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We sat at a cafe, a famous one on the infamous Vilakazi street. Black South Africans and White tourists occupied the red, plastic chairs and tables. 533 more words


Masturbation: Why Every Women Should Try It and How

Masturbation. This is a topic I know very well. Most children learn to explore their bodies at a very young age. Most of the time the children have no idea that they are actually masturbating, they are just exploring their bodies and realize that it feels good. 573 more words


For a Healthy Tomorrow, Prevent STDs Today.

India is a place where people feel awkward in purchasing a condom but don’t feel ignominious in ‘releasing their nature’s fall’ in public/open places. I think that’s the reason behind the ‘stupefying achievement’ of India as the second most populated country in the world. 436 more words

Birth Control For Beginners

Purpose and Scope
 The bibliography is meant to serve as a beginners guide to birth control, specifically for those who would like to further his/her knowledge of birth control options or those who are unaware of contraceptive options. 2,075 more words

Birth Control

Sex and the Single Senior

One of my favorite television series was “Sex in the City”, and I now watch it every day in reruns. I always fancied myself as the Carrie Bradshaw character, and here I am writing about sex and the single, senior woman. 472 more words


Sure, Alt-J Is Exactly Who I Want To Give Me Condoms

British indie rock band Alt-J‘s 2017 album Relaxer was particularly notable for the fuss that was created surrounding its lyrics. Songs like “Hit Me Like A Snare,” which boasted the opening “I’m at the door at a quarter to four / Poppers popping, baby, might take some more / I’m f*cking loose, you’re gorgeous, I don’t care / Come closer, baby, slap me like that snare,” found the band in unexpected sexually explicit territory, which isn’t necessarily where you want your friendly neighborhood indie band to dip their toes. 205 more words