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Saddle Bartering

So. I found this thing that I want. Do I need it…not really…or not yet…but it is a good deal.

This thing is an 18″ Otto Shumaucher dressage saddle. 698 more words

Horse Showing

To Tree or Not to Tree? - That is the Question.

There are so many saddles in this world, where does one begin? Saddle trees were traditionally made of wood, which is why it’s called a tree. 783 more words

Product Information

Hot or Not: Bua Saddles

Have you guys heard about Bua Saddles?  Yeah, me neither.  An article about them popped up on my Facebook feed on Sunday night and I popped on over to the page to check out these brightly colored, flashy, odd looking things. 779 more words

Saddle Fit

too smart by half

Thanks, everyone, for your thoughts and well-wishes last week.  I am happy to report that the Wragg fire is contained and mandatory evacuations have ended, and all our bonus-ponies get to return home!  1,268 more words

Baby Horse

How often do you get your saddles fitted?

I was talking to someone once who complained that her horse’s back was sore. I asked if she had a saddle fitter look at it. Her response? 593 more words


Ever Wondered what kind of Pressure and Balance you have in the Saddle? Try the Pliance Saddle System!

I was fortunate enough to get a chance to ride Flash with a Pliance saddle mat at a test demonstration at Wilson College. The mat measures harmful pressure points that arise from poor saddle fit also gait symmetry of the horse and the pressure distribution under the saddle during dynamic movement.   312 more words


Take This Quick Self-Quiz About How You Dress to Ride Your Best

There is a common analogy that compares a horse wearing a tight noseband or girth, or a poorly fitting saddle, to a person wearing a pair of shoes that are too small—perhaps trying to walk all day or dance all night in them. 745 more words