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25 Pictures to summarize the awesomeness of Kenya!

Kenyan culture is so rich and wonderful and the wildlife made me feel more connected to nature than I’ve ever felt. Interacting with the natives at Masai Mara and visiting the wildlife in their natural habitat are two unique experience in my life that I will never forget!  52 more words


Lions and Tigers, Without the Tigers

After an 18-day separation (to the hour! 432 of them!), my laptop and I have been reunited. I’m a little suspicious of what mischief it might have gotten up to during two unaccounted-for nights in Paris when it was supposedly stuck in Customs, so I am scanning it for STDs and other viruses. 1,237 more words


My Perfect Escape |South Africa

Don’t get me wrong, I love a City break and everything that comes with it, but put me in the middle of nowhere surrounded by nothing but the freshest of air and wildlife any day. 145 more words


Beho Beho Bushblog - Tricia - 16th October

This season has felt more magical than seasons past. And we’ve made some memories over the years that are difficult to beat.

In most seasons, I’ve just managed a glimpse – one glimpse all season – of a Sunset Moth as it flitted out of view; in this season I’ve watched them on many consecutive afternoons frolicking around flowering Cassia trees. 458 more words


Looking inside WebKit and the macOS dispatching systems using log data

Last week I showed some simple analyses of log data which revealed how the macOS unified log can reflect activities and patterns of app usage from many weeks earlier. 982 more words


AMA: CodeceptJS support for Safari and IE?

Sahana Asks…

We area VOD startup and we have web app, mobile apps and TV apps. I am writing acceptance tests for web app now and chose codeceptjs framework since we have our website’s front end code in Javascript.

178 more words
Automated Testing

Elefanten, Leoparden & Sundowner - ein Tag im Samburu National Reserve

Gestern sind wir am späten Abend in Nairobi gelandet und sitzen nach einer kurzen Nacht schon wieder im Auto in Richtung Wilson Flughafen. Da es der Flughafen für die Inlandflüge ist, ist das Check-in einfach und schnell gemacht und wir können schon bald in unsere 16-Plätzer Maschine sitzen. 474 more words