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Интервью Чемпионки Молдовы по Шахматам ММ Светланы Петренко

Светлана Петренко родом из Кишинева, получила звание гроссмейстера среди женщин в 2001 году. На Олимпиаде в Кальвии (Испания) в 2004 году она выполнила норму для получения звания международного мастера среди мужчин.


Campionatul European Individual Feminin la Şah

2005, 10 iunie. Campionatul European Individual Feminin la Şah. Chişinău 10-25 iunie 2005.

Tipar ofset pe hârtie albă, gumată. 5 culori. Dantelura 14 ½:14. Format 27,50×46,00 mm. 519 more words

Colecţia „Chişinău"

Carbon monoxide, in small amounts, is used by HO-1 to remove heme after a hemorrhagic stroke

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center says that carbon monoxide is typically associated with brain injury and neurological symptoms. But a new study suggests that when administered in small, carefully controlled amounts, CO may actually protect the brain from damage following hemorrhagic stroke.  259 more words


Post-traumatic Cerebral Vasospasm

3 phases after severe head injury:

1. hypoperfusion and cerebral ischemia (24h)
2. rebound hyperemia (24-72h)
3.  post-traumatic vasospasm (4-14d)

Methods to detect Post-trauma Vasospasm… 432 more words

Romanian Chess Championship 2015

The Romanian Championship started today 18th of April in the city of Calimanesti, located in the southern Romania. Both, men and women sections will play a 9 round swiss tournament that lasts until April 26th. 43 more words


Single and Happy

Please don’t misconstrue this as an overly perky “He’s out there and I know God has him waiting for me!!!” post. Being single is horrible. This post isn’t for people who don’t want to be in a relationship; it’s for those of us who would settle for questionable behavior just to have a relationship because it’s been close to a decade since you’ve been in one. 185 more words


Sanskrit सः saḥ ('he', 'that')

Summary: This article deals with the Sanskrit pronoun सः saḥ, which may be translated in many different ways. A relatively large number of alternate translations are presented here in five overview tables, along with a tentative translation scheme for rigid two-way Sanskrit-English translation. 67 more words