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Come One Come All 😀

It’s funny that all these years that I have had an apartment, hardly anyone came to visit me, but now that I have decided to roam free, everyone wants to come visit..lol! 34 more words


How to Make Sādhana More "Natural"?

After studying the 14th chapter of Gita someone very feelingly asked, “I see people take to bhakti or other yogas very unnaturally, fanatically, and they wind up extremely depressed and stressed out. 965 more words

Modern Hare Krishna Culture

Loyal and Intrepid Team Proves that it is Indeed the Year of the Monkey

2016 not 2915
Worldwide Baba Family Chat/Meeting Team 
        Nov 25 at 2:14 AM

To viveshwar "^t" yahoo.com 

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We don't schedule THAT far ahead. 73 more words
Meher Baba

Unlocking of core beliefs

Becoming conscious of the way the ego works, we will find – sooner or later – the pillars of its temple; the core beliefs. Around these core beliefs orbit various preferences and desires, which form the lens through which we view the world. 1,340 more words


The Offering

I sat before you in the dark,

Bare, nameless, fearful and courageous;

That night I offered you my all,

Not knowing what might happen if you’d take it; 59 more words


Deepening My Practice

I have recently deepened my practice. It seems that my life has morphed into a twenty-four hour classical Yoga practice. From waking up early to do some… 663 more words


Don't Stop if You Don't Get Taste

At times it happens that when we are doing Nitainam Lekhan or Hare Krishna Mahamantra japa, we do not get any higher taste or spiritual bliss. 286 more words

Nitai Bhakti