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The Saddle Struggle

…Is real. Is there anyone out there that doesn’t have a saddle struggle story??

My saddle drama has stretched on for several years…Basically the whole time I’ve owned Clay. 1,006 more words

Tack & Supplies

What I really want.

Monday, January 29, 2018

I’m at an odd sort of place where I could share a million little details of every barn visit… but then at the end I almost have nothing at all specific to say. 2,368 more words

Better Saddle Fit - Wider Saddle, Shorter Saddle, Or No Half Pad

Without eyes on the ground very often, pictures can really help, with a lot of things!

Every time there’s some new shots I look, wishfully, for any small sign that she’s working more loose, more supple, more bettah’ than last time. 337 more words


Saddle Search - Part 2

~*News Update* The SD fires are no where near where Scarlet is Stables (as of 8:30 on the 7th). They are about 40 miles north of where I live but are moving toward the coast with minimal southward progress. 964 more words

My kingdom for a ... saddle!

Just over a year ago I was pining for a horse to ride.  The result of my subsequent search was the entry of Roxie into our family.  1,179 more words

My Journey

What can I say?

Friday, September 1, 2017

I haven't written recently not because my mind is blank or because I haven't been active with my horses.

I just don't know what exactly to say. 1,731 more words

xc schooling: just keep learning

I spent last week in San Diego for a wedding (+ friend & blogger adventures) this week, which is why the long, pensive silences and deep sighs.   1,154 more words