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  • 28 July
  • 29 July
  • 30 July
  • First draft of “Constant as the Northern Star”.
  • More thereof.
  • Third draft work on “The Golden Oracle”, which is “Yellow” no more…
  • 135 more words

Progress Report: Navy Soldier (Female)

Hello, crafters!

Aside from working out a few pieces (Dixie cup hat and some of the uniform details), this little sailor worked up really quick. I am so excited to make a bunch more of them! 27 more words


Cecil the Lion

Have you heard of Cecil the Lion? You know, the famous one. No? Neither had I until his death. I suppose the term “famous” is relative. 841 more words

Fountain pens, part 1

I kept my collection stopped at a baker’s dozen for a year or so. I told myself that was a respectable but still sane collection, and every time I bought a new pen, I would give one in my collection away. 387 more words

Fountain Pens

Review: Bodyline (March 2015)

Hello, readers,

This is a super late review. I made this order in February, and I got it in March. I’ve been swamped since, so I’m only now just getting to post it. 4,182 more words