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But she sent him a text …

How defensive responses manifests after sexual assault.

I’m starting to see consent as twofold. It is both the foundational structure from which we build up, negotiate and renegotiate the space that exist between sexual partners, sets the boundaries that distinguish acceptable from unacceptable sexual behaviours and sets out the expectations that are present within the erotic space. 1,634 more words


[WATCH] BRIGHT SIDE - 10 Spy Smartphone Hacks That May Save Your Life One Day

“Bright Side has made a list of the best spy tricks that you can do with your smartphone right now. We will help you get to know your inner Bond!

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Tips Which Will Help You Stay Safe On Roads and Streets

Motorcycle riding is for sure a convenient and awesome activity to do. Sure as hell it is something really dangerous IF NOT DONE CAREFULLY . According to a survey , 40% of total accidental deaths in India happen on a motorcycle . 329 more words


Lathe chip guard

Guard stops hot chips burning my feed hand


Made from take-away containers


Flexible, see-through, long lasting, etc.


Listen from the Stillness

Listen from the stillness in your body and your breath, not from your mind. Don’t listen to your mind and what it tells you about how to do things. 352 more words

The shake down!

Hollister California is a small town that is usually confused with the beach clothing brand and or is passed by those who commute or are traveling on Highway 156. 1,449 more words

Calaveras Fault Line

Responding to a break in

If you follow Bearwood Chapel’s Facebook page or get our weekly e-bulletin, then you will know that we recently suffered a break in. I just wanted to share a few personal reflections here. 366 more words

The Christian Life