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Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

We are lucky to have a gorgeous minor league baseball stadium within 30 minutes of our house, where the above mentioned Lansing Lugnuts play. Last Friday night, My Kindergartner (MK) and I headed to the stadium for opening night. 411 more words


Wage Equality

Every year someone at the Oscars uses their acceptance speech as an opportunity to get up on their soapbox. And every year people in the media, politicians, and sometimes people in your own living room get slightly irritated to irate about these moments when someone “supposedly” strays off topic, like the actor should not have the freedom to do anything but praise the cast and crew of the movie they starred in and, of course, thank their parents, wife, husband, and/or kids. 295 more words


Minor League Baseball Rocks!

Hey again! Hope your week is going well. Nothing terribly exciting happening at our house this week; we still have the same number of kids (at lights out last night, anyway) and nothing major going on in our lives. 568 more words


SAHD's, Not Shad's

Great article about being a Stay At Home Dad. Although I’m not one anymore, I was lucky enough to be a SAHD for the first seven years of my youngest’s life. 96 more words

Nana Remembers London's Birth

I’ve been meaning to share this comment since it was left on January 29th, when I wrote this post. The comment is from my mom, recalling the night and early morning of January 30, 2014. 327 more words


Whenever a non-artist draws.

I’m a non-artist. For today, here’s my tea cup with my call for coffee, tea, and their caffeine :-P . …However, I mostly drink tea.


An Apple Hit Me in da Head! (Hilarity Ensues)

Hello again!  Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!  I know those of us lucky enough to be in SE Michigan had some GREAT weather (for us. 875 more words