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One saddle, two horses

I’ve always discounted people who said that their saddle fits “every horse” they put it on. And with two horses that look completely different in almost every way, it never occurred to me that the same saddle that fits Zelda could possibly fit Freedom. 86 more words


Fitting a saddle to the asymmetrical horse

I knew there was something wrong. I was crooked. I had to keep stepping hard in my left stirrup to stay even. It was particularly noticeable jumping. 426 more words


Why use Saddle Pad Inserts? Which Inserts are Right For Your Horse?

The choice of saddles pads is diverse enough to make your head spin. Saddle pad design and function with inserts is a specialty all its own. 559 more words

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October Action Rider of the Month - Cassandra Olds

Action Rider Cassandra Olds is such a great treeless saddle success story, we had to share it. Read on.

“I had always read about horses with behavioral issues that were as a result of poor fitting tack but I just assumed it was an all or nothing deal. 401 more words

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Saddle Bartering

So. I found this thing that I want. Do I need it…not really…or not yet…but it is a good deal.

This thing is an 18″ Otto Shumaucher dressage saddle. 698 more words

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To Tree or Not to Tree? - That is the Question.

There are so many saddles in this world, where does one begin? Saddle trees were traditionally made of wood, which is why it’s called a tree. 783 more words

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Hot or Not: Bua Saddles

Have you guys heard about Bua Saddles?  Yeah, me neither.  An article about them popped up on my Facebook feed on Sunday night and I popped on over to the page to check out these brightly colored, flashy, odd looking things. 779 more words

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