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Heparin Drip for DCI prevention in Aneurysmal SAH?

Interesting article from Journal of Neurointerventional Surgery looking at use of heparin after endovascular treatment of cerebral aneurysms.  The study was retrospective, included ~400 patients (~200 given heparin post-coiling and ~200 matched controls), and collected data on incidence of vasospasm, DCI, and functional outcome. 308 more words

Faith not sight

This week we’ve been hearing a bit from Hebrews 11. I am always amazed at the interpretation the writer offers of what Abraham was thinking as he obeyed God’s word in Genesis 22. 210 more words


A new and better city

We’ve been in Melbourne since Monday. This city seems so different and at the same time so familiar. The signs read in English. The people speak my language. 386 more words


Bucketlist (lista ostvarenih želja) Nebojše Reljina - Fekija (intervju)

Da počnemo.Ko je i šta je Nebojša Reljin ? Pesnik u najboljim godinama, pevač, grafičar, suprug, otac, Novosađanin…Ko i šta još ?

  • Šta još…Kompozitor, šahista-poluamater, dizajner, bivši golman, tako, možda sam i nešto i propustio.
  • 2,804 more words

We've made it to Melbourne...

We’re giving thanks to God tonight as we settle in for our first nights rest tonight. It’s been a long day of travel but we’ve arrived safe and sound. 39 more words


Relative Alpha Variability

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Vespa, Paul M. et al. “Early Detection Of Vasospasm After Acute Subarachnoid Hemorrhage Using Continuous EEG ICU Monitoring”. Electroencephalography and Clinical Neurophysiology 103.6 (1997): 607-615. Web.

DCI Prevention (Failed Interventions)

Here is a list of failed interventions (so far) for DCI prevention in subarachnoid hemorrhage.

Table was taken from first reference listed below.  The other references listed are the source articles (RCTs) where the table was based from. 420 more words