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Is there anything you can do to become enlightened?

Q. Hi Tom. Thanks for your blogs posts. Ever since I stumbled across your site I’ve been trawling through your writings and videos and found them to be quite insightful. 346 more words


Tegan Wallis : Integration, Expansion, and living in alignment with Nature

I aim to live my life in a state of flow as much as I can – full of creativity and engaging in activities that have a feeling of expansion.

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The intellectuals in early 20th century were shocked when a common clerk from British ruled India started giving a new dimension and high standards to the mathematical world. 737 more words

Inspiring Books: Two women priests choose....

Our Inspiring Books initiative is putting put us back in touch with some people who were on placement with us while training at Westcott House in Cambridge. 562 more words



Sadhana: It means practicing truth, practicing love.

One can think about love — then it is not sadhana, it is poetry. If one lives to love, then it is sadhana. 293 more words

Purification and spiritual practices after realisation

…even when the separate self has been seen to be an illusion, and the Freedom that is already here-now has been fully recognised, various habitual tendencies that were originally contingent upon the belief in separation can continue to persist. 157 more words


Q: How do I 'turn within' or 'turn towards the Self'?

Q: How do I ‘turn within’ or ‘turn towards the Self’?

Tom: There is no turning within. Turning within is just a turn of phrase! Everywhere you turn is outside. 228 more words