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How to Manage Fear & Anxiety After Leaving a High-Control Group

When we dare consider leaving a high-control group in order to reclaim our life, our fear quotient can shoot off the charts. We have probably been warned about what will happen if we try to leave. 1,261 more words

What Waits in the Dark

A new player enters the game. 

The darkness was soothing. Not cold, but also not hot. The perfect temperature, like being swaddled. She floated, ultra-light, in this place, this sanctuary she had created. 551 more words

Tips on ‘How to Grow in Faith’

Having faith in God would solve most of your problems. God is the supreme power who can help you to grow gracefully. Trusting God would help you to take each and every step carefully. 359 more words

Disciples Of Jesus

In a safe place?

I can be sat in one spot and only have a few things within reach and lose one of them. Drives me slightly nuts as I know they can’t have gone far. 268 more words


Dovetales, Dovetales, Dovetales celebrated it’s second anniversary on April 3, 2018 and what an exciting day it was! God has really shaped this show as it continues to be a safe place for those seeking to share their testimony’s along with some of the most intimate details of their lives. 362 more words

Holy Spirit

Thoughts - Plagiarism & Publishing

The other day I read a post on tumblr from one of my newly found and respected authors. She had lived through every writer’s nightmare of having a piece of her work plagiarized!! 176 more words