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William Wong :: Waking up, re-charging, and getting out of your own way

Success is…Having the courage to follow your heart and trusting in your gut rather than listening to what’s going on in your head.  

What is it that energises you when you wake up each day?

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Christina Gagnier :: Flow, presence, and being a constant student

Know that you are perfect as you are, but know that you’ll forget. Immerse yourself in the richness of each experience.

You only get one life.

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Daily Yoga Practice Week #2

I started my journey back to a full yoga practice last week. It was a little difficult getting to my mat each morning before the traditional tea or coffee “kick start” but, as I stated in my last post, putting meditation/breathing as the first order of business is the best way for me to seal the habit. 277 more words

Yoga Practice

Glory of the Guru

Search for a Guru:

Two kinds of knowledge exist – Secular knowledge and Spiritual knowledge. Both of these are wonderful in their own ways. Both of these ought to be sought after in our life. 2,378 more words

Keep Silence Day on July 10

This is a particularly good year, I feel, to observe the beginning of Meher Baba’s 44-year Silence, from 1925 to his Mahasamadhi on 31 Jan 1969. 161 more words

Meher Baba

Karina Smith : On dancing, sunrise walking, and taking students deeper

You are incredible, so just move toward that which excites you, because that is where you will flourish!

What is something you do every morning?

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