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Dark Secrets

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So everyone has dark secrets, huh? He asked me with a quizzical expression on his face. We were reading about this so called saints of India. 33 more words


Zen Poetry

The Perfect Way knows no difficulties
Except that it refuses to make preferences;
Only when freed from hate and love,
It reveals itself fully and without disguise;
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The World in your Hands

“The five elements that operate in nature, creating and destroying, also operate in the mind, objectifying the same nature. So the whole world lies (potentially) in our hands”.

Yin Fu Ching


Why Offer Dakshina?

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Why offer dakshina? That man asks for an offering whenever someone visits him. Why should we give him that, God? 39 more words


Leadership is NOT the Limitless Pill

Everybody’s everything is leadership.

The church has become one dimensional in our thinking and nobody seems to see it. We’ve boiled down “follow me” into leadership lessons. 188 more words

Spiritual Formation


Fear not what

one cannot fathom,

entropy, inevitable,

venerable sages

take ages to fail, to pale

beneath a dying sun.



James Overview

Author and Date

Tradition generally holds that this letter was written by James, the brother of Jesus, who is also called James the Just, and sometimes identified as┬áJames, son of Alphaeus, and James the Less.1… 1,833 more words

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