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A horror story with a happy ending (hopefully)

Command and Control is not a piece of light reading – in any sense. But it is an absolutely essential book.

It tells the story of the United States’s… 397 more words

On an Airbus 380, the toilet is a safety critical system

As pointed out at the University of York’s real time systems group meeting yesterday…

The Airbus A380 is the world’s largest passenger airline and it flies long distances. 139 more words

Client requirements: Finding boundaries, constraints, and the shape of the elephant

By Gordon Rugg

This article is one in a series about the problem of identifying and clarifying client requirements, using the ongoing semi-humorous example of a client’s requirement for an image of an elephant. 2,173 more words


open platform for evolutionary certification of safety critical systems


OPENCOSS is an European large scale integrating FP7 project. The project aims to produce the first European-wide open safety certification platform: an Open P… 572 more words


Andrew Appel and Forward Rates

Andrew Appel, Verified Software Toolchain, here. So, I can get my trading algo proved correct. Solid. But there is a flavor of winning and losing at the same time; I get to do my own memory allocation without garbage collection. 460 more words


10 to the -9

, or one-in-a-billion, is the famed number given for the maximum probability of a catastrophic failure, per hour of operation, in life-critical systems like commercial aircraft.  608 more words

Fault Tolerance

Week 18

CMT: 18th Feb ‘08

Paola’s class today started by demanding the papers she asked us to search on safety critical systems; “Alarm” domain, and designing for complex systems.We then moved on towards identifying few issues related to organisational/ … 207 more words