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Short Spurts #45

The answer to setback is suicide for me

I lack the strength within me to deal

A little bad sets in motion a sequence

Then bad to worse I begin to feel


day #273

today is day number 273 since my last relapse and for anyone willing to neglect conversions, that is 9 months. the yellow NA chip is mine once again. 678 more words


Life is hell…

I work a job I hate.

Weekends I spend alone.

When can I just end it?


Sun and Grit

every time I stare into the sun

I recall the weight of my gun

sounds and smells, angry and foreign

I am America’s displaced sister and son… 216 more words


Overcome Sorrow and SadnessĀ 

Sorrow and sadness is overcome through grace and gratitude, trusting that God is working all things for good. Keep your eyes focused on God, dear friend, give thanks in all circumstances, and the things that trouble you will fall behind. 46 more words

Hope For The Day

Are you Grieving?

How Do You Deal With It?

Losing someone or something you love can be very painful and overwhelming. Extreme sadness mixed with other surprising emotions such as shock, anger and guilt are normal and necessary reactions to loss. 258 more words

The Surprising Upsides to Suffering

I am completely humbled by this lady’s words. She gets it… far better than I do. So I am re-posting it here. There is no question in my mind that we Christians… some of us anyway (including me)… as well as many in our culture suffer this “ontological lightness” and so the distractions, the, “hollow entertainment” and the business of life keep us from the, “weighty things.” There is a purpose to my suffering… and yours. 836 more words