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I Hate You

I Hate you.
I hate to say it but i do.
Actually I don’t hate to say it.
You ripped away the one thing he cared about. 354 more words


inside out

This morning Miss 5 and I went along to see the new Disney Pixar movie Inside Out.

I had heard that it was a bit of a tear jerker, and given that it is all about the feelings that live inside your head, I really wasn’t sure about going to see it myself. 129 more words


Stitches (A mini-medley)

Put me together and pull me apart

Dissect my insides and play with my heart

Stiches will mend, and stiches will show

The part of me you probably don’t want to know. 85 more words

Something to think about

My local movie theatre does something right two days of the week: $5 movie tickets. Tuesdays are for everyone, and Thursdays are for students  only but I just graduated high school so I have no problem with that decision either. 382 more words


The Peaks and Valleys: The Experiences of My Suicidal Temptations

I haven’t been myself during the past week or so; Or maybe I’ve been exactly like myself. I’ve been hesitant to express these feelings in writing, especially on a public blog, because it is well, depressing. 1,740 more words


Dear Depression, (Part II)

I still don’t understand you.

Or maybe I just don’t understand me.

Because when I’m in the midst of your attacks,

I collapse and stare into the night screaming that I hate you. 86 more words


the clearing...

the bins
were filled
with memories
some from
yard sales
road trips
small containers
of laughter
all that’s left
two lives… 16 more words