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Return to the Sonoran Desert

We always look forward to driving back into the Sonoran Desert for our winter stays.  We feel like this desert full of Saguaros is waiting just for us – are we becoming desert rats after all these years?  1,064 more words

Where We Have Been

Is One Sunset Worth a Blog Post?

It’s a Friday night and I wanted to get home early. But God had other plans. He decided to put on a show, that I was happy to attend. And I got home late.



In response to today’s blog post prompt, I chose this silhouette of a saguaro cactus. When these grow in the desert, they are almost always in close proximity to a Palo Verde or Mesquite tree, as in this image. 22 more words


It's My Birthday, and I'll Do What I Want (which is get out early and wander)!

Not much to share, as the pictures speak for themselves. When Phoenix gets a cloudy day, the pre-dawn and sunrises can be amazing. These a combination of Camera (I realize I still want that with me), GoPro, and cell phone. 13 more words


The Cloud Above, Death Below

The Cloud Above, Death Below — Image by kenne

When death comes
The ribs are exposed
Standing tall.

— kenne


Do I need to hike with my camera anymore?

I’ve spent much of the last year hiking with my Nikon D3400, along with my Samsung Galaxy 8 phone. And I’ve been very happy with the pictures they both take. 140 more words