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   Social safety nets save lives everyday by helping the people in need . For example poor, diseased, illness, and many more people just like that. You can help save lives by giving donations to social safety nets for example UNICEF, big brother, foster homes, food drive ,and many more. 15 more words

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Teaching Your Children Road Saftey

As a mum of three children under five years (I did have two at a time) I was really daunted about the prospect of letting them all walk anywhere. 820 more words

Free THINK car window stickers

THINK! provides road safety information for road users. Their aim is to encourage safer behaviour to reduce the number of people killed and injured on our roads every year. 64 more words


This is my story

Basically I have tried talking to friends or writing a diary about what I have been through but I just don’t feel like I am actually getting anything off my chest so I have decided to share my story online in hope that it wont just help me feel better i am also hoping it will help others who may be in similar situations. 903 more words


Live IT

North Central College is one of two schools in the state of Illinois participating in the Green Dot initiative.

“The green dot is a social movement where we train students, it’s a one day training where we talk about different ways they can intervene and step in and basically look out for their friends. 329 more words

Have You Ever Seen A Bulletproof Laptop Bag Before?

“Light enough to be held by a child, but strong enough to stop a .44 Magnum traveling 1412 feet per second, the MTS™ is truly a lifesaver.” 213 more words