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A Saddle Fit for a Para Dressage Queen

I was recently the recipient of a very special gift! Schleese Saddlery company gave away 30 saddles this year for their 30th Anniversary. I was the recipient of one of their fabulous Schleese Infinity saddles. 1,100 more words

Book Review: Suffering in Silence

Suffering in Silence by Jochen Schleese

c 2012 Trafalgar Square North Pomfret, VT, 187 pages

ISBN 978-1570766534

I first read an excerpt of Jochen Schleese’s book, … 728 more words


Saddle Fitting is Evolving

There is so much going on in the world of saddle fitting that it’s overwhelming. We get people calling us in total frustration – trying to get a saddle to fit their horse. 435 more words

Product Information

saddle fit part two

Murray and I had our second saddle fit appointment this weekend.  After a couple of emails back and forth with Robyn, wherein she asked a bit about my budget and purchase timeline desires (free/asap ideal, but less than $1200/this month will do), she shoved* a bunch of saddles for us into the car and met me first on a day full of appointments in the area. 861 more words

Saddle Fit

oh honey, that does not fit

Last Friday I had Robyn Dorius, certified saddle fitter at Advanced Equine Saddle Fit, out to check on Murray (along with a few of the other horses at the barn).   1,100 more words


more meltdown musings

I just cannot get over the alliterative potential.

To round out the week and make it absolutely all about Murray’s Monday Meltdown (MMM was a radio station in Adelaide when I was a child, but if I recall correctly it was nowhere near as cool as its competitor station, JJJ), I have some additional thoughts on the event brought on by discussions with some very thoughtful and kind friends/observers. 675 more words


Tack on a win.

I spent most of Sunday feeling pretty down. Feeling stalled out and stuck is zero fun! I’m sure lots of other horsey folk who have experienced having injury, pregnancy, lack of money, you name it keeping you out of the saddle can relate. 497 more words

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