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TV Series Review: SAFE - Netflix

The Netflix drama/thriller ‘Safe’ popped up on Netflix in mid May as part of a co-production between Netflix and the French network Canal+.

*Please note, this review is mostly spoiler free although does discuss the main premise for the show – for the best experience I recommend watching Safe before reading this review, with no idea of what happens, as it is a show that is so much better when you don’t know what is going to come – if you’re wondering if it’s worth watching, read no more and WATCH, because it is!* 799 more words


A Parent's Job

Caretaker of you is what I am
Holding you close, away from harm
Instructing you to live out your dreams
Loving you deeply, however life seems…

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A New Beauty Spot For Marikeños: Skinclique Wellness and Aesthetic Center

Having a healthy skin is a great advantage in many aspects. But how much are you willing  to pay for it? Growing up being meticulous with my skin, I used to think that the higher the price of the clinic services, the better the results would be. 759 more words

Beauty And Wellness

Homemade Cleaning the Frugal Way

In my last post The True Costs of Cleaning Services, I wrote about the frugal benefits of cleaning for yourself.  As promised, I stated I would write an article on how to make homemade organic cleaning products on the cheap. 416 more words


Be Brave & Stay Safe

Hello everyone, just posting this just on the basis of getting everything that is on my mind and somehow this may help you when you ever cross a situation like this. 175 more words

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Thistle Farms

Cheers to another installment for the June 1 announcement for what’s new in Anna Rose’s life…and no, it’s not another baby! Not yet at least! 599 more words