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Open Letters - A Beginner's Guide to Passive Aggression

At the moment my news feed seems to be choked full of those ultimate expressions of passive-aggression. Yes I’m talking about the Open Letter. You’ve all seen them. 606 more words

I brought Dick's to a circumcision protest!

Yesterday I went to Seattle to participate in a rally to protest circumcision. I’ll write a full post about that soon. But, today’s post is about laughing at myself for being so boneheaded. 407 more words


A Letter to All SAHM's (and Dads)...*Read To The End*

I nanny 4 or 5 days a week…roughly 8 hours a day depending on schedules. When I get home, I’m whipped. Just…lay down and sleep kind of thing. 246 more words


Stay-at-Home Dads and Depression

I shared this article on Facebook a couple of days ago and I must share it here as well. It really is one of the most honest articles I have ever read about the stay-at-home dad life. 158 more words



Being a male spouse in the military, or “bropenda,” comes with its own set of challenges. First and foremost comes all the, “Who makes the sandwiches?” jokes from the guys. 390 more words


Why #BlackLivesMatter to me

I’m not black. So, why would a parenting blog written by a 43 year old Stay At Home Dad of six kids write anything about race? 2,289 more words


Captivating Marketing Title HERE... Psshhh

Do You See What I See?

I keep getting a lot of questions about one picture. One picture can change the way people think. It makes them say… huh? 441 more words