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finding the right balance

I’ve gone through a slew of saddles in the past few years, and my amazement never ceases each time I have a breakthrough in my riding that has nothing to do with my riding or how much I practice, but with a simple change in equipment.   779 more words


Saddle fit is dynamic and changes as speed increases

A new study conducted by researchers at the University of Zürich and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences confirmed that saddle fit is dynamic and influenced by even modest increases in speed within a gait. 286 more words


The Saddle Saga

I’m not as tack obsessed as some people really. I don’t like change, I much prefer to find something that works and then love it forever. 1,142 more words

Titles and Roles

I’m on to a new project.

I can’t sit still long.

I’m easily bored and love learning and meeting new challenges.

I’m not sure I’m taken seriously in all my roles or all the areas I have “titles” and “credentials.” 211 more words

Saddle Shopping is not Always a Mind-boggling Chore, Part II

My new-to-me saddle arrived safely and I was able to try it out over the weekend. But first, take a look at how dry it was. 392 more words


the right tack

It’s both frustrating and enlightening how big a difference a saddle can make in the way your horse goes.  The first dressage saddle I bought was a PA Spirig, and well, it served the purpose even if it did put me in a horrible chair seat.  381 more words


Joy, and Pain

We had our first lesson at the new barn with Christy last night. I’ve ridden Derby exactly once in the last two weeks, and prior to that, we had time off over the holidays, so I really wasn’t sure what we’d be able to do for her.   513 more words

Dressage Lessons