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Why I Still Don't Use Safewords


Safewords have been a ‘keyword’ in BDSM so much that even outside of the kink world people have heard of them. 896 more words


Finger Fucked.

“Are you asleep?” he asked, I chuckled and retorted, “I’m touching myself.”

Todd sprang off his computer and dug his fingers straight in my wet pussy. 818 more words

Sexual Stories

Season 3, episode 11: Running with scissors

“Could I feel any more like a hooker?” – Carrie

Good grief. A few episodes ago we learned that Miranda had never been tested for chlamydia in her entire life. 645 more words

"But I'm a Lesbian. I can't get AIDS!"

The Lesbian Community (bisexual women included) is at just as much a risk contracting HIV and AIDS as anybody else. Don’t let the media fool you or the aged old misconception that just because a dick is not involved (at that moment, you don’t know what your woman does when you are not around) your safe from HIV/AIDS. 479 more words


Sexually-transmitted infection numbers in Alberta remain high

The number of sexually-transmitted infections (STIs) across Alberta continues to surge and the biggest outbreak is in Edmonton, according to the latest statistics from Alberta Health. 272 more words


How to Prevent Cervical Cancer ?

Cervical Cancer is now very common in women as it develops from the cervix. It is an additional growth of the cell in the cervix. The extra growth of the cell in the cervix leads to the blockage in the other parts of the body. 443 more words

Cancer Care Trust

At Home STD testing: Chlamydia

It’s a new year and time for my annual STD / STI check. As STD checks are free and relatively convenient in the UK, I go and get one every time I get a new sexual partner, or annually if there’s not been anyone new for a year. 1,149 more words

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