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Tornado Season: Get Prepared

Tornadoes are nature’s most violent storms, and while the vast majority of them are weak and short in duration, they can cause significant damage. An average of 1,000 tornadoes a year causes $1.1 billion in property damage, 1,500 injuries and 80 deaths.

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Safe Rooms

Tornado shelters, safety at heart of upcoming district elections

GODDARD, Kan. (KSNW) – Storm shelters have become a top priority for school districts around Kansas as they push to pass bond issues during individual elections. 673 more words


It’s Time to Take a Modern Approach to Building in Tornado-Prone Areas

With the recent violent weather outbreak this weekend causing more tornado deaths in one weekend than the yearlong 2016 total, I am once again raising the issue of better building in tornado zones. 570 more words


College Twinkies and their Safe Rooms


Seriously, are you fucking kidding me?

Many of you hear the term “safe room”, and you undoubtedly think about either a bank vault or the enclosure that Jody Foster and Kristen Stewart jumped into in the two star movie “Panic Room” which had a respectable $95M box office back in 2002.  1,595 more words

A Matter of Principle

Principle, sometimes that seems to be nothing more than just a word. Principle is a word that has many definitions, just like many words today. Principle, to someone who has malice intentions, principle might mean one thing while principle to a working person might have a meaning altogether different. 1,097 more words