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Juniper Berries

Juniper berries. I continue practicing this lesson from every fruit-bearing tree, which is to selflessly offer the fruits of my labor without hoping to receive anything in return. 81 more words


Finding sādhanā in a cup a tea

Boil water, open tea bag, fill cup with water, steep tea bag, drink. In this process, I found sādhanā.

Sādhanā, in it’s most simplistic definition is any action done in pursuit of a goal. 296 more words


What gives?

A friend of mine asked me recently how my classes are going. I didn’t know what to say — they just are. I show up and do my best, my students show up and do their best. 553 more words


Drumming is Sacred

I come from a musical family.
I trained in piano for 13 years.
I also studied clarinet in Junior high, and high school.
And I always loved drumming. 171 more words


Pinpricks of Life

To train ourselves to endure weekly the little pinpricks of life with magnanimous joy heat and cold, pain and pleasure, success and failure is itself the highest Sadhana.

Swami Chinamayananda


Mystics Musings – Realm of the Mystic Series - Sadhguru on Intoxication and Awareness

Seeker: After doing the mandala(48 days) kriyas, I feel something within me is stirred up and turning me upside down…

Sadhguru: These kriyas act upon the pineal gland in such a way that your present level of experience dissolves, and you move into a completely different dimension. 1,544 more words

Mystics Musings

Returning to a Yoga Asana Practice

For most of this past year my yoga Asana practice has been on hiatus due to a very challenging pregnancy and traumatic labor that led to an emergency c-section. 188 more words