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Sipping Heavenly Broth

I have noticed that the modern Filipino’s diet tends to be filled with a lot of oily and fatty food. Personally, I feel that my appetite tends to wane when I eat too much of these kinds of food. 389 more words

Pinoy Dad

No Bad Blood for Taylor Swift

Dear Taylor Swift,

I never would have thought that, at age 42, I would be writing an open letter to a famous person, much less a 25 year old young lady who is one of the most popular performers in pop culture right now. 1,187 more words


Sales Work Is Like Riding A Bike

For those who have experienced sales work in the past and get back to it sometime later, the experience is akin to riding a bike. You never really forget. 260 more words


A Forgotten Art

My mother, sister and I enjoy watching westerns such as Gunsmoke, Bonanza, The Big Valley, and The Rifleman. In a godless, feminist-soaked, techno-crazed America, it’s nice to go back to an 1800s America when God, male leadership, and simplistic living ruled the nation. 708 more words


Random Thought for Thursday: 3 year old logic

Over the past week Sweetie has been dealing with a summer cold. Nothing major, one day of low-grade fever and a bunch of boogers. So it’s really more of an inconvenience than an illness. 184 more words

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4,100 Pages of Harry Potter

On July 16th, I read the last page of the Harry Potter books to London. It had taken me one year, two months, and four days to read that page and the previous 4,099 to her. 615 more words


Quick, Easy, Cheap and Healthy

Making ends meet is tough. Smart dads have to learn how to make things work out. 239 more words

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