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Riding My Harley

Nothing relieves my stress more than a ride on my Harley. This past weekend I went for a ride around Long Island N.Y.

Now what was suppose to be a nice pleasurable ride, ended up making me more stressed out then before I started out. 103 more words

Pockets of Productivity and body language.

If you have taken the time to read the “about” section of this blog you will see that there are five topics that I think about the most.   564 more words

The Hit and Run Video and My Opinion

Cycling has been in the news alot this week, and not for a good reason.  The hit and run on the Natchez Trace that went viral and ended up in just about everyone’s facebook feed has demonstrated the real danger that cyclist face, and the real ironic thing: The danger on a road that is primarily there for cycling and sightseeing.   802 more words


Extracurricular empowerment: Scott McLeod at TEDxDesMoines

Technology has advanced so much within the last 15 years! I remember having a big clunky computer in the corner of my room and I remember how long I had to wait to use the internet and make sure no one would take a phone call when I was trying to use the internet. 401 more words

It is Rape Again!

Where His senses are locked,

 I can see Mute spectator’s walk!

His greed to tarnish souls,

Is ignored by the guarding roles!

He eats each inch of her from head to toe, 106 more words


Take The Time to Talk

It can almost be ridiculous what we see and believe on social media. People have even taken to making a parody about how much we lie on social media. 316 more words




Caresses down my arm,
Sliding to my waist,
With a slight tug,
I have no place to escape,
Shuffling further back,
So I’m encompassed completely, 17 more words