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Hip Hop's Makeover is Long Overdue

One of my mentors asked me why I was so quiet and not making my voice heard in the streets protesting for justice. First, because, I Can’t Breathe. 791 more words

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Not Pulling Your Pants Up Could Soon Be Illegal In Forest Park!

Saggy pants could get you a ticket in Forest Park soon!

According to Forest Park Review, the city council is thinking about making saggy pants illegal! 88 more words


View from a Rhino House: fashionistas vs fashion victims

In returning to a measure of sanity the city of Ocala (in Florida) has joined most of the developed world in deciding that “saggy pants” are a (dubious) fashion choice rather than a matter for the police, rescinding a two-month-old ban that threatened a criminal record for citizens “intentionally exposing their underwear or buttocks”. 306 more words


Rick Stacy On Demand 9.17.14

Ocala’s repeal of the saggy pants ordinance, a Krispy Kreme tribute to Ghostbusters, and beer brewed with weasel poop come together in today’s edition of Rick Stacy On Demand! 358 more words


Hands Up with Pants Down: Black Respectability and Racism

This recent segment on CNN about pants sagging and racial profiling illustrates the divide not only in the black community, but the larger society, between those who offer black respectability as cure for racial profiling, and others who believe only holding systemic white supremacy accountable for targeting black and brown men for harassment, brutality, and arrest will result in less incidents like Eric Garner and Michael Brown. 1,204 more words

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Driving to work today I almost hit a young man. It wasn’t my fault, I had the right of way. I was driving down a street when the man had parked his car on the side of the street I was driving on and just got out of it and quickly ran across the street, forcing me to hit the brakes. 782 more words