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The adventure continues on

Having no set plan or any schedule to follow, gives us a great sense of freedom and plenty of opportunities to choose from. There are some anchorages that we know we want to see, we have cruising guide books that show us which anchorages are better than others, so we make a choice and once we get there we see how we feel and that determines how long will stay in the place. 1,501 more words


Island hopping

In the last 10 days a lot has changed. We are more relaxed and more in tuned with our boat.  Our routines changed from waking up and rushing to start any odd job on the boat, to getting up and cruising through the day. 1,840 more words

Sailing The Caribbean

Christmas' winds, New Year's Eve and other tales

The famous “Christmas winds” have arrived. We’ve been hearing tales about these really strong winds that come around Christmas and stay for weeks at a time (me, Isabel, dreading the idea of them and hoping we may be able to somehow avoid them this year). 1,074 more words

Sailing Couple

I wish I had a pencil thin moustache and other songs

“I wish I had a pencil thin moustache and I could solve some mysteries too” Jimmy Buffet’s famous song is playing on the radio while we do a 15 NM crossing from St. 1,505 more words


Skipping The Darién Gap

Ever wondered what it would be like sailing from Panama to Colombia instead of the boring option of flying? So did we, and therefore we decided to give it a crack… 60 more words


YouTube - sailing the Caribbean

YouTube is a marvelous resource — these videos are from the Caribbean.

Part 1

Montserrat 2009