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Welcome to The Dad, Brad

After 6 years of marriage and almost 5 years of being the sole breadwinner for the family we have transitioned to a new phase in life. 155 more words


The Mind@#$! That Is Returning To Work

There are many many things BC (Before Child) Steph said she’d do…

  • breastfeed for a year (eeked my way to 5 months)
  • not let my baby watch tv or play with my phone (thank you props!)
  • 700 more words

SAHD - A Father's Secret Desire

The imagination that I will HAVE to provide financial security including basic survival needs to the family, I will HAVE to take responsibility of the comfort and luxury of my children at any cost and that I will… 624 more words

Parenting & Kids

So...I Lied

Hello Friends,

as we grow up we learn that there is very little in life that is actually black or white, and much more that is grey. 454 more words

Stay-at-home Dad

Tips Bersih-bersih Rumah ala SAHD (Stay at Home Dad)

He? Nggak salah? Stay at home mom mungkin? Nope, judulnya nggak salah kok. Tips beberes ini memang saya dapatkan dari seseorang yang memutuskan untuk menjadi SAHD. 978 more words


Weekly Wrap Up/Catching Up - June

Been 3 weeks since a weekly wrap up. School let out, my whole family is back home, we’re barreling through our neglected to-do lists while working around the 17 mo old twin boys. 172 more words


Good-bye Construction Fence

Hello Friends,

In life, and in parenting in particular, we witness daily the changes around us. We live with nuanced changes in our growing children, plans shifting minute-to-minute, and the miriad of changes we ourselves embody. 185 more words

Stay-at-home Dad