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Ten Months of Cricket-tude

The spring has been mild, albeit a bit rainy, here in Chicago. With the temperature sitting in the 60’s and 70’s and a variety of projects around the house it is hard to sit down to write. 216 more words

Stay-at-home Dad

Here we go!

a few months ago I came across this SAHD’s blog while researching warm weather types of baby carriers. I live in Puerto Rico. It’s bloody hot here. 303 more words

12 Classics in 2015: The Jungle

The Jungle is widely known as the book that turned the public’s gaze upon the meat industry. Months after the novel’s publication, the Food and Drug Act went into effect. 483 more words


5 ways to help being a SAHD work, and to get people to respect it

We have all been there. We have all gotten that look of indignation when the conversation inevitably leads to the dreaded question “what do you do for a living?” Now at first this would make me very uncomfortable. 1,097 more words


5 Ways I Cope with Being Home Most of the Time

I’m not a loner.  I like being around other people.  I LOVE being around other people that are interested in what I have to say.  I’m that person at work that volunteers to present.   662 more words


Raspberry Chipotle BBQ sauce, and random musings

I absolutely love to cook, it is my passion. Nothing is better on a warm (108 degrees) summer evening then firing up the grill. I am the type that likes to find/create a new recipe every night, and hardly ever make the same thing twice. 447 more words


I'm a Christian and I love gay people.

My name is Carl. I am a Christian. And I love gay people.

It’s been almost 48 hours since the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that bans on gay marriage were unconstitutional. 1,682 more words