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So I’m reading another section of the Children’s Encyclopedia, published in the 1930s and there’s a puzzle section. Some guy has a safe made with three dials and on each of the dials are some letters, and know the drill; you have to turn each of the dials to the correct letter for it to open. 322 more words


Neem extract may help to treat pancreatic cancer

A natural extract derived from the neem tree, commonly found in India, could potentially be used to treat pancreatic cancer without harming normal, healthy cells, a new study has claimed. 272 more words


Just a women's site :-)

Ladies, we all have moments we want to vent, happy, sad, and mad. Here is a place for you. Let it out. Stay anonymous and no judgements. 74 more words


Creating emotionally-safe climate in marriage (podcast)

On this talk show:  How to develop emotional safety in marriage so both spouses can relax, feel comfortable revealing who they are at the deepest level, and truly thrive!  30 more words


How to Burglar-proof the Family Home

How burglar-proof is your property? If you’re worried that your household may be vulnerable to break-ins, here’s a quick guide to staying safe and secure. We’ll touch on the… 585 more words


Trust because you are willing to accept the risk, not because it’s safe or certain. ~ Anonymous