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Electricity in Thailand

The masses of telephone and electricity wires in my village is appalling. And the sounds they make are shocking! An electrical buzzing is a constant hum in the village. 48 more words

Creating a generation of safe and healthy workers: an example of evidence based policy through the ILO

-ILO HQ, Geneva.

This blog post is part of a series of reflections upon decisions made, and discussions and sessions held at the ILO’s 326th Governing Body. 673 more words

Uber Drivers: Standard of Safety

The shooting in Kalamazoo, Michigan has Uber defending their safety procedures for hiring drivers.  The question is what is Uber’s standard of safety? The standard of safety for hiring differs depending on what country, state, province, or city you live in. 698 more words


Russia set to ban US corn, soybean imports


Russia’s agriculture watchdog said it is going to ban imports of corn and soy from the United States starting next week. AFP/Getty Images

MOSCOW (AFP) – Russia’s agriculture watchdog said Wednesday that it is going to ban imports of corn and soy from the United States starting next week over “unsafe” and “infected” product.Russian officials held a phone conversation with their US counterparts Tuesday during which “expressing serious concern over continued shipments of grain product that is unsafe…” the Rosselkhoznadzor agency said in a statement. 163 more words

Monsanto Offered $10M to Prove GMO Safety: Monsanto Never Shows…

Source: NaturalSociety.com
By: Christina Sarich
December 29, 2015

On Monday December 21, students from Livingston High School joined Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, an American scientist with a PhD in systems biology from MIT, to debate the ‘safety’ of GMO crops. 284 more words

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ISO 10218 - safety using collaborative robots

In collaborative robot applications, which are the key guidelines in terms of safety that one should follow? What are the advantages brought by collaborative robots? This interesting  22 more words


Reducing Costs: First Aid & AED Servicing Program

A new case study, prepared by Think Safe, provides the key resource material on proper yet lower maintenance servicing procedures, tools (including ordering and inspection logs and alerts), and reporting requirements. 92 more words