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Wrong Light

Whenever I write about you I talk about cracking

I forgot mentioning the way you morphed time like marmalade’s slow, letting us take each other in… 229 more words

Why December is The Hardest Month

December 25th, 2007 will forever be etched in my mind. That is the day my wife miscarried. It was her (I hate saying our) first pregnancy. 238 more words


Don't Say

Not to speak

Words that hurt

Yet dreaming softly

Of the dirt.

Bound up tight

Stress and fear

An urge I fight

Still lingers here. 68 more words


I Did All I Can Do 

By:Tina Glover/Unknownperson79

“I Did All I Can Do”

I did do everything

with you

in mind But you

could live

your life better


me in it… 136 more words


Nowhere girl

June 19/16

On a spectrum where do I fall? Guys will like me, think I’m  hot, sleep with me but I’m not the girl they really want, I’m a sad excuse for the place holder girl, the one that serves as a place holder while guys wait for the right girl. 386 more words


The walls you constructed to keep out sadness, also keeps out happiness.


The Never Ending Trip Down Sadness Lane

She bleeds in emptiness.

Her heart pouring out in sorrow.

Her mind void of logic.

Her soul impatient for tomorrow.

Sitting there typing.

She lays down feeling  100 more words