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His eyes met mine over his cup as he drank from it and he winked at me. My entire body went hot and I was instant wet. 873 more words


Unprotected vs. Safe Sex

I have been with my current boyfriend for 4 years and we stopped using condoms maybe about 6 months into our relationship.

Yes, I know how stupid that is. 137 more words


Sex Ed Saturday: A Sexually Transmitted Disease Is Not The End Of The World

Compassion should be ingrained into the very core of our beings as members of the queer and geek communities.  We have embraced the idea of being “other”, of being the outcasts.   543 more words

Sex Ed

He Is Vulnerable And Incurable Delayed Survivor

It can be your friend, relative, love one and even you. The last time I have debated with my sister made me realize some things that is very timely and relevant nowadays. 375 more words

Happy not a mother day

Being a mother is a choice, not a duty.

Being fertile isn’t a choice. Getting your period is always a torture and by all means not a choice. 281 more words


The STI Tavern!

A guy spots a nice looking girl in a bar. He goes up and starts small talk.  Seeing that she didn’t back off he asked her name. 1,194 more words

Lianne Young

Less Sex for Millennials? (Tell Me About It!)

As written about in a piece by Susan Scutti for CNN, citing research by the academic journal Archives of Sexual Behavior (ahem, totally academic, yes), the twenty-somethings of today… 2,152 more words

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