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Weekly Photo Challenge: Gathering (Giraffes & Lions)

My mind has been wandering off from photos to poems and calligraphy.

I think I better go back on track to feature photos for this week’s Photo Challenge. 70 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Gathering (Flamingos)

The best picture I have ever taken of flamingos are in fact taken in a safari park – the Chimelong Safari Park in China.

This is a gathering of the flamingos. 8 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Eyes (Animals)

I always wonder whether you can gather what an animal is thinking just by looking into their eyes.

The human being is a complicated animal, but still people think that you can sense some inner thoughts just by looking straight into their eyes. 63 more words


Smiling cat

Just realized that I promised “other animals” in the blog title. So, here we go, an almost Cheshire cat, photographed in the San Diego Safari Park some time this summer.

Animal Photos

Goat given to Siberian tiger as a meal now bullies the big cat around

A Siberian tiger at a safari park in Russia has been reduced to sleeping on the roof of its enclosure after it was kicked out – courtesy of the goat it was supposed to have eaten. 221 more words


10/31/2015 - San Diego safari park, animals, family of photographers, wild animal photographer

The afternoon, after we photographed the mountain bike race, we headed over to the San Diego Safari Park where we had some family time.

When your family consists of photographers, well, trips are just fun enjoying each other and sometimes taking the same shot. 114 more words


Longleat Safari Park

Early September we visited Longleat and I must say it was a lovely day out. The weather was perfect too. The historic house is magnificnet and the park looks impressive but we were unable to join the tour this time. 224 more words