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Memory of an elephant

I remember my early life, right from when I was struggling to stand on my feet as the baby of the herd. Even though I weighed 200 pounds, and was nearly three feet tall, I had to be careful not to be trampled by the adults who were nearly four times my size. 977 more words

Short Stories

...and we have #4

When I was young and living in Kingsville TX, if I wanted to see dragonflies all I had to do was set out a bucket of water. 114 more words

Bank Holiday at Knowsley Safari Park

A day of casual road rage, baboons dismantling cars and the expected bank holiday rain! As 4 vet students ( and one boyfriend imposter), as long as there are animals involve we are easily pleased!

I Have A Life Outside Of Vet School...sometimes

Weekend of March 10, 2017

My weekend was so extraordinary! I went to La Colonia Park, traveled to horseback riding, went to baseball, hung out with Uncle Jay and his daughter Liliana, went to Souplantation, and visited the Safari Park. 540 more words

TBT=The Animal Portrait Project

TBT=Animal Portrait Project

Back in the days when San Diego’s Safari Park was the Wild Animal Park, I decided to challenge my photography skills by photographing each animal in the Wild Animal Park.  568 more words

Crawling or Flying

The theme this week for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge is Crawling or Flying.

Flying is pretty obvious anything from a bird, plane, balloon, a ball being thrown, etc.  

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