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Air New Zealand has taken advantage of being the "official airline of Middle-Earth" with this on-flight safety video

Air New Zealand has capitalized on the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit with its airplane safety video released in 2014 after a little over a decade of (well-meaning) jokes about how the two series are really long cinematic tourist advertisements for New Zealand. 528 more words


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Internet Killed the Safety Video Star..or Did It?

Years from now, anthropologists will debate the exact moment that the genre of the entertainment safety video crossed over from the sublime to the ridiculous. To save them time, I’m positing that the meme finally killed it off, and it was the incredible success of Delta’s… 375 more words


All Blacks rugby stars rap in new Air New Zealand safety video

Air New Zealand has become famous for its hilarious and star-studded air safety videos, featuring everyone from Elijah Wood to Bear Grylls to Betty White.

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Hawaiian Talk Safety With A Taste Of Kama'aina

So re-inventing the safety video isn’t really anything new, we’ve covered countless airlines and their spin-off from the stereotypical safety video, where seat belts have been fastened anywhere from… 419 more words