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These were disappointed eyes
Lit by burning bridges all around
Left alone with what I’d sewn for years and years and years
I was living right where I belong…

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Moving On

Moving On

I don’t want to know you anymore

But getting rid of you

Is like tearing a part out of me

But if I want to move on with my life… 24 more words


In Memorium

Only the strong survive
you seemed more like a
cat with nine lives

I sense your passing
the dull in your swim
the dimming of green… 72 more words


It's Not Enough When You've Grown Up Trapped In a Mansion

– I am sad ..

– Just try not to be!! Do something that’s good for you!!

– But there’s no joy left in my heart… 134 more words


An Open Letter To My Wife.

This is an open letter to my wife. The woman I married five years ago. This is my plea to forget the past and to step forward into the future together. 2,102 more words


Help me breathe, please?! 

Usually, I try to write about the good things in my life. I talk about how I love this guy and all the wonderful moments we share together. 432 more words

Day 230: a lesson I have not yet learned

Last night, I had sad nightmares. These are not the kind of nightmares that scare; these are the nightmares where I am small and sobbing, my body pulling itself apart with howls, my hands unable to unfurl themselves. 379 more words