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I took a leap of faith

Today I made the call to our local in home care provider and have started the process of being an in home child care provider. This is all a little scary and a great leap into the unknown. 191 more words


Bullies and Comfort Zones

The one time I was bravest in my life was when I was around ten years old. You see, there was this bully. His name was Roger. 826 more words

Comfort & Saftey

Each one of us have experienced something that’s made us feel so comfortable, so safe that you feel as if you’re living in a different or an imaginary world. 284 more words


Festive Hangover Tips! Blogmas Day 3

Hangover cures are generally a myth and there is no “CURE” but there’s plenty of tips that can help prevent a hangover and ease one. … 727 more words


December is a Joyous month let's keep it that way.

Is firm liable for drunk employee’s fatal accident? By Allan Sareini December 1st 2016   A company celebration turned tragic for this local hotel. How did it happen — and was the company responsibl… 12 more words

Don't swear at mothers cycling their kids to school

I was cycling my daughter to school this morning – she is only 6 years old – and a man in a van shouted at us, “You should have a fucking helmet on”. 213 more words


How often to replace your motorbike helmet?

The rule is to replace your motorcycle helmet every five years, sooner if you drop it or are involved in a crash. It is also important to remember its 5 years from the manufacture date not your purchase date. 93 more words