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Safe, Sapphic Sex: Safe Sex Tips for Women Who Love Women

Although condoms and birth control are stressed in sex education courses and on campuses, less discussed is safe sex between individuals who have vaginas. Whether you’re transgender, lesbian, or bisexual, it’s important to take precautions against STIs and bacterial infections even when you can’t feasibly get pregnant. 474 more words


Don't Wake-Up A Rapist

Recently, while chatting with a colleague about the woes of raising kids in the 21st century, she mentioned that before her son went off to college, she had a talk with him reviewing the rules under which he was to govern himself. 442 more words

Consensual Sex

Horny Hornets: Ask the cutie before you touch the booty

By Leon Thompson

With a couple weeks left in the semester, and the weather getting nice, I know everyone is getting excited for Apple Blossom. Everyone is going out and having fun again, which means parties, fun in the sun, and, of course, sex. 475 more words


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“What is the best birth control for 14 year olds?” -Anonymous

This is a very common question. Many girls wonder which form of birth control will work best for them. 354 more words


Safer Sex Patrol: More than Candy and Condoms

The “Condom Fairies” appear in Mount Pleasant Bars a couple times a month, handing out abstinence candies and condoms to smiling bar patrons. They will stop and talk to some groups of people, informing them about various safe-sex practices while they have people’s attention. 615 more words

Central Michigan University

22 College Seniors On The One Piece Of Sex Advice They Wish They Could Tell Their Freshman Selves

Tatiana Pérez1. “Don’t let him make you feel weird about having your period. He’s fucking weird.” — Viva, 21 2. “You don’t need to follow the normative rules of ‘the game.’ Never, ever let yourself feel invalidated or wrong based on what somebody else tells you is right.” — Molly, 22 3. 9 more words