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7 Steps to a Race Car Driver's Safety

When preparing for an automobile race, there can be many steps to ensuring the safety of the driver. In just 7 steps, anyone can be properly suited up, safe and ready to go. 638 more words

A Few Simple Tips Can Save You Time And Money On Your Fridge Project

The very best feature of device shop is the gratitude in value of your house. Upgrading and preserving your home with different additions or restorations yourself is an excellent method to conserve cash too. 145 more words

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My New Cold Weather Insulated Sailing Gloves

This spring I bought new pair of Gill Three Season Gloves having gotten so tired of cold fingers.

The gloves are made of 1.5mm neoprene insulation  with a high tech non-slip fabric on the palms and fingers.  392 more words

Boating Safety


By Mark Crame

A couple of years ago we had an incident one winter’s morning while fishing at anchor out on the east coast whereby a drift net caught two kayak anglers in error. 1,834 more words

Salty Paddling

Chafe Protection - Or keeping your boat tied up in a storm

As the fall storms and winds increase, chafe protection on mooring lines is often overlooked until a line parts or breaks.

Lines should be protected anytime they go over or around a sharp or abrasive object. 1,266 more words

Boating Safety

Explosion Proof Equipment Market to grow with the Lighting and Surveillance Systems Industry and reach $5.41 Billion by 2018

Explosion is defined as an abrupt increase in the energy (chemical, mechanical or nuclear) or volume in an uncontrolled manner accompanied by rise in temperature and release of gases. 703 more words

Fixing at the Farm: jacking the delivery car and replacing muffler clamps

Keeping the farm up and running often means keeping the delivery cars up and running as well.  It has been a rough month of wear and tear on both me and the cars.  667 more words