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My Big Mistake

One of the biggest mistakes I made when I was in my former religion was to listen to the critical attitude and self-labeled “realist mentality” against the idealism of the religion itself. 1,190 more words


SAGES Speaks Out Against the "Cemetery of the Innocents"

By Erin Shanahan

SAGES Coalition stood in opposition next to Fordham University Respect for Life’s demonstration, “Cemetery of the Innocents,” Tuesday, April 28.

The demonstration, set up on McGinley Lawn, consisted of 2900 small white flags representing the amount of abortions that occur in the United States each day. 575 more words


Saints & Sages Sunday

Lalla was a 14th century Indian mystic who experienced such an ecstatic union with the Divine that she cared nothing for her physical appearance. She often wandered the countryside naked. 197 more words


Rethinking Abortion Activism on Campus

Every year, Fordham’s Respect for Life group sets up thousands of small, white flags on the grass in front of the McGinley Center. It is part of the annual Respect for Life Week, a national initiative. 575 more words


SAGES to Protest Adjunct Wages, Respect for Life Display

By Erin Shanahan

The gender equality and contraceptive activists, SAGES, have been promoting two events: Fordham Faculty Forward’s “Student and Adjunct Income Inequality Rally” to be held this Wednesday, April 15, as well as “SAGES Protest Against Respect for Life Week.” Specifically , SAGES will be protesting the “Cemetery of the Innocents,” which they termed “the baby graveyard” held on April 29. 540 more words


A journey into why we still need our Wise Woman Sages

As a young woman of the world, I’ve often wondered how I would successfully steer my way through the many stages womanhood. 

How would I know what to expect? 932 more words


The Goddess Within


When they thought us wicked, we were really wise

In the Burning Times of world despise,

They named us as tricksters, blamed things dark and worse, 50 more words