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Pull Up Your Pants

The sad answer to that question is that it always did. Except if you wore a Zoot Suit. Those guys looked pretty pimp, but still those guys didn’t look very “gangsta”. 714 more words


The Swagger of the Sagger

I’ve already written one post about manscaping and another one about murses and fanny packs. So why not, I thought, go for the trifecta when it comes to men’s fashion trends? 318 more words


Sagging!! Pull Your Pants Up!!!!

In this episode of Convos In The Park, we talk about the “trend” of sagging pants. We discuss the origins of sagging, how it looks to the world as well as how it makes black men look. 20 more words

Social Commentary

Best Wrinkle Cream on the Market!!!

“According to The Skin Cancer Foundation, practicing sun protection year-round can prevent sun damage and might even reverse some of the damage that has already been done to your skin. 664 more words

Healthy Aging

The Real Issues Are Sagging

The great philosopher Kanye West said in his song ‘Paranoid,’ “You worry bout the wrong things,” and I think this is true for the city of Augusta, Georgia and any other city that has passed or is thinking about passing this “ 495 more words