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Safaricom has sued blogger Cyprian Nyakundi for defamation over articles in which he said the telecommunications giant is exploiting Kenyans. Nyakundi was served on Tuesday by lawyers Mriu, Mungai & Co Advocates on behalf of CEO Bob Collymore and his predecessor Michael Joseph. 183 more words


MTN's new CEO can save its future as a phone company by making it a bank

After nearly a year in corporate limbo, foundering in uncertainty created by a record regulatory fine, MTN, Africa’s largest telecoms company, looks ready to turn the corner with a future in financial services. 810 more words

Kenya Launches electronic police surveillance system

Kenya recently launched a new US$160 million national police surveillance system developed and installed by giant telecoms operator Safaricom. The project involved connecting 195 police stations in the capital Nairobi and the second largest city Mombasa to 4G Internet, with the aim of directing operations and facilitating the sharing of information. 630 more words


Uber will finally face a rival in Africa it won't be able to beat so easily

In Africa, local taxi companies and startups have been working hard to compete with Uber but the ride hailing company has managed to outmaneuver most of them. 417 more words

Uber Has a New Rival in This African Nation

Kenya’s biggest telecom company, Safaricom, is joining up with a local software firm to launch a ride-hailing company to take on Uber as it seeks new sources of revenue, its chief executive said. 331 more words


Going Cashless to Fight Corruption: The Case of Kenyan Public Transit

In the fight against petty corruption, a potentially game-changing development is the rise of cashless payments. In a world where people do not use or carry cash, petty bribes to traffic cops or low-level government bureaucrats are either foolish—in that they require a processing mechanism and are therefore easy to detect—or altogether impossible. 1,129 more words


The Need For Corporate Governance In The Telecommunications Sector

When I got my first job, I was over the moon for working for a Subsidiary of the then largest telecommunications firms in the world; Worldcom. 1,632 more words