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Heart Thief

You stole a piece of my heart away

Loosened the stitches that held it in place

Spirited it away without a trace

Made yourself into a thief I love to hate…

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3:00 am, Blurry Eyed, Movie Watching, Can’t Sleep, Heart Ramblings.

I’m watching a wonderful movie, one I have seen many times but

not for a long time.   “Pretty Woman” so incredibly romantic and sweet but misleading, a modern continuation of the fairytale.  419 more words


3 Negative Emotions We Can Transform Through Yoga

All emotions – negative or positive – are energy. And the energy, emotions hold, can build us or destroy us. Strong negative emotions are not something to simply get rid of. 870 more words


My eyes are filled with moist

The reservoir is open,

and it’s flooding down my cheeks.

The dam has been broken,

and H2O is making friends with my skin cells..

as I silently weep.


Mr. Jealousy

Today I actually felt afraid of visiting the places I enjoy. Before, they brought me satisfaction after feeling so hopeless about feeling bored, but now I just get anxiety about walking inside. 1,009 more words


Why I Dissappeared....

I havent been here for a long time…

I’ve been living in my own world for the last few months and its been hell.

I continue to fight on a daily basis but my demons seem to be more in control of my life than ever before. 677 more words

alone lonely and sad

my eyes hurt from crying. i cant even remember any more why i started to cry. i think it was a build up of a lot of things. 116 more words