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Business is business

Condoms and tampons.. Both are doing a good job, as long they are keeping them self together…..


Things I learned by not having sex...the first time

For starters I wish to say that this post was about how I learned the value in keeping my legs closed and learned to have power over my pussy , but I didn’t. 641 more words


Tubes Tied

You all may remember that I decided to do something about birth-control back in December. I didn’t end up going because the kids were out for Winter break when it was. 646 more words

I was told not to have sex on the first date

One of the many lessons I learned was to never have Sex on the first date. I was told men would not respect you and would leave you for doing it , this is not to say I never did it , but something I learned. 319 more words


When he is the man of your dreams.....

Dating William Henrey taught me an important lesson of , if you like/love him someone else may to.

I made the list of the impossible , a man who combined looks, talents , and genuine love for me and I thought I was set. 682 more words


Hands only

If masturbation is a form of sex that is safe,
Let’s exchange hands, get slippery, and avoid chafe.

Take our time if we can, watch the other undress, 276 more words


Featured on HuffingtonPost.com

We made the news! We premiered our first short documentary, Generation Next Uncovered on World AIDS Day, and HuffingtonPost spread the news to the world. A young man discloses he’s HIV positive and the other teens talk sex, pop culture, and technology.

Check out the article here.