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Whittlesey will not get Superstore “in the Immediate Future”

Whittlesey will not get a superstore such as Sainsburys or Tesco because the companies may not want to develop out of town stores.

Sainsburys pulled the plug on building a store in Whittlesey back in January 2016, despite having lots of support from the local people. 358 more words


How to Stop Roommates From Using Your Stuff

I want to share a pretty cool psychology experiment with you, you’ll love it because the insight you’ll learn will be able to help you fend off your roommates or dormmates from using your stuff. 852 more words


Rubies in a Golden Sunrise

Following on from my friend’s suggestion(and that I told you I would keep you posted) to find more salubrious names for my concoctions cookery, this recipe makes a meal of… 124 more words


☆Blogmas- Shortbread Making ☆


I visited lots of different supermarkets and decided to pick Sainsbury’s. I picked up a box set which gives you ingredients and decorations to make Reindeer shortbread’s. 151 more words

The 2017 Christmas Crisps Round Up

Yeah, this blog post is exactly what you think it is. I spent the entirety of November wandering up and down supermarket snack aisles looking for limited edition festive crisps. 1,026 more words


Blogmas Day 1 - Favourite Christmas Adverts

I haven’t been blogging as much as I would have liked to lately, therefore what other time would be better to start over, than the infamous Blogmas period! 416 more words


How have this year’s Christmas ads been received by the media?

**** I originally wrote this piece for Signal Media, where I am a marketing intern ****

Christmas adverts have entered the realms of tradition during the festive period, finding their place amongst the brussels sprouts and tinsel. 857 more words