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I haven’t been writing as much. And I think I know why. But it sucks.

I haven’t been as sad.

See? Isn’t that awful? I haven’t been writing because I haven’t been sad. 95 more words


Tips for Sadness

The best advice I have ever received about feeling sad was to drink something hot (hot chocolate or tea was the suggestion) and listen to The Beatles’ “Here Comes the Sun”. 137 more words

Complaining To The Void

no wind blows here

her mind’s become a wasteland

an arid desert town

abandoned by its residents

all that’s left is brown
nothing grows here

no wind blows here… 38 more words

Poem; Poetry


Sacrifices are birthed from love.

When people love so deeply that they put others above themselves.

When you truly love someone making a sacrifice comes naturally to you because you want to make them happy. 219 more words


You fade a w a y

Life happens when you fight,
But what if you don’t want to fight,
That you don’t believe you deserve to fight.
What if you fought too much? 61 more words



I called my dad today. I was so happy to tell him how my blog is doing and all the work I do. I wanted him to say that he is proud of me. 112 more words

My Personal Journal

Finally Writing My Way Out

About a year and a half ago, I met someone who changed my entire perspective on relationships. I would dare say that at some point I fell in love with him. 1,248 more words

Unphased Musings