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Making a Killing

There is no doubt, every American should watch this movie. Not only is it informative but can be life saving. It’s frustrating to see that every emotional problem has been reduced to a label. 212 more words


40 Day Sadhana - Week 6 Universal Prayer Meditation

CONGRATULATIONS! This is the last week of our 40 day practice. And a very special one at that.

This week we link the microcosm and the macrocosm, realizing that the only separation between this body and the world is one that we create in our own minds. 164 more words

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My Way is to Make Honey of Existance

In our circles we talk about the nectar, the sweet honey of the practice. When something is especially good we call it juicy, ripe with flavor and meaning. 592 more words



Some insight into what it is like to engage in spiritual practice in the midst of all those other humans who populate our modern daily lives: 617 more words

The most important thing I do.

Chanting the viSNu sahasranAma is the most important of all my activities.

The most beautiful thing about me is my devotion. It is my strength. It is my protection from all the things that are said. 363 more words

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viSNu sahasranAmam: vEda swarAs

When I chant slowly with concentration I find myself adding vEda swarAs automatically. I also notice that I lose track of where I am in the chanting unless I have the book. 11 more words

Ancient Indians

40 Day Sadhana - Week 5 Healing & Gratitude Meditation

“Consciousness is an infinite and eternal field of intelligence. It is untouched by decay or decline and beyond want and need. It is perfect in every respect. 203 more words

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