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Hamster depression

You might not think it possible but hamsters can easily get depressed. Usually it’s something simple that triggers it, e.g. cleaning their cage and the hamster feeling like they’re not in their home anymore. 539 more words

J & The World

God's Presence and Promise

Jeremiah was writing from a prison cell.  At times he must have felt like the situation was hopeless.  Yet in the midst of this bad situation, he heard God’s promise to send a just and righteous ruler to lead Israel.   279 more words


(written Nov. 10)

I cannot deal with loss. Yesterday was my uncle’s burial and it was something difficult for me to come into terms with. I don’t like it when someone goes away, ever. 388 more words

Personal Life


They told her to jot down her feelings.

She had her paper soaked with sweat and her half bitten pencil between her lips.

She didn’t just write words, she wrote a song. 129 more words

Christmas in Munich

the cold is biting
I buy warm almonds on the street
and cinnamon tea

Haiku Out Of Africa

Who loves you most?

If we were to ponder on the blessings that Allah has gifted us with,  they really show that Allah’s love and mercy. However, the real question is what have we done to the one who loves us the most? 55 more words