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The Evening Post: The Internetest Safety Video On The Internet

Tonight, I feature a new airplane safety video from Delta.  This video features plenty of internet stars doing their thing to show you all the procedures on the airplane.   88 more words

The Evening Post

Delta Airlines has the Best Safety Video EVER!

If you are flying Delta Airlines during this holiday weekend or flying for during the summer, your in flight safety video could be different from other airlines. 25 more words

Entertainment News

Delta Airlines Officially has the Weirdest Safety Video ✈️

Delta Airlines just released this new safety video that is jam-packed with Internet stars & memes.  It’s probably the best safety video ever done by an airline.   8 more words


Delta Do It Again - It's Safety Video Time

Ok Ok, so some of us are getting bored of these safety video memes, however, here’s a bit of mid-week fun. Delta have really pulled out the stops with this Internet-fest of a safety video. 36 more words


ONE More Post About My Fabulous Vacation, Then I'll Shut Up

I totally forgot the BEST part of the whole trip – the Virgin Atlantic safety video.

Thanks YouTube!


Lost In Translation: Is This the World's Cutest and Most Disturbing Safety Video?

Hainan Airlines has joined the creative safety video craze with a high-production cartoon featuring the popular Calabash Brothers in an epic struggle against a couple of wacky evil demons. 257 more words