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Singapore Airlines Launches New Safety Video, Showcasing Singapore

Following the latest trend of airlines taking their safety videos outside of the airline cabin, Singapore Airlines has unveiled its new version, which takes viewers on a panoramic journey across various locations in Singapore. 192 more words


A Chef, an Actor, and a Mute Walk into a Cabin...

United Airlines.

After audibly sighing in disgust, remember that not all airlines are the same. Most airlines may feel the same and may seem the same, but there some airlines that truly rise above the rest and genuinely believe its passengers should enjoy their flight in… 74 more words

Star power in British Airways' new safety video

Ever since Air New Zealand (Air NZ) made the bold move to ditch the traditional safety video format for something more entertaining, some airlines have followed suit to be different. 343 more words


Super funny British Airways safety video

If you thought you’ve seen the funniest safety video so far, you’re sorely mistaken. This latest film from British Airways takes the cake. This British airways safety video is so British it even has Rowan Atkinson pulling his whole Mr Bean stunt on it. 23 more words

Top five cheesiest airline safety videos.

Every time we fly on an aeroplane, we have to watch the safety video.  Some airlines make a huge effort to update them frequently and keep them fresh and interesting.   217 more words

Safety Video

Air New Zealand's Latest Video Is A Fantastical Journey

Another year, another safety video. Air New Zealand have brought a brand new aesthetic to their latest video, with both Katie Holmes and Cuba Gooding Jr. 263 more words


Safety Tidbit for 03/13/2017

Years ago I watched a safety video on proper lifting techniques.  The video started with a man being prepped for back surgery.  His back had gone out while picking up a screw driver.  114 more words