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Caresses down my arm,
Sliding to my waist,
With a slight tug,
I have no place to escape,
Shuffling further back,
So I’m encompassed completely, 17 more words


Stupid Things Runners Do

This isn’t a tongue in cheek funny post, not run 26.2 miles in a row, not run up the same hill over and over, this is literally about stupid things that runners do. 1,747 more words


Every Drive Is A Roadtrip!

If your car rides with children are anything like mine, then you know how big a mission it can be. As you put the infant in the car, the toddler is running towards the street, and it doesn’t stop there! 152 more words


I try as hard as possible to avoid all forms of embarrassing moments including tripping while walking in high heeled shoes. But you know, there are times when you can’t just resist the pressing urge to give in to the temptation and you give it a try. 1,247 more words


As I am Walking Dead to my dorm room, zombified by my lack of sleep and controlled by the 50 pounds of assignments in my backpack, I’m shocked and slightly annoyed (my door is so close!) when this girl stops me and says very excitedly “Oh my gosh I like it!” I stop and glance at my outfit. 465 more words


What is in you pack?

Actually for starters, do you own a backpack?

Ok.  So you are taking part in a fundraiser where you will be on your own the backcountry for 3 days.  3,586 more words


The Poster Child "Kim"

My sister is amazing in every way. She is my true Hero in life.  It is her strength of spirit and will that never ceases to amaze me.   1,306 more words