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Of Rusted Roses

Her heart is a garden

where madness grows

in horizontal rows of

paper mâché suffering.

easily to tear

easily to rip like tissue paper

the translucent mist… 47 more words


Top of the barrel

Anger is the lightest of all emotions. When you tamp all emotions down in a barrel and cream them further and deeper, guess which one of them rises to the top? 47 more words


This Is It.

The end. I feel so sad and weird and awkward and nostalgic and…  (I guess I should shut up).

I distinctly remember crying on my first day to school. 541 more words

My Life


calamity collapses all this

mastery of my disaster that I’ve claimed

and its a shame that I’m not

even to blame for this concrete fist thats… 147 more words

Melancholy Twilight

When I look into the distance and I see the sunset in vibrant shades to when the stars come out of the darkness. My brain and heart as one whisper me thought of you. 40 more words




            Despite the clouds and the rain, if you look straight up you can see the sun reaching down at the earth like a hand clutching a hazy piece of fire. 306 more words