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Give Me a Lift.....

I never knew I made noise getting up until my first grandchild was about two and everytime he got up from sitting or moved something or did any kind of lifting, he would make these sounds of extreme effort.   712 more words

The Batman Sag

BREAKING NEWS!! I have just discovered a new type of sag.

For those unenlightened souls among you, sagging is the art of wearing your trousers/pants so low on your hips that they defy the laws of gravity. 214 more words


Stay Off The Grass! Musings on Respectability Politics

Friday, a movie that was released in 1995, was and still is a favorite of many African-Americans. There are scores of us who can even quote select scenes as if we were cast in the movie because not only was it so entertaining that it was worth a 2nd, 3rd, and 45th viewing at the time, it still plays on select cable television stations to this day. 930 more words

Firm Sagging Breasts

Sagging breasts are an issue that is faced by many women these days, more so than in the past, as believe it or not the average cup size of women, which is been monitored by numerous lingerie manufacturers for the last 15 years and more. 15 more words

Hot Heebs of the Day

Shabbat Shalom.

Charles Clore Park, Tel Aviv

A Yoga Pose That Prevents Neck Sagging

When taking measures to prevent the signs of aging, our necks often get overlooked. And has it occurred to you that constantly looking down at our gadgets isn’t doing us any favors? 180 more words


How to tighten sagging breast easily, in home - YouTube

Why did not my gynecologist tell me? **************** Do not miss the video: **************** Ou…

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