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Why do hindus perform rituals ?

Rituals are very powerful tools. They are powerful techniques. Many people ask me, ‘You are enlightened. Why should you then perform rituals?’ I tell them, ‘Because I am enlightened, I am teaching people exactly why and how to perform rituals!’ Enlightened beings do not need any rituals for themselves. 430 more words


Entering married life post own molestation

Rape is the most heinous crime by which a rapist male crushes not just the body of the victimized female but also her soul. The patriarchal social set up in India as well as in several other parts of the world puts a premium on the chastity of a woman and therefore a raped woman is considered something like spoiled stuff and thus whether or not the culprit gets the punishment, the victim positively gets punished by the society and more so by herself through her own guilt-complex. 1,297 more words

Movie Review

The gems presented by Guru Dutt's deserving pupil

First of all, I sincerely thank my dear friend and esteemed reviewer and blogger Mazhar Nawaz for inspiring me to pen this review.

Rajbeer Singh Khosla, popularly known as Raj Khosla, learnt the directing skills by assisting the legendary filmmaker Guru Dutt but he did not copy the style of his guru, i.e., Guru Dutt who helped him in getting the break as an independent director through… 1,114 more words


Sadhana - 50 Greatest Heroines of Hindi Cinema 17/50


When sadhana entered the Industry, all the screen legends were still around. Meena Kumari, Nargis, Madhubala, Bina Rai, Nutan. Yet the era was drawing to a close. 250 more words

Updating my preferences (nothing about GDPR!)

“The greatest obstacle to the practice is one’s own prejudices
based on one’s own preferences”

हानमेषां क्लेशवदुक्तम् ॥२८॥

hānam-eṣāṁ kleśavad-uktam

PYS 4.28

I’m contemplating this sutra a lot recently; it’s the backdrop to my practice. 105 more words


Art and Yoga

I am an artist (and a writer) as well as a yoga teacher and it is not easy to manage these two occupations, not because of the activities involved but because of the contexts, circles, times and spaces in which they take place. 321 more words


3 stories of awakening: no path vs sudden path vs gradual paths to enlightenment

Here are 3 stories for you:

Story 1

One morning God wakes up. She realises, non-verbally, intuitively, that she is whole-complete and lives happily ever after. 400 more words