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There's More To This I Know;

It isn’t something I talk about often, my second attempt was nearly successful. Life is hard, I deal with my demons every single day. I wouldn’t have my beautiful boy if I had chosen to give up this fight. 40 more words


I'm tired...

I’m tired of being alive.

I’m tired of struggling to stay alive.

I’m tired of trying

I’m tired of waiting.

I’m tired of waiting for something kick ass to happen to me. 54 more words

No Rain

Just want to share this song, No Rain, by Blind Melon. One of my favorites. It’s inconsistencies mimic my life with mental illness, with the upbeat rhythms and images combined with the sad and lonely tone of the lyrics. 273 more words


Love is Where She Blooms

On her garden bench she smiles.

In her eyes, no cunning wiles,

only shyness.

Humble, sweet

innocence I will entreat.

Quickly to one knee I go, 77 more words


Day 9 of Being the Worst Mom Ever

I hate that my mood is so reliant on other people’s behaviors.

I am completely and utterly depressed tonight.

My fiance seems to be in his own box tonight.   649 more words

5 Kids

Drunken Mistakes

This weekend I messed up. I made a mistake and now I sit here suffering the consequences. I lost my best friend. Not temporarily, but forever. 903 more words


Dark room spinning
For him

I alone with my demons
And he consumed by his

Ties to rubber bands

Trembling, alcoholic dreamer
Wipe the needle clean… 42 more words