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Sādhana in Sanskrit literally translates to, “A means of accomplishing something.” It is the term given to basically any spiritual exercise, physical or otherwise. Sādhana can be your asana practice, your meditation practice, your dialogues with colleagues, your spiritual writings, prayers, trance work, dancing, whatever you want it to be. 1,109 more words


Power of imagination in Sādhana

Sri Rāmakrishna continually conversed with the Divine Mother. To him, she was a living entity. He saw her, spoke to her just as a child speaks with its mother, had childish fights with her even! 3,668 more words

The fake love letter that changed many lives

Prem Patra (1962)  is a movie produced and directed by the legendary film director Bimal Roy. This beautiful movie is an emotional drama containing many twists and keeps the viewer engrossed for more than two and a half hours. 724 more words

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This morning I was up early (with my one year old) devoting some time to my sadhana, or my own personal spiritual practice. I was working my way through a warrior sequence when, as I reached my fingertips up and arched my back into the Warrior 1 posture, I caught myself doing something troublesome – holding my breath. 278 more words

Trauma Informed Yoga

The Longing of My Being

Today we enter our 21 Day Tara Sadhana. I’ve felt the container building for some time, knowing the moment I would take my seat willingly was approaching. 263 more words


Why Does Everything Have To Be So Hard?

Over the last several weeks I have been asking myself this question a lot.  But it is the wrong question.

By way of background, in the last few months I have had major cervical spine injury confined to my house for six weeks in a hard collar and am now less confined but still in a soft collar with lots of limitations.   941 more words

One flower, two gardeners

Till the beginning of the decade of seventies, abortion was illegal in India and therefore, the trouble of pregnancy without marriage was ticklish to handle. Naive and innocent girls falling in love with guys and then surrendering physically to them out of sheer love in their hearts and visualizing themselves to be their brides in future, suffered like anything in that era. 1,034 more words

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