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Nature mirror

Almost perfectly calmed waters.

Lake District (Cumbria) – 2014


First Look: Alas For The Awful Sea

Recently Ellery and Raymond went down to Sydney to try out the new RPG Alas for the Awful Sea. The designers of the game actually demoed it for use. 104 more words

Actual Play Podcast

Super Sailing on Lake Garda

I grew up on the sea.  My first memories are of being on a sailing boat coming into a small picturesque Scottish harbour……and then being hauled up the ladder by my harness like a wet sack of potatoes! 581 more words


Rounding Cape Horn Again

Bill is one of those friends always up for an adventure. After a fine dinner with him last night, I was reminded of a story from a few months ago… It’s 27 degrees outside, and although I yearn to go sailing, it doesn’t seem like the wisest idea. 69 more words

Traveling Families: 5 lost together

traveling is broadly associated with folks in their 20’s, people that are somewhere in or just out of their education, young people, free people, folks that are not having a family yet.   1,386 more words


Model Sailboats Competition in Rijeka

Rijeka means river in Croatian. There is, indeed, a river in Rijeka but the town is more known for its port. Or I should rather say that it used to be known for its port which is not as busy as it used to be. 114 more words


How I found my new dwellers

I had been bobbing around my mooring for almost 13 years before my original dweller, Keith, finally got convinced by a friend to find me some new dwellers – some that would actually breathe some life back into me. 637 more words