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South Carolina town approves ordinance banning sagging pants

TIMMONSVILLE, S.C. – A South Carolina town easily passed an ordinance Tuesday to ban sagging pants, a clothing style that could result in a fine of several hundred dollars. 242 more words


Saggy pants: political protest

A manifestation of discontentment is sweeping the nation. With the recent economic crisis – unprecedented foreclosure and massive job loss – politically proactive teens are experimenting with visual aids to express their distaste toward the situation. 478 more words

No chance for this saggy pants ordinance

Are you tired of seeing hooligans with pants that hang well below the hip? So are the Azusa jokesters who took to social media to warn the public of a new ban on wearing saggy pants. 111 more words

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Lying To Your Significant Other + Randy Quaid + Saggy Pants Ban

In this podcast, Brian Noonan discuss when it’s OK to lie to your significant other, Randy Quaid’s recent legal trouble and Gary’s plan to ban saggy pants. 9 more words

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