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The Road to Sadhana

The poem I shared last Tuesday I composed in 1978 while on a very memorable road trip across country by bus from Buffalo to Tempe, Arizona. 1,292 more words

Daily Blog

Sadhguru on Sadhana - Mystic's and Musings Series

The following is an excerpt from Mystic’s and Musings book.

Seeker: Master, will the teachings and practices you’ve given to me help me break my rigidity and flower? 1,375 more words

Hatha Yoga

Re: The October Trust Program about 1917 in Meher Baba's Life

((I’m sorry that this following message sat in my mailbox for two months before I discovered it. I haven’t had as much energy for the web since I started singing again and playing ‘ukelele. 615 more words

Meher Baba

Q58. What is the role of sadhana when advancement is by blessings?

Question: You mentioned in the class that we advance in spiritual life by the blessings of devotees, not by performing sadhana. If one thinks he is advancing by practicing sadhana, it is wrong. 391 more words


¿Qué es la ‘eñe’?

¿Cómo se originó la letra ‘ñ, eñe’ en el idioma español?

Una de las identidades y motivo de orgullo del idioma español, radica en la letra ‘eñe’ o ‘ñ’, la cual no ha existido desde siempre. 620 more words


Keep the Wheels Spinning - Sadhguru on the Purpose of Sadhana

Q: I’ve been doing my practices for three years and I haven’t had any great experiences or seen any changes in me. So, what should motivate me to continue doing the practices? 924 more words

Simple Presence

In our walking, we find a marvelous guide to a quiet mind and a quiet presence to Being.

In our walking in the woods, we see the infusion of light into the profusion of leaves. 101 more words