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Untitled #3 When to hold back?

She sees it all in fast forward, wasn’t it supposed to be in slow motion instead? The screeching of brakes the flashes of memories..STOP!

She wakes up panting,didn’t know it could be so strong. 305 more words

Ambiguous Lessons

Good Grief

The past cannot be changed.  There is no opportunity to go back and do things differently.  Yet, in some twist of irony, our nature seems to be to fixate on moments in the past, running the “if only” scenarios to no avail.  569 more words


Skin Whitening At Its Best

“Nakita ko yong effect niya in two weeks. Nag-lighten yong skin ko, ngblooming yong skin ko at sabi nila bumata yong hitsura ko”

Charmia Espinosa’s respond during the interview with Miriam Quiambao in one of her shows in GMA. 51 more words


Six magical words

* 11am *

As soon as the meeting ends, I first check the time and then my phone, to see if there have been any calls from her. 277 more words


A Cowardly Courage

Nothing can make a hobbit lose his respectability quite so fast, as a “nasty, disturbing, uncomfortable” adventure. Nothing can cause a hobbit, much less Mr. Bilbo Baggins of Bag-end, to partake in such an endeavor, at the risk of being late for dinner. 1,510 more words