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Etiquette & Protocol

I try to subtly broach the topic in general and see if that’s something they’re keen on. If I can deduce from their response that they’re not into the idea of group sex, I don’t ask any more about it and accept that a threesome with said person(s) is not going to happen. 218 more words

Casual Sex

IUD Storytime: My Experience with Paragard

So now for something a bit different on this blog!  I’ve seen so many mixed reviews of IUDs and the copper Paragard in particular and wanted to share my own, awesome experiences. 793 more words

Setting the Record Straight: Four Sex Myths Debunked


I think we can all agree that sex is on our minds everyday (19 times per day for men and 10 times per day for women; Fisher, Moore, & Pittenger, 2012). 287 more words

PSA!!! The "Pull Out" Method IS NOT Birth Control [video]

Dear Young Men, “Pulling Out” is not safe or effective. According to the CDC, 60% of unmarried men 15-44 use this method as birth control. First, “pulling out” has never stopped any STD’s. 55 more words

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Marking the walls

He came all over the place and left his mark on my bedroom wall. What a lasting way to say goodbye to the place. He was the first guy I took to the apartment, it is only fitting he should be the last to see it before I left.  454 more words


The ins and outs of Ireland's 2 most prolific STIs

With 6 out of 10 Irish people admitting they have never had a sexual health check-up, LetsGetChecked convenient and confidential sexual health testing service is available through LloydsPharmacy Ireland to provide you with greater access to getting tested.  704 more words


What happens when porn becomes our sex ed

Olivia Arredondo’s article was originally published on the Lala, the ultimate lifestyle destination for bright, adventurous college women and post grads. From feminism to current events, the Lala is an online magazine for women, by women dedicated to covering powerful topics in a fun way. 815 more words