

I’ve gone through a slew of saddles in the past few years, and my amazement never ceases each time I have a breakthrough in my riding that has nothing to do with my riding or how much I practice, but with a simple change in equipment.   779 more words

Horse Life

Saddle fit is dynamic and changes as speed increases

A new study conducted by researchers at the University of Zürich and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences confirmed that saddle fit is dynamic and influenced by even modest increases in speed within a gait. 286 more words