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Reflections in the Mirror

Have you ever just stood and stared into your own eyes in the mirror? Like really looked into them. It fascinates me that we seem to go through life not really seeing ourselves properly. 821 more words

The truth hurts

I finally realized that I do have people around me, who love and care about me. But they don’t care about me the way I would like to be loved and cared for. 31 more words

A Mother's Birthday

It’s been a long time
since tears filled my eyes
Longing for a life
long gone
When burdens were lighter
and colours were brighter
and the place I rest… 28 more words


Never Enough

Your eyes are red and puffy;

You have cried and cried and cried.

Unfortunately, it does not matter

How hard you may have tried.

Forget if your heart was in it, 153 more words


Chale gay ho to chale jaoo

Ab chale gay ho to chale jao , meri yaadon may mat aaya karo tum.

Mera dil to tod hi diya hai tumne , ab mera chain mat cheena karo tum. 275 more words

The final straw

It’s been a long time coming. The final few weeks of me and my daughters stint here in the US. What started out a journey filled with hope, has turned toxic poisonous and volatile. 646 more words

Mystical Prayers III

Intro: A continuation of the story…

Mystical Prayers I – https://silentscholar.com/2017/10/20/mystical-prayers/

Mystical Prayers II – https://silentscholar.com/2018/03/27/mystical-prayers-ii/

This day…
This day…
The voices are so clear… 127 more words