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Bad Days

It’s hard to have bad days. It’s hard to have not had any bad days in such a long time, because – for me, especially – you realise that one time these weren’t just ‘bad days’. 246 more words

Revenge, a poem by Kayla Williamson

My heartbeat quivers

With the sound of your whispers

Telling me that I’m not good enough to be

The whole earth whimpers

From the heat of my temper… 73 more words


Stationary Wagons on the Highway

I wake up in a puddle of sadness. Despair. The dusty carpet is hostile to my skin. Lying in cold wait and persisting in their blunt stabbings, it pricks my skin. 128 more words


A pebble becoming a rock: First tears in my mother's eyes

You know… when growing up your mother and your dad are your rocks if you are lucky enough to have them both present in your life. 534 more words


If only your eyes could see,

Far beyond and deep within.

You would behold something strange:

A being without a face or name

Behind the feign of a beast, wild and violent. 87 more words

Death of a child

He was not my child,

Yet he was a child of the street,

And so we mourned and buried,

Him together.

Taking upon ourselves,

The burden of friends. 138 more words



You’re a master at this. A demi-god of 
tatters. You descended on my life 
with all and no intention. How ridiculous 
to be heartbroken in two languages.  104 more words