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Introducing the Play Safe Forum

The Play Safe website from NSW Health has just launched a new sexual health discussion forum for young people aged 15-29 years. The Play Safe Forum is a place where young people can anonymously submit questions to the resident sexual health expert, Nurse Nettie, as well as chat to their peers about sex, relationships and everything in between. 74 more words

Active Participation

Use of emergency pill on the rise in Ongata Rongai.

By Ephantus Wanyoike                                                                                                   15th JULY 2016

The unnecessary use of Postionor two tablets commonly known as P2 is on the rise in Ongata Rongai town especially during weekends and Monday. 129 more words


How To Have Safer Sex

Sex! If you’ve talked about having sex with anyone lately, it’s pretty safe to assume that the phrase “safe sex” has come up. Referring to talk and use of contraceptives, lube, consent of everyone involved, and other important aspects of sex like safewords, it’s a good thing that more people are talking about it. 601 more words

Not A Review

Safety First: A Guide to Sex with Guns

Vagina: Latin, meaning sheath or scabbard, because well, you stick shit in it*. There are entire industries comprised solely for the creating of things to shove into vaginas. 371 more words

Life Coaching

How Do I Ask About a Condom Before We...

You’ve heard it before in regards to safe sex…make sure you wear a condom! But how do you have that conversation? What if there is something standing in the way of you asking? 463 more words


Be Safe

As a newfound adult I’ve decided to focus on my health (specifically my emotional, mental, physical, and sexual health.) I’ve taken the necessary steps. Scheduling my own counseling appointments, doctors appointments, seeking help for wounds instead of bandaids and germex, and recently (less than 12 hours ago) getting tested for HIV. 233 more words

Men are Less Likely to Use a Condom if You're Attractive, According to Horrifying New Study

If you’re anything like me, you have an overbearing Italian mother who scared the living sh*t out of you when it came to the repercussions of unsafe sex. 380 more words