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Ep4 - How To Stay Save While Traveling?

In this episode I began off by answering Taryn’s question and then it kind of took me into the world of safety while abroad. When seeing her questions at first I didn’t think I would end up talking about this, but seeing as I started I decided it was an important topic to cover. 155 more words


Contact RF Hazards

Part 2 on Safety

Safety is an important topic in ham radio.  There are 11 questions on electrical hazards in the USA Technician class license exam pool, 13 questions on tower safety and associated grounding, and 13 questions on radio frequency (RF) hazards. 526 more words


Safely celebrating Thanksgiving (for my US readers)!

Thanksgiving, such a glorious holiday of gluttony. For humans, anyway. Many things that appear on your Thanksgiving table range from “maybe not the best choice” to “could be fatal” for your dog(s). 127 more words


Prevent, Plan, and Protect in an Active Shooter Event.

  The sad fact is an active shooter event can occur anywhere: a movie theater, a restaurant, your office, a nightclub, open-air country concert, a house of worship, and (perhaps the most tragic) public school.  449 more words

Active Shooters

You don't look like a runner

When you think of someone running outdoors, you may picture an image like the one above. Good looking slender people with nice looking clothes/gear and a smile on their face… 261 more words


Just in Time for Thanksgiving:  Britax Settlement Signals Common-Sense Thinking at CPSC

At this time of year, we celebrate blessings large and small. For product sellers, consumers, and others who are interested in both product safety and the administrative process, the new make-up of the CPSC is one of those blessings worth celebrating.  802 more words


Your Safety

With recent activity developing in and around the downtown core, it’s important for us to remind our members how to remain safe while enjoying their activities throughout the day. 267 more words