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Smell and Taste

You don’t need much of an imagination to know where I’m going with this!  But it is always good to learn why and how such senses are used to our benefit. 162 more words


And You Thought Pumpkin Spice Was Weird...

Image source First We Feast 

Extra extra, read all about it! Looks like the worlds of food and safe sex have truly collided. (A sentence that I really wish I didn’t have to say). 214 more words


Insecurities, Secrets and Confessions.

I want to get some things off my chest. Including my nipples. As a man, I just don’t see the point in having them. They get in the way, and when I wear a white t-shirt they are too prominent. 844 more words


Regular Sex

Feeling old and wrinkly?  Researchers at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital tell us that regular sex can prevent lines and wrinkles.

People in their forties who had sex two or three times a week were judged to look seven to thirteen years younger – probably down to DHEA, a hormone released during sex that can increase collagen production. 9 more words


Sexism in Online Dating

“Wait… having kids is a deal breaker?”

I’ve been getting this since I was twenty-one.  Now, eight years later, I’ll openly admit that it’s a bit more to ask… but, nonetheless, it’s true. 388 more words


L. Condoms Spread the Love with a Terrific Love Glove

You know me, I’m all about super safe loving. While I have no need to use condoms at the current moment (seeing as soybean #1 of our family is currently nestled into my cocoon for three more months), I love trying new condoms and I really love trying out things that benefit our world community. 302 more words