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Myrtle-Green Butterfly

One day, she realized that the

myrtle-green butterfly

she was holding onto for dear life

belonged to the air.
She’d held onto it for

longer than was necessary. 318 more words


Mother's Day tainted...

How am I suppose to enjoy Mother’s Day when I don’t feel like I can be a mum, everyone’s eyes on me the whole time the stress of knowing I’m facing court soon and still they try say I may of disgustingly put these things into my daughters head. 973 more words


Lost In The Sun

Those words are so familiar to her…

It’s so cruel for her subconscious…

He was her sun…

Shining and brilliant…

But this is really too much, it’s hurting her inside and out… 31 more words


A Conversation Between Me And My Mind

One day I’m smiling and happy- genuinely, not pretending. The next day too I am upbeat and I sing and dance and talk to people and think that I’m getting better. 382 more words

Uninhibited Musings

Conundrum of all conundrums

She’s not yet ready to put into words what kind of feeling she’s feeling right now…

His words and actions makes her feel like she’s on a roller coaster… 96 more words



Remember that life will never be as smooth as you can imagine!

This very moment in your life, when each night is a time for your pillows to collect the tears that flows outĀ from within… 91 more words

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