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100 Astra Superior Stainless Double Edge Safety Razor Blades -

Astra blades are noted for sharpness, durability and comfort. Manufactured in Russia, for Gillette UK, these blades are outstanding in all standard double edge safety razors. 32 more words

Safety, Durability, Comfort: Vital Qualities in a Far Infrared Sauna

It’s not enough to just compare infrared sauna prices when shopping for your home unit. There are several important factors you should consider before making a purchase, such as the heaters used in the unit. 88 more words


Simply effective - an introduction to simple automation

Here at Toyota, we are continually looking to develop our products and services to help your operations become more productive and efficient. As part of this, we have introduced concept of simple automation in the form of the BT Autopilot TAE050 semi-automatic cart. 391 more words


Nuclear industry's legacy - stranded wastes, safety fears, collapsing communities

As nuclear plants age, risks rise, telegram.com Christine Legere, Dec 4, 2016 Dec 4, 2016 “………COLLAPSING COMMUNITIES

Fifty years after the U.S. launched a bold plan to invest in nuclear power, most of the promises of clean, inexpensive energy have failed to materialize. 1,218 more words


France launches investigation of Fessenheim nuclear power plant

France investigating hazardous nuclear plant after Greenpeace call – report  https://www.rt.com/news/369320-france-nuclear-plant-danger/ 6 Dec, 2016  France has reportedly opened an investigation into an activity of its oldest power plant, Fessenheim, after Greenpeace reported that the reactor has numerous abnormalities and is endangering people’s lives. 392 more words


Women safety and child-lock

Child Lock feature is put in cars in order to prevent little kids from opening the door while you are driving.

But what it has got to do with women on a hired cab..? 382 more words