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What is Age anyway?

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Depending on whether you are talking about wine or women and since I don’t know anything about wine, I’ll talk about women.  874 more words

(Unfinished Ramble #1) SAG Awards

Written July 26th 2016

I still remember the first time I purposely sagged my jeans. I was a sophomore in high school at Brooklyn Tech and I had a pair of jeans that were sized 34 in the waist but the length was like 29 or something. 1,325 more words


Sagging britches trying to run

Coming out of Walmart one day my mother and I were about to leave, when we saw three fellas running out of the store. At first I thought they were just playing around or something, however, my mother said “no I think they just stole something and they’re running!” Well she was right. 91 more words

Crazy Stuff

Hot Heeb of the Day

Charles Clore Park, Tel Aviv

Pull Up Your Pants

The sad answer to that question is that it always did. Except if you wore a Zoot Suit. Those guys looked pretty pimp, but still those guys didn’t look very “gangsta”. 714 more words


The Swagger of the Sagger

I’ve already written one post about manscaping and another one about murses and fanny packs. So why not, I thought, go for the trifecta when it comes to men’s fashion trends? 318 more words