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Social Media Can Save Lives!

Social Media, the dictionary meaning of this is “websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking”. 997 more words

Cars That Parent Us, by Eric Peters

Cars have become the mobile embodiment of the nanny state. From Eric Peters at theburningplatform.com:

One of the reasons for liking old cars is they don’t try to parent you. 341 more words


Kiddos and Doggos

Today when Precious and I were sitting at picnic table, a little girl (probably around 8) ran up and tried to go under the table to touch Precious. 386 more words


Biking Madison AL

A comprehensive guide to biking the city of Madison, Alabama

Madison is trying to improve their bicycle infrastructure. They’re trying, but struggling. As with any civic project, money is the driving factor. 1,634 more words


Does Your Company Value Your Safety?

By Phil La Duke

At first glance most of you silently answered, “of course they do” but is your personal safety truly a value of the company?   997 more words


Is it safe to travel to Colombia?

Colombia, the South American country with a frightening reputation for warring drug barons and kidnappings, is a new destination for travelers. But how safe is it? 281 more words