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Ganesha names meanings

Shristikhanda 66.6-7 , Skandapurana.

The story behind the name surpakarna is described. According to which Agnidevata was cursed by a rich to get extinguished and lost, and so he became powerless, after a rigorous sadhana to Ganesha, he took pity on Agni’s plight and by gaining again brought agni back to life. So his name is surpakarna.


Now we will end this chapter by hearing about the end result of successful Yoga practice. 

Continued from “From Desire to Fulfillment” (verse 44):

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Ancient Mystical Writings

Gunas and Doshas

Despite a heavy few weeks at work, I have had a good few practice sessions at home. Perhaps that kept me going through some intense projects with a clear and sharp head. 648 more words


Graduation day!

I didn’t know whether I should go for a traditional foot-kissing routine with my teacher… It would have best shown how I felt. But he’s so not the guru type (fortunately :) ). 357 more words


Day 13 of #40DaySADHANA | Mantra for Self Respect : Manne kī gaṯ kahī na jāe.

Welcome to Day 13 of 40 Day SADHANA.

Mantra for Self Respect : Manne kī gaṯ kahī na jāe.

Language – Gurmukhi
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Silence the Mind from Ramana Maharshi, by Robert Adams

Silence the Mind from Ramana Maharshi, by Robert Adams

When your mind begins to think, STOP IT, CATCH IT, PUT AN END TO IT.

Many of you are still under the impression that you come to hear lectures, talks. 270 more words

Autumn 2016

Global warming and Non-Vegetarian food

We hear frequent natural calamities,  rising temperature, flooding all over the globe. The prime cause of this is the non-vegetarian diet.  Animals raised for slaughter and food need grazing grounds. 113 more words