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Looking for a Modern Day Sage: Joe's Perspective

I used to despair of the fact that most people in the United States knew actors and musicians but couldn’t find Tibet, or perhaps China for that matter, on a map. 612 more words


The Third Commandment

The Third Commandment

Exodus 20: 7 / Deuteronomy 5:10

This is the third in our series of the Ten Commandments/Instructions
In our study of this, and all of YeHoVaH’s Commandments, I do not use the fictitious title, (The LORD) not found in the Scripture “Hebraic-Roots Version of the bible. 886 more words

Pro-Life Display Changes Name but Still Draws Protesters

By Amanda Maile and Laura Sanicola

Amid a slew of Fordham students waiting on line for Under The Tent tickets outside of the McGinley Center on Wednesday, Fordham’s pro-life student organization was arranging white flags in the shape of a heart on the adjacent lawn.   588 more words


Mikvah......4 days and a wake-up

This week I’ve had lots of emotions. Some good, some of great joy, and some of anxiety. My Mikvah date is almost here. I’ve waited 3 years for this day. 361 more words

Orthodox Judaism Conversion

The Goddess Within


When they thought us wicked, we were really wise

In the Burning Times of world despise,

They named us as tricksters, blamed things dark and worse, 50 more words


Celebrating 40 Years of Les Clefs d'Or Canada. Day 30 - 2004, the creation of the Comité des Sages.

In 2004, at the National Congress in Niagara, two Les Clefs d’Or Canada ex-Presidents were named Sages and thus, was born the Comité des Sages, there to guide us and to advise us whenever necessary. 181 more words

Clefs D'Or

The Sages Know

As seekers and sages, it is foundational to consider the nature of matter.

As referenced in many ancient texts, we might think of matter as a mirror. 194 more words