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Video Premier: Safety Last by Belly Up

We’re very proud to bring you the exclusive premier of Belly Up’s new video, ‘Safety Last’.

Belly Up are a band from Burlington, VT who blend loud, reverb-washed indie rock with punk rock influences. 142 more words


Safety Last: Harold Lloyd


One of the most hair-raising sustained scenes of physical comedy ever filmed. Only Buster Keaton could rival Harold Lloyd when it came to feats of physical stamina and inventiveness on the silent screen. 26 more words


Time Keeps on Slipping...Clocks and Movies

Clocks and time have played an important part in many films. They are a harbinger of things to come; deadlines to be met, deadlines that are missed, time moving too fast, too slow or even sometimes standing still. 666 more words


Online Movie Swap: Plain, Simple Tom reviews . . . "Safety Last!" (1923)

Organised by V Donovan from Coolbeans4 and Matt from The Album, this Online Movie Swap was set up for film fans to blindly watch films that they haven’t seen before, films that they wouldn’t necessarily have sought out themselves, films suggested by other film fans. 506 more words

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Stuff I Watched Recently [pt. 19]

I posted a new video on my youtube channel:

Stuff I Watched Recently

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