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Visa is taking on the world's largest mobile money platform on its home turf

Visa, the world’s largest payments network, is taking on the world’s largest mobile money platform, M-Pesa, in its home country. The credit card company has launched its Mvisa app that allows users to make purchases or transfer money on their cellphones in Kenya. 479 more words

take a leap of faith...

it has been an interesting year 2016 if you operate your business in Zimbabwe.  We have had the highest number of company closures since the hyper inflation period, a deflated economy, and the constant threat of uprising and its repression. 311 more words

the pie is bigger than you think..

There seems to be an underlying mentality lately that once you identify an idea, or business opportunity you must guard it to death. I mean it seems logical that to attain a first mover advantage would lead to great profit. 318 more words


To reach millennial customers, this Kenyan telecom giant tried shopping like them

In this series, Perfect Company, we are examining pockets of excellence in the corporate world. No single company is perfect, but together they show what the corporate ideal could look like. 1,405 more words

Responding to the demand for reliable data collection in Africa, mSurvey raises seed funding

mSurvey, a Kenya based startup specializing in mobile data collection, has raised seed capital as it looks to expand its survey business in partnership with retailers in sub-Saharan Africa. 782 more words


There's a growing pressure on African mobile operators to become innovators

Africa may well be the world’s premier mobile-first continent, but vast swathes of the population still don’t have mobile or internet connectivity. This is a severe limitation as local mobile networks plan out building a customer base, especially when the spending power of that base is low. 810 more words