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not going back

I made it official. I am not going back to work after my Mat Leave ends in just 2 weeks.

It was a tough decision in some ways and easy in others. 647 more words

The Funny

Sweet Dreams 'til Sunbeams Find You . . . or Your Daughter Wakes You Up

You know that moment you’ve been looking forward to since you first woke up in the morning?  That moment when you finally crawl into bed and relax under your covers after a long day?   218 more words


The Sunday Currently, Vol. 29

reading Living Well Spending Less: 12 Secrets of the Good Life right after Barely Above Water. The former is more of a self-help book written by mommy blogger/social media influencer/homeschool parent/SAHM Ruth Soukup, whereas the latter is a Christian romance novel that tackles Chronic Lyme Disease, also by an award-winning Christian writer and swimmer, Gail Palotta. 776 more words

A Musing Mom's Tales

The Joys of Being a Parent AND a Writer

Writing while parenting small children is hard.

Honestly? Simpler tasks that require no creativity, like showering, are hard.

Sometimes I catch myself focusing on the negatives of the journey- the sleepless nights, my disaster area of a living room, another… 914 more words

Well Hello, Me...I've Missed You!

On Sunday morning I sat alone in a café in Collins Street, Melbourne, and suddenly felt like…me. For almost nine years now I’ve been living in Regional New South Wales, and a visit to the city is a very rare and wonderful thing! 726 more words

On Life

Moist You Use That Word?!

Moist  adj. – damp, humid, muggy, clammy, dank

Freaking dank.  I could go on, but really — I think “dank” pretty well sums up why so many people hate the word “moist”.  436 more words

Boy Mom

V is for Village

I grew up around lots of grandparents, aunties, cousins and neighbours. Literally, all of those relatives were also my neighbours. I come from a small town, a village you might even say. 829 more words