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Gruel romance

Sometimes I can’t seem to help but notice that the sense of romantisme associated with medicine is always a gruelsome one.

NaPoWriMo 2018, Day 24: An Elegy

Today’s prompt…write an elegy.  Maybe you can figure out to whom I am writing the elegy?

I could feel you after I met him, 229 more words


5 ways to get through an emotional ambush.

I had a weird weekend. I felt run down and sad, and every time I slowed down to meditate I started crying. I was pissed at first, like “where is this coming from?” But I derailed that train of thought at the first sign it was showing up; I’ve learned enough about feelings at this point to not worry so much why something is happening. 702 more words

two untitled mirror cinquains


i rush out back
fish pack from front pocket
shake one out, lip it, get it lit
and drag

dandelions gone to seed, gray… 40 more words


She Calls

Silently beckoning movement forward
In fragmented steps
Destined to affect change
Tears radiate from sorrow
Entrenched in years of becoming
Or the denial thereof
As “American” as the fallacy of 1776… 125 more words

Streams Of Consciousness

Starless Night

As I sit in my small rowboat floating aimlessly in the vast, dark ocean, I wonder to myself where you are. The sky used to be filled with your brightness; even among a million twinkles, you shone through. 218 more words

Short Stories

1000 mile stare

Her eyes which once sparkled with a glassy blue and denoted the rippling tide of the ocean were now dull, sunken and glazed.

This wasn’t from the battlefield, but from a different type of pain, that she held tightly to her, afraid to release, keeping it close to the numbness in her chest. 162 more words