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Failed Critics Podcast: Jurassic World & Christopher Lee

Huh? Where’s the podcast gone…?

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No, wait, here it is. And it looks like Steve Norman and Owen Hughes have spliced together some DNA and created a monster of their own in Mike Shawcross. 192 more words



Keystone XL pipeline was bad enough. Big oil downplays disasters as though leaking pipes, and lack of safety inspections are rare isolated incidents.  Big oil does not want you to remember  the huge  leak that closed a whole community in Arkansas in 2013, nor train that derailed and exploded in West Virginia in 2015, nor the mountain of toxic Coke waste piling up in East Chicago at the terminal off the great lakes, 6000 tons of it every day. 280 more words

Safety Last! (1923)

In the genre of Silent Comedy, two names stand at the forefront – Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton. But a third comedy name is usually absent from praise, the highly underrated genius – Harold Lloyd. 737 more words


Safety Last!

Released in 1923, Safety Last! is a brilliant comedy and is Harold Lloyd’s most famous film. The iconic scene of Lloyd hanging from the clock high above moving traffic. 444 more words

A Pictorial History of the Movies: 1923 – Safety Last!

It’s the image. Pure and simple. If you boiled down silent cinema into a collection of images, this would probably be… number two, maybe. Behind the moon with the rocket in the eye. 541 more words


On Safety Last!

While watching Safety Last!, I was surprised to catch myself thinking that the film is much funnier ans superior in terms of story, direction and performances than anything Keaton and Chaplin did around that time. 177 more words