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Awakening, Kundalini and Purity of Heart

Question: What is Shaktipaat? Can a master awaken his disciples?

Answer: Shaktipaat literally means falling(paat) of energy(shakti)–it gives a sense that power is falling from a higher plane to a lower one. 805 more words


Sadhana: meditation and breathing practices

Question: So breathing exercises generate energy and meditation is also about generating and saving energy to increase awareness.. both seem to be doing the same job — increasing awareness, isn’t it?  434 more words


Spark a Flame, Light a Fire

It’s been 5 years since I’ve felt a spark of passion; today I am inflamed…So much so that I can spit fire.

Its been 5 years since I’ve seen this clearly: I can’t mask how small I’ve been living, drifting in the shadows. 188 more words

Holy Yoga

Tantra 101 — Part 1: Embodiment

The body is the first temple of worship. Even when we carry the body to a temple, we must engage with that temple through the body. 539 more words

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In interview with... Indu Arora, author and Ayurveda-Yoga therapist !

Indu Arora is an international Ayurveda-Yoga Therapist and Master Teacher. She is the author of “Yoga-Ancient Heritage Tomorrows Vision” and “Mudra-The Sacred Secret”. Indu Arora speaks from her soul, a place of love, experience, and dedication to something that has been a part of her life since ever. 2,670 more words


Spiritual Diary: 6 months Recap

I promised to report on the outcome of keeping a Spiritual Diary and now the time has come to revisit this topic (see my post: … 1,084 more words

Yogic Lifestyle

Daily Dose of SelfCare

Some tips for adapting selfloving healthy habits

Often when we feel tired, stressed and down our habits reflect and enhance those emotions. We tend to grab that bag of chips or an otherwise sugarfilled snack or drink. 482 more words