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The kid feared no dragons

The kid with fears.
Fear dominated, fear ruled.
The fear of hunger.
Cold fear gnawing.

The kid cries in anguish.
Hunger inside, growling.
Clawing, sharp pain. 102 more words


Seeking the Key

where is the key to
unlock the door?
you know the one
into the safe place
where the monsters
of the past cannot go
and you understand… 15 more words



Oh don’t you worry, this is no venue for me to profess my ideas of the mystical energy that surrounds us.  And ooops sorry if you landed this page by sheer accident, for if you are trying to find answers to your problems, this page isn’t the one.   487 more words

Teens and Social Media Apps - What Parents Need To Know

Authored by Anne Schmidt, Youth Services Outreach and Prevention Supervisor

Any parent of a teen will tell you that most of the teen’s waking hours are spent on their phones.  506 more words


Well That's FantIstic

I perched on a cold plastic chair, waiting my turn for a haircut, when he sauntered through the door, tall and confident.

Ex-military was my first guess. 843 more words


Back to Basics: A Tool Box, a Magic Bag, and a Safe Place to Practice


Like everything else, learning a coping strategy and remembering it takes practice and some kind of organization.  We in the AlterXpressions system use a tool box (or many tool boxes), a magic bag (or many magic bags), and at least one safe place to practice our coping strategies and techniques.   763 more words

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