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Buy Me A Beer

No one knows what it is like to be a stay-at-home parent unless they have
done it themselves.

Maybe you watched your kids for a long weekend so your spouse could get a break. 462 more words


Stay At Home Dad; What A Busy Day Looks Like

Hello everyone,

I think there is a perception out there at times that the parent who stays home isn’t as busy as the parent who works.   1,455 more words


Sorry Mom

Looking back at my childhood, I admit, there were times when I did things wrong. Maybe even times when I deserved to get yelled at or punished for doing stupid or annoying things. 840 more words


Achievement: Geometry League


Geometry League
Those that didn’t flunk it, now use it to save the world

What do you know… my blog didn’t just evaporate after 11 months of neglect. 356 more words


Ranty Pants

I have homeschooled my kids for the majority of their lives and while I have no idea whether or not I have done a good job, I do know that I have some outrageously great kids who are notorious for doing the right thing, telling the truth, and being 100% who they are. 642 more words

Random Thought For Thursday: TBT from Me?!?

I have been avoiding the “TBT” trend for a while now. Mainly because this blog is supposed to center around the girls and throw backs go to a time before them. 241 more words

Stay-at-home Dad

Who's Better at Being the Stay-At-Home Parent, Dads or Moms?

Hello everyone,

I’ve heard this topic so many times since I took on the role as the stay at home parent.  There are the radical moms out there that say there is no way a man can care for children the same way a woman can.   874 more words