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Chiropractic concerns

MASON CITY, Iowa – The recent death of a playboy model has her family warning others about chiropractors.

The model died of a stroke Friday, which is being linked to an injury at her chiropractor’s office.  103 more words



Listen to me, please.
Calm down.
Just take a deep breath.
And listen.

You are the most wonderful person I’ve ever met. You’re so talented and so caring and so nice because – you… 345 more words


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Is It Safe To Vape Around Children?

Is it safe to vape around children? A lot of vapers are very passionate about vaping and can quote studies chapter and verse that show that second hand vapor is barely differentiated from standard… 13 more words

Is there Safe Dog Food

With the current manufacturer remembers on dog food, people have questioned where than could find risk-free dog food. The fact is, it is challenging to locate. 26 more words


Short Story # 2: The Job Requirement

Ubaba had a bad day at work. I can tell by the way he slams the door and drops his bag on the floor without even hanging it up. 1,985 more words