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University Ban On Saggy Pants Decried As Racist

This is from The Daily Caller.

As a former Correctional Officer I can tell you that in the prison system saggy pants mean you’re available to be someones punk. 459 more words

Top 3 Worst Fashion Trends Ever

Please don’t be one of these people:

Shell Suits


Saggy Jeans

Things I Can't Categorise

Saggy Pants be Gone!

If your planning on cruising down to the Jersey Shore anytime soon with this nice weather, be mindful of the positioning of your pants, especially if your going to Wildwood. 311 more words

Municipal Law

Saggy Pants and Laundry

Who’s ready for story number dos? I know I am! Listen up, here’s a story of about how my life got flipped, turned upside down. Just kidding, I’ll rap for you another time.   535 more words


Hip Hop's Makeover is Long Overdue

One of my mentors asked me why I was so quiet and not making my voice heard in the streets protesting for justice. First, because, I Can’t Breathe. 791 more words

African America

Not Pulling Your Pants Up Could Soon Be Illegal In Forest Park!

Saggy pants could get you a ticket in Forest Park soon!

According to Forest Park Review, the city council is thinking about making saggy pants illegal! 88 more words