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How to Make Sago

Sago is one of carbohydrate plant in most productive. Carbohydrate of sago Indonesia estimates 5 million tons or 3 million kiloliter ethanol. Remember plant of sago grows on the swamp and coast so that we do not look many plants grows around the plant of sago. 1,417 more words

How To Make Sago

Richie's Sago Pudding

1 1/2 litres milk
pinch salt
1 cup sago
vanilla essence
brown sugar


  1.     Warm milk and salt
  2.      Add sago slowly
  3.      Add small piece of butter to prevent boiling over…
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Sago Poeding (Tapioca Dessert)

Sago poeding served warm from the oven with some apricot jam is a favourite dessert on a cool evening in South Africa. This recipe came from a friend, & I adjusted the measurements to make it North America friendly. 222 more words


Baked Sago Pudding with Lotus Seed Paste 焗西米蓮蓉布甸

With this recipe, I could make 1 glass casserole (8″ x 8″), or 8 small baking cups.  I find it a bit too sweet, but my family think it is just right.  192 more words


Sabudana Tapas

With soft, crunchy, and toasted textures, all mixed in one mini cocktail cup, this sabudana (sago/tapioca) appetizer is quick to make and absolutely mouthwatering. It has layers of tamarind/cilantro chutney, sabudana, veggies, potatoes, and spices for a chaat style dish! 821 more words


Fasting or Breakfasting trials

Well, its a lovely morning and I am about to make myself a hot cuppa when suddenly I realize that I forgot to soak the… 450 more words


Recipe: Sabudana (sago) stuffed vada

Sabudana vada is a nice dish which is one of the snack option for your guests, and you can consume it in fasting days also. In this sabudana vada, stuffing brings a twist to this regular dish and also a treat to your taste buds. 267 more words