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Andreas Lubitz from pilot to mass killer

Today marks another sad day in the story of aviation as it was confirmed that 28 year old co-pilot Andreas Lubitz was the probable cause of Germanwings flight 4U9525 being deliberately flown into the French Alps on Tuesday with the loss of 150 people. 882 more words

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A recent life lesson

I am writing this post because I want to educate people on how to live the smart way. Recently, I came close to what could have been the end of my life. 447 more words

My Comforter My Lord

Dear Lord in Heaven, today I want to praise you for all You do for me. Life can be so very hard. But then I remember Your Holy Spirit within me is not just for guidance, but for comfort also. 265 more words


I hate running but with the amount of food I consume, something had to give. So, I started running again. But what do you need to run? 113 more words


Poison Prevention... 9 life saving safety tips for your innocent child

It only takes a moment…a fraction of a moment…a turned back…an unlocked cabinet…a detergent pod left on the counter…a bottle of nail polish remover sitting next to the sink…or a Tylenol bottle left open in the bottom of a purse…only a moment for the unthinkable to happen.  1,121 more words

Surrounded by the Love I Hate

This is a very open post….*takes in deep breath* here I go.

Some people say it’s better to love and to lose than to never love at all. 5,927 more words

Be sure 

think then say,

Be safe at all times,

Know what is wrong and right,

Be yourself, be great.