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Health benefits of ASMR for anxiety, insomnia, depression, and more.

I’ve created a new page for the website titled, “Health Benefits of ASMR.”

The page has a list of conditions which may be improved by experiencing ASMR.  587 more words



From my desk,
I look out the window
and see clouds
blocking the sun.

There’s no rain
but there will be.

I’ve got a feeling. 15 more words

Creative Writing

shortness of life

these days, as i get out of my room and see people, i wish i could communicate how much i love them. no matter who they are. 355 more words


The Story of a Soldier Down

I walk outside and the frigid winter breeze lashes at my skin with aggression. I continue down the path of the courtyard that connects two brick apartment buildings; standing stronger than my slumped figure could imagine. 378 more words


The Wrong Way Around

I knew that things would remind me of Esme. Lots of things do. One thing that happened today was unexpected and made me remember something from early in our relationship that flies in that face of Esme’s assertion that I wanted to be a Dom. 451 more words

Not Quite As Bad As Talking To Myself

Letters I Never Sent: as

I think you’re beautiful. I think you’ve done so many beautiful things for me and all the people in your life.

I think you’re gorgeous and you don’t even see it. 571 more words

Short Story


All is white these days, the humidifier noise through the night and late January skies, but I’d give my life not to remain a blank slate anymore. 115 more words