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On Grandparents, Sages and Ancestors (ReBlog)

Every time I see folks taking care of their grandchildren, I always make it a point to say to them, “Thank God for Grandparents!” No doubt, Grandparents can be a child’s gu… 18 more words


SONG PREMIERE: Sages - "Face The World"

Sacramento rock band Sages has premiered their new song recently. You can check out the stream for “Face The World” below. The song is from the band’s upcoming new album… 8 more words

A Never Ending Love

They say in every prophet, there’s a fire burning,

and in each sage, a wisdom learning. And in our poets?

a never ending love, yet so beautifully yearning. 6 more words



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Where I journeyed through time

With Solomon and ( sages )

Wide Reading

Wide Reading

It was not just the Stoics he read—
But the poets of lust and of dread
Down through every dire age.
Stony-faced spake the Sage: 14 more words