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It’s okay.

A lot of people don’t get why I’ve treated you with the respect I have or why I’ve loved you as deeply and longly as I have but it’s okay. 541 more words


Fuck You.

Fuck you.

All I think of when I think of you is those simple two words.

Full of menace when I say them out loud. … 212 more words

The worst of myself

If another moment

Passes with the thought

That the worst of me

Equals all of me

That once you see it

Then it will be the end… 45 more words

Funny Little Word

Love is a funny attachment when it’s not returned. Love is how many sad lessons have been learned. A happy word has now become sorrowful. Love, the emotion that has turned me into a fool. 20 more words

Some Honest Thoughts

As I set about beginning to write this post, I have a feeling its going to be quite difficult to do so: I am not one who normally wears my heart on my sleeve. 1,057 more words


Chapter Sixteen: Live life to the full.

I will happily admit that I take life for granted. And I think most people do. Not realising the opportunities that are available and being able to have everything you want. 266 more words