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Elwood's Take - Shopping

Released to middling reviews from the critics and much ire from the BBFC who didn’t really appreciate the idea of a film whose central premise is built around ram raiding department stores for kicks in a pre-apocalyptic vision of Britain. 716 more words


Day 36. Naming ceremony, Sadie Frost, relevance and invisibility

I had the pleasure of being invited to a wonderful naming ceremony yesterday. A tree was planted in the babies name, an apple tree to grow and prosper with the little boy. 541 more words

Movies and Tea #1 - Shopping

Kicking off our first season looking at the films of director Paul W.S. Anderson starting with his debut film Shopping

Released in 1994 to a mixed critical response and much distain from the BBFC Paul W.S Anderson’s… 180 more words


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Welcome to the Booth! Elwood and I just released the first episode of Movies and Tea, our new movie podcast. The structure of the show is divided into seasons where each season we take a look at different directors and their works. The first to kick off this debut season is Paul W.S. Anderson and his directorial full feature debut, Shopping. Head over to our blog to check out the podcast! Give us a follow is you like it so you don't miss out on the upcoming episodes!